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Thread: Naruto the Movie DVD

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    Naruto the Movie DVD

    Grumble Grumble Grumble

    I finally had a chance to unpack my copy of the first Naruto movie, 'Naruto the Movie: Ninja Clash in the Land of Snow' DVD to test my new media PC (with a AMD/ATI AVIVO HD2600XT driving a 1080p 24" Flat screen monitor) and with the detail that the video is displayed, I noticed that there was a HUGE JOKE in the Sports Festival short with the line for the men's restroom....

    Overall, the movie has a good story line, and the animation quality of the DVD is way better then whats been shown in the fansubs. The only thing I don't like is that the original Japanese sound track is stereo only... (Now I'll have to track down another movie DVD to test my 5.1 Klipsch Pro Media speaker system...)

    So who else has purchased the DVD of the first Movie, and what did you think on the quality of the release...
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    Re: Naruto the Movie DVD

    i saw it on cartoon network, and it looked really good. i have considered buying the DVD, but i still have it recorded on my DVR....

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    Re: Naruto the Movie DVD

    i did see the show for naruto but not the movie yet can you tall me about it

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    Re: Naruto the Movie DVD

    what you want us to tell you about it??? thats a long story!!!! it was a great movie!! ummm....i'm not a great explainer so please some one else do tell cause i can't.anyway i saw it on cartoon network too!!! there was a part that made me cry but i won't spoil it(not really i'm just a bad explainer like i said before)

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