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Thread: OMG,Naruto Shippuuden MOVIE!!!

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    Talking OMG,Naruto Shippuuden MOVIE!!!

    They finally made it Naruto shippuden movie!!!
    I can't wait to see it!!!
    Somebody take me to to Japan just to see the movie and bring a traslater!!!!!!!
    LOL just kinding but still I can't believe they finally made it. For those of you who never seen any of the naruto movies this will be the fourth one they made!!!Sadly U.S.A is far behind on the series and movies. here is where to go to see the trailer in you tube with eng subs. YouTube - Naruto Shippuuden The Movie new Trailer [movie 4] you can go here to find more info on it from wikepedia Naruto: Shippūden the Movie - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Anybody other than me here also Excited about the movie??? I love the anime naruto ever since the first ep. know im in the new shippuuden eps. I found out about the movie just recently by my friend in school.Shes also a huge naruto fan and practically choke me at the schools computer lab .When she found out me and my friend were sreaming and all my classmates and teachers were staring at us(note this was during school!!!).It was embarrasing but oh well it was worth it.After school we screamed in public again .Like my friends motto is Hi people 5 seconds later bye people.

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    Re: OMG,Naruto Shippuuden MOVIE!!!

    Well, there is already a thread about this in the spoilers section, so I'm gonna close it. If you would like to talk more about this, go to this link:

    Naruto Movie 4

    Seeing as how threads in the anime series forum don't expire, feel free to post in them even if they go beyond the 14 day inactivity rule. Duplicate threads get closed. Thanks and have fun posting.
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