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Thread: Neji Hyuga view on the world

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    Neji Hyuga view on the world

    I know that some people here don't like Neji, but just look it this way, some of what he is saying is true and it can not be changed no matter what.

    In his fight with Hinata, he said that

    "You are judge for who you really are", it was somthing like that but it true, you can change your looks with plastic sugery, change your life style and many other things but in the end you can not change who you really are inside.

    Now in the fight with naruto, Neji sai that everyone have a destiny and that person must follow it and everything is predetermined, and he said the only destiny everyone follow is death, now that is a point you can not get out of, no matter who you are, everyone die sooner or later.

    Neji believe that everything is pre determined, yeah I know it's absured but in some way its kind of true, sometime its is impossibe to follow your dream no matter what you do in order to fulfill it.

    Do you agree with some or with all of what Neji is saying or do you disagree with some or all of what he is saying?
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    Re: Neji Hyuga view on the world

    There are people who dislike Neji really!? Wow, I haven't even met one but whatever. I love Neji cause for his powers and the way his fighting skills are. And to top it all off he'e hot haha.

    But yeah, I agree you just have to see the other persons way of life and what he's been through. If you just look at it another way you would be able to understand a whole lot of other people. Neji said things like your destiny can't be changed and all that because thats how he was raised.
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    Re: Neji Hyuga view on the world

    Well if one sees the background of Neiji, that was his perseption as he was growing up. He did not even know how his father really died; plus he was tought that his family's destiny was to protect the other family clan where Hinata belongs.
    Personally I don't agree with him. I believe that one makes its own destiny by the desicions one makes through life. I don't believe on predetermination... that would mean that we are the puppets and it doesn't matter what we do... we cannot change whatever "is written" about us....
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    Re: Neji Hyuga view on the world

    Well, I don't know about other people, but I do think everyone has a destiny. Though, know one knows their destiny, we all do have one. Every little thing you do is apart of your destiny, weather it being tying your shoes or jumping off a building. Everything you do was meant to happen. The only thing that's wrong with Nji is that he thinks he can predict peoples destinys, which is impossible. But, I do believe he was right in saying that everyone has a destiny.

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    Re: Neji Hyuga view on the world

    Neji thought that all because he wasnt in the head family and couldnt do anything about it, no matter how hard he worked, so he just assumed everything must be like that. That no one could escape the way the are in the BEGINNING, you can always change yourself, your looks, physical ability and attuide

    What Neji was suggesting was that no matter what path you take you simply can't escape your pre-determinded faith, whatever it may be. But he finds out through Naruto that that isnt true at all. I mean yes of course everyone dies, but no one has to walk a certain path to get there, everyone can choose their own way.

    Every choice you make effects your future, your outcome of life. So its impossiple to have a set destiny that no matter what choice you make you wont overcome something.
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    Re: Neji Hyuga view on the world

    The really funny thing about that is that Naruto, who was supposed to prove to Neji that he was wrong, just proved that Neji was right. Someone 'without talent' couldn't beat Neji in the end. And we all know Naruto himself is not some powerless schmuck at all with his gigantic nine tails chakra reserves.
    He basically said he was going to prove to Neji that the talentless could still win and in the end he did the complete opposite.

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    Re: Neji Hyuga view on the world

    Neji is a great character. They made him the silent and loyal one, with some arrogance and a certain view of life (which naruto changes after the batlle).

    I can't disagree with Neji. Some things in life is destined to be that way, and no matter how hard you try to fight it, it will never change. Death, Love and Luck is all destined...Sometimes it will go your way, sometimes it won't.. there are certain things in life that you just can't avoid nor change or have it your way.

    But I have to say, there are a lot of things that AREN'T destined. Neji thought that all things are destined, I can't agree with that. Dreams you have can become true... The will to achieve something can be very strong. If you have trust, will and faith in yourself or in others, you can do great things and fulfill things you thought you could never do. If you just look beyond things that are destined, you can change the world... with the power of will.

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    Re: Neji Hyuga view on the world

    I think neji was right. He said our destiny was fixed at the time we was born. Just like me, I born as a girl. If i change everything, like faces, the sound i talk, the life style, or anything, we still can't change ourself, as another different person.
    But there are some negative points, just like lebasiara said, we aren't just a puppet. we still can change something like our personility.( At least you can change one thing that is the most important thing in your life. )
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