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Thread: Naruto couples

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    Re: Naruto couples

    hmmm perversion aside, i like sakura and naruto the best. i'm actually rooting for this couple. you can tell theres a developing relationship between them though its oblivious to some people.

    other couples i like in order of most like to least like (perversion not aside)
    shikamaru/temari (another couple i'm rooting for)
    naruto/ten ten (both wild and out of control ^.~ how i would envy their sex life XD)
    naruto/hinata (its an obvious couple)
    tsunade/jiraiya (you can tell they like each other but there's some back ground that they can't get past
    sakura/ino (known each other for years and know details about each other that others don't)
    neji/hinata (yes i know some of you will find it really really gross but i cant help but think its a good couple)
    neji/ten ten (sorta but not really. the only thing i see is ten ten's crush for neji but she also seems to like lee a little too)
    rock lee/ten ten (same as above)
    shikamaru/ino (kinda hinted throughout the series
    rock lee/sakura (i just dont like this couple but i can see it happening
    sasuke/sakura (the couple i hate the most though its the most talked about in the series)

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    Re: Naruto couples

    Ah man, I dunno. I'd have to go with Sakura and Naruto just because it's such an awkward teen romantic love triangle type-a thing. Now that they're getting older it's definately shaping up to more romantic feelings which makes it cute. As a runner-up I'd have to go with Shikamaru and Temari just because again it's awkward and that it can provide some humor now and again. 3rd place goes to Naruto and Hinata for humor.
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    Re: Naruto couples

    Ah yes mine would have to be Naruto and Hinata!!!^^ they just look so cute together!!!! Hinata is quiet and shy while Naruto is loud and outgoing!!!! Its just simply fate...no its not but it is something....

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    Re: Naruto couples

    What about Jiraiya and Tsunade they would make an awesome couple. I think Naruto x Hinata is f'ing over rated, Naruto x Sakura looks much better.

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    Re: Naruto couples

    I am gonna agree with Ketaro, Hinata x Naruto is over rated for my taste.
    Naruto x Sakura would be much better. The main character needs to get the girl of his dreams in my opinion. Sasuke x Orochimaru haha. Now that would be hilarious.

    A good couple, that I would like to see very much would have to be:
    Rock Lee x Ten Ten. Lee is cool and he needs someone, who better than his team mate.
    Another good one I would like is, Ino x Shikamaru. Seeing how Shikamaru's dad ended up with a "naggy" wife. It would be pretty believable to end up with one also.

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    Re: Naruto couples

    Naruto and Hinata are perfect for each other. Naruto is wild and hinata is quiet so they are opposites and opposites attract right? So who could be better, you tell me. But to me Naruto and Hinata is the best to me!

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    Re: Naruto couples

    Oh wow that is a hard one, but I would have to say Kimmimaru and Gaara! They seem to share the same pair and if those two were on a side they would totally kick butt but now kimimaru is dead and that cant happen! Lol, oh and Sasuke and Orochimaru! Yes I am commming up with wird ones here! Lol those too bescause they both have an attitude problem and they need an ajust ment so then they'd have to get sick of each other eventually.
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    Re: Naruto couples

    lol ^^ I did a quiz in quizzila and it was something like: "What would other Naruto characters think about you if you were in Naruto."
    I found out that the character who fits me the best id Hinata- I am really like her (though I would say I'm a little bit less shy)

    And, after reading what all the rest of the chara's would think about me I found: "Man! I love Gaara!"
    I hadn't watched Naruto ever before, but in those little texts I found out a lot about each of them and how I would like or not like them (I hate Ino and Sakura and they would hate me )
    The things is that Gaara's thoughts towards me as Hinata were described as pretty nice, it was somehing about how a calm girl as Hinata calms him and how she is like the only person who doesn't seem to notice his "inner demon" (ya, nice girls are like that- naive and oblivious) and me being so alike Hinata liked this kind of a thing very much (nice girls ussually are atracted to guys who have some kind of problems... and we just crawe to help...)

    So obviously I say Gaara and Hinata!!! ^^ I think Hinata could help Gaara with his "inner demon" much better than what actually happens in the movie. If Gaara is not evil enough to use her, make fun of her or something though Ya, there are many ifs. But the perfectly good, shy girls perfectly fit with the terribly evil guys (especially with the sad past). like Ying and Yang... They complete each other and make each other better/stronger.

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