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I think your theory may have a few flaws.

Not all black haired people in the Narutoverse are serious eg Obito Uchiha wasn't really serious at all, in fact he was very Naruto-ish, Might Gai and Rock Lee both have dark hair and well... (Flames of youth anyone??).

Inoichi, Temari, Minato and, Yuigito were some of the most serious looking characters out there and they're all blonde.

For silver haired...well Mizuki wasn't very experianced or good at his job as he not only tricked an academy student but was beaten half to death by the same student (Naruto). And Kakashi (As awesome a character as he is) was a pretty crappy teacher. He thought his students one thing. One thing, and then sent them off to fight in the chunin exams when their team work was at an all time low. Not exactly teacher material.

Though I think your spot on about the people with really random hair colours.
Sakura -even though she is your average fangirl- has the whole Inner-Sakura thing goin' on and she's like a mini-Tsunade. Kisame is like the only fish guy out there, Zetsu is a plant and Konan can turn herself into paper.

i don't remember half of the people your talking about. this isn't anything about the fillers are they? and temari is very loud and attention grabbing. She was more than happy to jump into the fight in the chunning exams, though i think she might have gotten more boring in the shippuden. I would consider kakashi very experienced.
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. Sakura is important to the series, which is why i say she's unique, and so is gaara, he has red hair. Black hair, umm.. sasuke, Tsunade's helper, yeah rock lee and Gai are very non-serious, but note that i said most not all.