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Thread: Whats your Naruto character?(made up)

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    Re: Whats your Naruto character?(made up)

    My Naruto Charater would be similar to Itachi but all you could see is a black shadow because he's really fast and he would never get hurt!!!!!

    Light and Dark Jutu

    Dash speed, invinceablity, invisable, and the power to kill anyone in one second!

    Can make weapons with light and dark justus!!!!

    No one because no one can see him


    Waits for opponents in the Dark!!
    Attacks in the light!!
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    Re: Whats your Naruto character?(made up)

    Nue Omoni
    Gender: Male
    Village:Hidden Leaf

    Appearance: Long black hair, red eyes with silver slivers circling around his pupil. He wears a fishnet shirt, a black trench coat, and long baggy pants.

    Powers: He can muniplilate darkness and shadows. The powers he has was something he was born with. He can also summon demons from Hell.

    Weapons: He can conjure a sword if he pleases, but his projectile weapon of choice are senbon.

    History: Coming Soon.

    His Life: He lives with his younger sister in a fan shop. He doesn't have that many friends, so he trains a lot. Thus, making him quite strong.
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    wow this post is so late lmao but I want to share my character XP

    Name: Lilith Tsukiko
    Age: 17
    Hair Colour: Black
    Eye Colour: Green
    Personality: Maverick (sp?), Callous, Ornery, Quiet, Calm, Sadistick (sp?)
    Chakra: Dark
    Original village: Village hidden in the dark
    Current village: Village hidden in the mist
    Kekki Genkai: Shinume (Death eye) (at least I think me is Eye in japanese XD)

    Kekki Genkai Info: Shinume is always activated whether its a choice or not to the user, anyone who looks into the eyes of someone with this ability will die and there blood will turn black... There is a downside to using this ability as it takes 5 years of the users life span away, every time it is used
    (that way this ability isn't just like 'oh I can kill everyone by looking at them' cuz I mean thats totally stupid and unfair and mary-sue ish =P)

    Background: because of her clans dangerous eye technique, they were to be eliminated, Lilith was only 6 when the war was going on and was taken away and abandoned by her parents for her own protection, Lilith does not remember this event or any memory of her past before the age of 7 and hates people because of there cruel human instinct, she has a hard time trusting anyone but herself...

    Occupation: Bounty hunter (I think thats what its called not sure)
    Occupation Info: She goes under work for anyone who pays a high price, and goes to the highest bidder if more that one occupant hires her at one time

    Weapons: Katana, Shuriken, Kunai, Sebon needles

    Other info: Lilith wears a mask over her eyes, she does not like to use her technique as she says its 'too easy and not as fun to kill' and she worries about wasting her life with the technique as she wishes to spend it seeking out her parents and killing them

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    Re: Whats your Naruto character?(made up)

    ok here's mine
    name: Katamara Shiro
    age: 15
    gender: female
    she is a joinin already
    apperance: face like hinata's except eyes red (katamara in japanese means red eyes)
    outfit: black with red going down the middle
    katamara has a wolf/dragon demon inside of her
    personality: nice and power obessed
    crushes: Sasuke Uchiha
    Food: ramen, rice balls,dumplings
    drinks : soda
    weapons : a large sword and her spiked tail
    loves: to mess with naruto's mind
    justu(s) all of the fire style ,mind destorier justu, demon possision justu(where she become her demon form and i mean she turns into a dragon a large dragon of destruction)
    lives: wander but currently in the village hidden in the fire

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    Re: Whats your Naruto character?(made up)

    Name: Kata Torimishu
    Gender: Female
    Age: 16
    Appearance: 6', Long brown hair tied up in a pony tail. Her eyes are a deep, liquid brown. A little bit on the scrawny side, but not lacking in the chest (yes, bigger than Ino's). Wears a brown/green dress (like Sakura's) and has a whip-dagger (a whip with a blade on the end) at her side. She is rather attractive.
    Personality: Kata is headstrong and single-minded with a positive out look on life. Sometimes (especially when around Naruto) she tends to be a little ecchi.
    Likes: Naruto, cuddling (forcefully) with Naruto, roses, things that smell "good" whips.
    Dislikes: Hinata interfering with her schemes, Sakura for stealing Naruto, Sasuke (he called her "disagreeable"), dead things, things that smell "bad", dirty things.
    Chakra: Orange-red
    Chakra specialty: Fire
    Original Village: Village Hidden in the Vines
    Current Village: Village Hidden in the Leaves
    Weapon: Whip-dagger and whip.
    Fighting style: She uses her whip for all of her attacks, infusing it with her chakra, making it faster, stronger, and more accurate. She can make the whip extend to lengths much farther than it should be, surprising her enemy. She can also control many things that are whip-like in nature(i.e. rope, thin strips of cloth, etc...). Her ultimate jutsu consists of summoning hundreds of whips from the ground and latching onto a target, countering substitution jutsu, and rips them limb from limb.

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    Re: Whats your Naruto character?(made up)

    i have had this character in my head im glad i could finally share it with the rest of the world

    Name: kabe kaen

    Age: 14

    Personality: he is very distant with others.To avoid others he occupies himself by doing missions by himself. he hates being a burden( he lost the use of his left leg when he was 4). (Due to the fact of his mother's gruesome murder and the fact that his father is unknown.) he is very monotone and could care less of the rest of the world. he is known to smile rarely.

    Appearance: Is always wearing a golden feather that seems to be very important to him. he is always sporting a red jacket. wears black cargo pants & black t-shirt underneath in his coat. he wears an anbu mask. he carries his weapons in the pouches of his pants and jacket. he has a tattoo of 鳳凰 on his right backhand.

    Facially, His eyes seem to never be open unless facing a worthy opponent then you will see an hawkish glare. His redish hair is always tied at the back with some hair coming out at the front.

    Village: the Village Hidden in the Flames

    Chakra colour: his chakra colour is a redish,orangish colour. This is due to the fact that there is a phoenix spirit in his body.

    Team mates & relationship:
    Oji Ryuzaki- Uncle/Guardian- He is the leader of the village.he often argues with Kabe. He feels that Kabe is a burden. He favours Ann over Kabe. Kabe lives to prove him wrong.

    Eiji Oishi- 1st team Mate - the only real friend Kabe has. he is a joker and the only person that can make him laugh. Has a crush on Ino.

    Ann - 2nd team mate - few things are known about Ann. she was found outside the village. she resembles Kabe's mother. Oji took her in when she was 4. She is highly intelligent. has crush on Eiji.

    Ninja Rank: he and his team passes basic ninja class at the age of 7. The three are members of the anbu squad.

    Weapon(s): his weapon of choose is a Chain scythe. Two scythes attached to each other by a metal chain. The weapons were left from his father and were custom made of the remenants of a meteor.

    if his scythes are inneffective he will channel the phoenix's power thourgh the blade of the scythe.

    he lacks training on his technique but makes up with super human reflexes, speed and power.( due to the phoenix spirit) His fighting style is based on a combination of his reflexes, speed, resilience & sheer power. He has okay charka control. He has learned many advance techniques thourgh being a member of the anbu. He specializes in techniques that uses fire.

    His father was unknown and this fact has haunted his life. he lost the use of his left leg when he fell of a cliff it is reported that he gained he became the host of the phoenix during this accident. his mother was murdered during the "hangman massacre", the murder was never convicted.
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    Re: Whats your Naruto character?(made up)

    Name: Kumiko Shizuka
    Gender: Female
    Age: 15
    Appearance: Long, black hair, green eyes, Where's her head band just like Kakashi's, except it's a full head headband like Ibikis (if that makes sence...O.o), Black/Purple Kunoichi outfit (like Sakura's), Bandages on her arms and legs, and a mask liek Kakashi's...
    Personality: Quiet, dosen't speak all that much, hardly shows emotion, is kind of bossy at times...
    Likes: Night time, Sasuke (Secretly), and possibly Neji...
    Dislikes: Loud people, too much sunlight, Sakura...
    Chakra: Dark blue...
    Chakra specialty: Lightning and Genjutsu
    Original Village: Village Hidden In The Mist
    Current Village: Village Hidden In The Leaf
    Weapon: Just usses her chakra and sometimes uses a Kunai
    Fighting style: Mostly just attacks her victims when they least expect it, or sneak attacks...either one...

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    Re: Whats your Naruto character?(made up)

    Got another one

    Name: Lunette Tsukiko (used that last name last time but meh I like it XD)
    Nickname: Luna
    Age: 15
    Date of birth: February 8th
    Birthstone: Amethyst
    Hair: Snow White, Always down
    Eyes: Emerald Green
    Personality: Timid, Quiet, Shy, Cautious, Kind and Caring
    Ninja rank: Genin

    Kekki Genkai: Cystallisation
    Kekki Genkai Info: an advanced form of earth jutsu which is very rare and only found in few people, because of this it is treated as a kekki genkai… it is also considered very dangerous as it can not be taught to be controlled by anyone but the user itself.
    The ability gives the user power to turn solid objects and water into crystallite
    (the kind that protrudes from the ground, it doesn't make the object itself crystal) They can also make valuable gems which is actually the hardest part to master… it can’t turn people except the user into crystal… e.g. the user can turn her arm into pure crystal to attack opponents
    It’s kind of like Gaara’s sand, except not as easily controlled and it doesn’t protect the user automatically, however crystallite will form in strong states of the user emotion… e.g. rage, anger, sadness and rarely cases of joy; however only good things happen in that state.
    The crystal that is formed never disappears unless destroyed
    (simply by smashing it, which is a task in itself)

    Background: Luna’s ability is not controlled; only in a complete state of calmness can she manually form crystallite, loosing her parents to her ability makes her fear it, her fear tends to lead to automatic crystallisation which scares her further, she is afraid to make friends and travels a lot to keep out of human contact, but she never gives up training to get better in her controlling her power

    I didn't make this ability up so it can be exactly like Gaara's sand... I watched Pokemon the movie 3... the one with the unown XD and I liked all the crystal and stuff and was thinking that would be a cool ability
    Oh and NO its not like Haku, cuz Haku makes ICE! yes the ability is called Crystal Ice Mirrors but thats simply stating that the ice is as hard or powerful as crystal, so i'm not taking this from him there is a difference so neh! XD

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