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Thread: Whats your Naruto character?(made up)

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    Re: Whats your Naruto character?(made up)

    Name: Shikaru shiro.

    Age: 15.

    ninja rank: jonin/rogue.

    clan: shiro. (haku's clan)

    shiro clan Bloodline Trait Details: All members of the shiro clan are water, wind, natured, and can use ice type jutsus.

    Personality: Shikaru acts like he is in his own world wondering why he exists, not giving any sense of emotion about anyone else around him, he is smart, very energetic, kind.

    beleifs: he beleives in lord jashin but hasn't obtained imortallity yet.

    sterngths: he is very good with a sword, has an upbeat personallity ,and has a lot of stamina.

    weaknesses: he is naive and doest really listen, and he has bad eye sight.

    likes: his sword "tunkaichi", the only photo of his parents; which he keeps inside his pocket at all times, day time and sunny places, shuriken, and his sandals.

    dislikes: his village, night time, rain, kunais/senbon.

    History: May 12th a boy was born into the village hidden in the mist, his name was shikaru haku's couzin. his village feared of the full extent of his powers. he was pushed aside by his village and grew up in pain wondering why he ever even existed, even though he was in distraught he learned how to use ice justsu fast and had mastered most of them within the age of 5; his family was murdered the day before his 13th birthday, Shikaru exploded with anger and charged at the man who murdered his two sisters and parents, so angry he unlocked a passage to the power his village feared, his skin turned pitch black, yellow markings covered his face,… a sudden explosion took out the south east portion of his village and he developed a jutsu of untold power called the versingan, having destroyed almost a quarter of the village His village banned him from ever returning, he is now a wandering rogue ninja always hunted by the ANBU tracker nin.

    Versingan: when he destroyed the south east of his village a jutsu was created called the versingan similar to the rasengan but it's in reverse, some how making it twice as powerful but being more powerful the worse effects on the user, Glowing blue and green it's a S+ ranked jutsu, now said to be impossible to master. requires both wind and water elements.

    Appearance: tan skin, grey with black streaked hair covering one eye, a black shirt with a silver swirl on the front, sandals, tight black pants, and a mist head band around his neck. ALT: pitch black skin, yellow markings on covering his body, ripped shirt, and his hair turns white.

    weapons: the tunkaichi, fist weapon (like sora's), his powerful versingan, and ice style jutsu

    fighting style 1: taijutsu:he uses close hand-to-hand combat and hav very quick movements very skilled witha sword. ninjutsu: his jutsu a used at close range (except his ice jutsu's); he doesnt use genjutsu.

    fighting style 2: mostly his sword, fist weapon, ice, and versingan but the occaisional ice attacks.

    picture: http://www.animeonline.net/picture.p...pictureid=3616 hope you like it's not the great though.
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    Re: Whats your Naruto character?(made up)

    have another one ^^ yes its a vampire character but its not like one of those vampire story's everyone expects =\ but I am using this character for a fan fiction when I can get around to it

    Name: Lilith Tsukiko (yes I like the name lilith tsukiko! XD)
    Age: 18
    Eyes: green / red (red in vampire state)
    Personality: sadistic, murderous, sarcastic, flirty, seductive, also has a soft side
    Race: Vampire (previously human)
    Village: Village hidden in the dark

    Chakra: Dark
    Kekki Genkai: Shadow summoning
    Rank: unknown
    Ninja Experience: unknown

    Ability Strengths: Speed, Endurance, Blood line trait, Genjutsu, Ninjutsu
    Ability Weaknesses: Strength (physical), Taijutsu
    Personal Strengths: Silent killer, Regeneration of external wounds
    Personal Weaknesses: Weak control over lust for blood, Can’t swim, Slow internal healer

    Past: When Lilith was young she was hated by her father for being born a girl, and not the son he always wanted, but loved and cherished by her mother who would protect her from her his brutish attacks. One night after listening to her parents argue, she watched her dad beat her mother to death, after that she had no one to protect her. He locked her in the attic and she grew up receiving abuse from her father, until one day she decided it was enough and choked him after attacking him with a nailed floor board, which is the reason she never uses hand on attacks in battles. However she does not remember these events. She ran away from her home and village trying to forget about everything and ran into Ryu Tatsuo, who takes her in and looks after her but because of the rules of the village hidden in the dark, he had to bite her to turn her into a vampire, other wise she would have been killed for being human.
    He raised her and taught her to respect him, and in turn raised her in ninja skills so she would be talented enough to qualify as a female ninja as there are very few in the village and he didn’t want her to be used as an object like most women in the dark village.

    Shadow Summoning: Vampires have 2 types of chakra’s, regular which is used to power there attacks, and dark which is used as a back up source whenever the host is out of power. Each vampire has a different kekki genkai due to the uniqueness of each vampire’s blood; however some vampires have no Chakra at all.
    Lilith’s ability is called shadow summoning which is basically darkness that is fused with Chakra to form a live creature into any shape, form and size.

    Additional info: Like all vampires, Lilith can’t swim and is afraid of deep water and doesn’t particularly like being near the sea or anything with more water than a bathtub, due to living in the middle of a country where water only resides around the borders, the centralised village of the vampires does not have access to any natural water source, the newest generation of vampires never learned to swim because of this.

    Village Info: the village hidden in the dark has no light except candle; it is surrounded by a forest which keeps the village in the darkness, around the border is several ANBU bases that are specialised in hunting and tracking vampires, they make sure that no one leaves or enters the village. Outside, in the boundaries of the village it snows often because it is deprived of heat, which made vampires accustom to darkness and cold temperatures.

    Regeneration: all vampires both natural and transformed pick up on an ability known as regeneration, vampires contain a storage like system in there body that stores blood they have collected from there prey, when they are injured the blood stored regenerates any physical wound on the external part of there body (on the outside)
    However internal wounds (damage on the inside) are not detected as it doesn’t release blood from the body and it takes twice as long to heal, this is a major weak point, so techniques such as byakugan, Chakra infused strikes to the body and striking pressure points in the body (like Kabuto does) are very effective

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    Re: Whats your Naruto character?(made up)

    I have one...that I have propably made a bunch' of times but...here it goes.

    Name: Ichigo (means strawberry in English)

    Nickname: Strawberry

    Age: 15Birth Date: June 7th/ Stone: Ruby

    Personality: Most guys fall for her pretty face, outgoing, flirty, mysterious, agrees with almost everyone and listens to almost anyone, also very brave even though doesn't seem like it

    Apperence: fushcia pink short layered hair, as black ears and tail, hides her ears under a hat most of the time, as choclate brown eyes

    Village: unknown, was born in Hidden Mist

    Chakra: midnight blue

    Ninja Rank: Jounin

    Weapons: uses a mystical fan, only Ichigo can use it, occasionally, uses her long sharp claws when in deep trouble

    Biography: Was abanded when 9 in a hidden forest and was kidnapped by Zabuza. Later met Saske' and he fell in love with her. Then she was kidnapped again and never saw Saske again He still remembers her though, and she will always be his love. Thats why he doesn;t seem interested in Sakura. She has a little sister she met a year ago named Rin, but she was killed. Now that she is 14, she is ready to set out and finds Saske again, hopefully not getting kidnapped again.

    Saske and Ichigo 4ever!

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    Re: Whats your Naruto character?(made up)

    I made one a while back
    i dont remember what his name was but i can tell you everything else

    He is like the new Sasori (so hes a puppet master) and he has all of Sasori's old puppets, even the puppet of Sasori
    he is also a rouge ninja from the hidden sand village
    What do you see?

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    Re: Whats your Naruto character?(made up)

    My character is named Xahron Ryutori.

    He is 18 years old.

    He runs one of the food stands in Konoha. He sells mainly ramen and bento boxes, along with other types of quick meals.

    I decided to make a character who isn't a ninja, mainly because i don't want a life of risk and death. I just want a simple life, doing what i like to do, and making people happy.
    Why hello there!

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    Re: Whats your Naruto character?(made up)

    My Naruto character is called Ghost and his powers are disappearing!
    His eyes are red and when u look in them u can see only your past that would make u cry!
    He is a Leaf Ninja and he can do any justus just by a blink!
    The world isn't ready for the truth...

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    name:Zeroshi Dai-nichi

    age: 20

    personality type: loner but has the heart of a true warrior yet unlcked but is seen buy those of great power as the hokages a grand asset to the village

    back storie: born of the grand zeroshi clan a clan who is marked and born with a third eye on there forehead for a unknown reason dai-nichi was born to the head branch of the family there clan specializes in chakra manipulation but also have a born "Kekkei Genkai" once the third eye on there head opens: condition:" once they have reached a certain level of experience and age it opens"they gain the ability to control time flow and randomize jutsu of any kind and sort out its weakness..as like neji and itachi he was born the genius of his clan because from the day he was born his eye was already open and the elders of the clan saw this as a sign of the boy grand unlocked potential so he was enrolled in the academy along beside that of uchiha itachi they were friend but dai-nichi was always some step's behind itachi but kept up and even graduated with him and every thing but didn't join the ambu instead became a jonin instead and before they went there separate ways they battled all out and he surpassed itachi he made his sharingan look like a fool and he tried to activated his mangekyo but dai-nichi time control stopped that so they called it a well match and separated before itachi's dark dead of destroying his clan

    chakra color: green

    taijutsu: its was one he created buy him self with the training he did when mastering his third eye called uritosombai (ur-e-to-some-bai) its a form of heavenly fist and mantis style combined with extreme taijutsu the basis of learning this you must first learn how to counter balance your chakra control be able to push it out your body at the right moment of collision with your opponent then start to gradually increase till you moves are like mirror images that seem to be repeating them selves but its just that he moving so fast it looks that way buy you do feel the punches or kicks of the mirror images to

    Jutsu: eclipse of crescent darkness: activates eye and forces the you in to a genjutsu where as though your in eternal darkness and out of no where you get bum barded with crescent shaped kunai that are laced with chakra so he can control then and when he finishes them he combines them and hits you and the end

    kabalahs rain: summons a giant statue that falls from heaven the pummels you with 8 arms each with a different type of weapon

    time warp blast: uses his time abilities to force a centuries time blast through your body to make it feel as though you've been attack and felt the horrible pain for years in cases of week wills and stamina can cause fatal deaths

    gaze of the phoenix: uses the hand sign of fire combined with his eye he can place his eyes gaze on
    and then instantly the enemies burst into flames and is burned beyond recognition

    Green fire tsunami: uses his chakra manipulation ability then he charges the chakra in his hands till they resemble flames then lunges them into the ground which then erupts into one massive fire tsunami which he can will an control size and movement

    Blood puppet: his eyes most lethal move his eye gazes upon you then he combine that with the chaka manipulation then he controlls your body he can clot make it thin thick or cut it all off you become his no willed puppet then..part two or the other version is he makes his blood into clones that cannot be destroyed he must die first or stop it on hiz own

    Savage awakening: starts of buy opening his third eye placing his chakra to the max and then opening 3 of the chakra gates then slows time down but as he does the enemy is still in regular time thinking he has vanished then starts to feel the effects of the attack i lung him in the air and while up i begin hitting all his major organs and vitals to cause major damage then before he touches the ground i use my chakra manipulation to take his chakra and blast it back through his whole network which send him back to the air paralyzed and stunned but i use my chakra to then mangle and shred away at his network and shut his body down and as he drops my third i open i use the deadly (tomeshuga jutsu) of my clan that send a force blast beam out of my third i which then kills my enemy and pierces his heart and showers the land with his blood..

    genjutsu: phoenix rebirth: i appear to have been attacked and sufferring from a major wound or however i had hit but as they think that they have triumphed my body slowly burn then turns into ash then i reemerge from behind them and inflict a fatal blow

    brain erosion: chip away at the persons mind and causes them to go utterly insane no release from this only if i will it it bring your deepest darkest fears to life and can cause permanant koma depend on length of time spent in the jutsu(last resort)

    lotus death hold: in order to use must first make victim bleed then place in jutsu summon blood clone then as they drift into the jutsu they're slowly showered in lotus petals but they soon realize they are being choked but its the clone hidden as though he has taken the form of the lotus pedals strangle the victim
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    Re: Whats your Naruto character?(made up)

    name: Shizuka
    age: ??????
    stats: rogue(working as assassin)
    Power: able to control men, ninja who distracts with pure sex appeal. known vendetta against men. seducts men to kill them..

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