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Thread: Naruto Shippuuden!

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    Naruto Shippuuden!

    Maybe some of you know about this Naruto 2nd season. I wonder... Naruto Shippuuden epsd 10 is out and I think it's awesome! The manga for this anime- hmn... I think it's 351 or something. 2thumbs: But anyway, I just can't find the quality time to enjoy myself watching Naruto without getting through schoolwork! *sigh* Okay, here's the question: What is the name of the complete jutsu that Naruto's been working on?
    Feel free to ask questions and exchange opinions. I'm just curious and I want to know a little that and this, okay? -PEACE!-
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    Re: Naruto Shippuuden!

    There is already a thread on this topic, please post your question there:

    naruto Shippuuden ( no manga spoilers please )

    Threads in the Anime Series forum are never considered dead, and can be replied to at anytime.

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