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Thread: New Art style in naruto shippudden

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    Cool New Art style in naruto shippudden

    notice how the recent episode of naruto had a different artstyle than the previos ones.. they had the same kinda artwork in the episode after asuma died and another one i think after the hokage dies... its really retarded how they dont keep this new artstyle cause its soo much better than the ones they use noramlly.... the new artstyle makes the anime seem more .... complex and actually worth another try for all the naruto haters out there....

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    Re: New Art style in naruto shippudden

    I actually prefer the old episodes graphics and animations though. The fight between Zabuza and Kakashi (one of the first fights in the series) was very good.

    By the time that the biggest battle between Sasuke and Naruto came up, the producers kinda screwed it up. For me it was a big disappointment.

    Shipuuden however got alot better then that big fight. I thought it look good but different until recent episodes. Looks like each scene is drawn by different people. I don't really know what's going on. But nonetheless I still love the series, and atm I really don't care how good or shitty it looks. As long if it looks better then the Sasuke vs. Naruto fight.

    I really love Naruto <3, whether he's drawn ugly or smexy *rawr*.

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    Re: New Art style in naruto shippudden

    I really liked the art on the Naruto vs Sasuke episode. They really upped the smoothness on that one. And it's just painful looking at the recent Bleach episodes with their extremely poor animation quality. I just hope they're going to up the quality now that certain important fights are coming up.
    Again, I don't have a problem at all with Naruto's recent graphical quality. Sadly it's far below zero in an altogether more important point: story.

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    Re: New Art style in naruto shippudden

    well..there is a great leap of improvement..kind of like an anime facelift, the animation isnt at the point where when you pause it, it looks like theyre all on crack.

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