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Thread: (naruto) how many hand seals are there

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    (naruto) how many hand seals are there

    o i know of 12 but apperntly there alot more but i wanna know what there are and there supposto be 1 handded hand seals so plz give me your appion

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    Re: (naruto) how many hand seals are there

    the 12 main ones can be seen here:

    Seals - Naruto Information

    as well as few combinations for some of the most well known techniques.

    as far as the other hand signs go, there could be hundreds. it all depends on how you move your fingers. But those aren't important though they are very rarely seen.

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    Re: (naruto) how many hand seals are there

    no ther eis only 12 hand signes they just do them in sinc with each other so you can'y tell if they have already did them or not.
    naruto shippuden is the greatest show there is.

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