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Thread: Whats your Naruto character?(made up)

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    Re: Whats your Naruto character?(made up)

    My OC is called Ruri Asakura.

    She's from a civillian family and doesn't have a bloodline.
    Currently she is twenty one years of age.
    She has red hair that is cut short like a boys.
    She has green eyes, on of which is covered by an eyepatch because it was damaged in a fight.
    She is short at 5ft and very thin and has a boysih figure which leads to her cross dressing as a boy on many occasions.

    Ruri is fast and her chakra control is pretty good.
    She became a gennin when she was seven and was on a team with Morino Idate and Hyuuga Kei, they were called Team Three.
    She became a chunin with the same team at the age of nine.
    She became a jounin at thirteen years of age and joined Anbu at age sixteen but quit when she turned eighteen.

    She's fairly well rounded when it comes to jutsus but has a fire affinity and a secondary wind affinity. Though because she is small she is not able to overpower larger opponents and relies on speed alot to win.

    Ruri is bisexual.
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    Re: Whats your Naruto character?(made up)

    Name: Denu Gurububu
    Rank: S Rank uncover Ninja.
    Village: Unknown village move to Leaf village
    Hairstyle: Dan (Tsunade's boyfriend's)
    Haircolor: Dark Brown
    Eyecolor:Hazel brown as normal but using Dangarinkugan are orange.
    Height: 5'5"
    Kekkei Genkai: Dangarinkugan (nightmare version of other ninjas Kekke Genkai.)
    Markings: four Cheek Whiskers two on each cheek and anbu tattoo on his right shoulder.
    Weakness: low stanima, not strong in physhical, he hates heights and deep water.
    Stength: He can fit almost any tight spots, Fast learner & fast.
    Jinchuuriki: Sealed Ten Tailed winged Wolf.
    Ten-Tailed Wolf: Tail, Head and body of a Wolf. The size of a horse with Eagle's wings.Eyes of a cat, nose and a mouth of a fox.

    Personality: Shy around girls he has a crush on. He only fights when he have to. He's smart and he always trying to buff up.

    Clothes: Headband is wrapped around Denu Gurububu's right arm below his tattoo.Gambit's style gloves. Black shirt, black pants and a belt with a wolf head belt buckle.

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    Re: Whats your Naruto character?(made up)

    mine is deitacha. she is the spon*spelling?* of Deidara and Itachi uchiha. yes i know they are both men but Konan is her saraget*spelling?* mother. deitacha is also a akatsuki member.
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    Re: Whats your Naruto character?(made up)

    my naruto character stands 6'3,is from the leaf village, is named akamaru,and uses all forms of chakra,he has transformations.
    chakra:rasengan barrage:uses shadow clones,then him and all shadow clones use rasengan(or a varient of resengan) on target.
    chidori barrage:uses shadow clones,him and shadow clones use chidori(or dark chidori).
    death barrage:uses shadow clones,he and clones use rasengan(or a varient)in one hand and chidori(or dark chidori)in the other,all hit target,then throw kunie or windmill shruikens at target.
    hate barrage:uses shadow clone,and all forms of chakra,jutsu,and weapon on target,(must be transformed)
    he also uses regular naruto attacks.

    yes i know that akamaru is the name of kibas dog,but that is what i could come up w/ off the top of my head
    he uses any transformations he knows about(he is very skilled at jutsu)

    Markings:signs all over his body.he also has curse mark(transformation)


    direct family:sasuke uchiha,itachi uchiha.

    main weapons:kunon,shruiken,sword,big shruiken(didn't remember the name),and a custom made weapon(thinking of desc.)
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    Name: Sukai Kakori (Clan name, First name)
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Rank & Age made: Genin-12, Chunin-13, Jounin-16, Anbu-17
    Affiliation: Leaf
    Fire Style: Phoenix Flower (similar to Uchiha Sasuke's), Typhoon (a swirling tornado of fire. A fire/wind combo), Fireball, Artist's Dance (she "dances" and sprays fire with her movements).
    Earth Style: Earth Wall, Earth Dome, Stalagmighter (conjures stalagmights), Crumbling Call (shakes the ground violently), Earth Clones
    Wind Style: Wind Scythe (similar to Temari's), Wind Shuriken, Cyclone (spins rapidly to repel attacks), Wind Talon (more advanced, larger Wind Shuriken)
    Summon: Hawks
    Weapon: Her brother's katana
    Nature Type: Fire, Earth, Wind
    Blood Type: AB
    Brithday: Nov 17
    Family: Only her brother (whereabouts unknown)
    Teamates: Kenta Hiiroshi and Masato Keiji
    Squad#: Six
    Appearence: Wavy brown hair goes to waist, dark blue eyes, 5'6'', slender. Wears long-sleeved-netted shirt with a white zip-up sleeveless jacket (sporting her clan symbol [a cresent moon with a star in the center]on her right shoulder), keeps hood down most the time. Capri-length black pants. Classic back pouch and kunai holder around her right leg, black bag strapped around her waist. Headband is usually around her head but she sometimes likes to pull it down around her neck.
    History: Her and her brother had to travel to Konohagakure when she was 7 for an unknown reason. She only has brief flashbacks of her and her brother running from somebody. Because nobody knew her, she would get picked on plenty of times. Nobody would stand up for her because they didn't know her. She never stood up for herself until her older brother convinced her too. When she stood up for herself the bullys backed away, but she still gets teased every now and again. In the Ninja Acadamy she was teamed up with Kenta Hiiroshi (one of her childhood bullys) and Masato Keiji. Her sensei was a student of the legendary Uzumaki Naruto. After a year or so, her brother dissapeared. Kakori was left to live by herself. She knows he's still alive though. During an important mission, Keiji was captured by enemy ninja. Hiiroshi and Kakori were forced to work together perfectly in order to rescue him. During that mission, Kakori was severely injured taking a hit for Hiiroshi and couldn't fight. Keiji carried her on his back to a safe point and quickly applied first aid. Hiiroshi was extremely distraught to have been saved by her. Her teamates were worried she wouldn't make it if they continued the mission. They were faced with a choice: abandon the mission, or abandon the teamate. Keiji insisted they continue the mission and come back for her, as he thought she would probably be fine if nobody found her. Hiiroshi immedeatly disagreed. Quickly, Kakori came to and was determined to finish the mission, even in her state. Of course, her teamates shot down her order but she forced herself to continue. The mission was completed succesfully, and Hiitori rushed her to Konoha Hospital immedeatly after. Hiiroshi has liked her ever since.

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    mine is deitacha. she is the spon*spelling?* of Deidara and Itachi uchiha. yes i know they are both men but Konan is her saraget*spelling?* mother. deitacha is also a akatsuki member.
    Wow, I absolutely love this! XD It's "spawn" and "suraget" btw. It's ok, we all make mistakes. This character seems cool, are her jutsus a combination of the two as well?
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    Re: Whats your Naruto character?(made up)

    skin tone:tan/white
    village:He was found in The village hiddwn in the leaves
    eyes:blue when calm and gold when angry
    hair:shiny black hair with bangs
    appearance:black shirt with blood red jacket, dragon necklace, wolf tattoo on his back, blue jeans, black shoes.
    weapons:ninja stars, Dragon sword, metal chain he wears
    personality:serious most of the time he rarely relaxes, hes realy quiet and is sometimes alittle coldhearted.
    parents:biological unknown. adopted father :Tynol Wanchaha,adopted mother: Stofana Wanchaha
    sensei:Pokanta Scirota
    elements:shadow, lighting, ice, fire, water,and wind.

    STORY:Radow was found as a baby by two young girls, Alterika and Chakina Wanchaha, who brought him back to their parents and they raised him.
    ten years later they found another baby boy in the same spot they found Radow and took him in and named him Turrenchiko.Their adopted parents tought them jutsu and trained them to be great ninja.When Radow turned 14 a stranger came to their village. Nobody knew anything about him except that he was looking for a boy, when he found Radow he was attacked by the Wanchahas. Right before they could finish the atacker off 10 more strangers came and surrounded them. in a flash of light the Wanchaha parents were almost dead but Radow blacked out and when he woke upfive of the eleven attackers were dead. When they tried to escape the attackers released a huge ball of fire, burning the entire village. The four children made it out, saving twelve children from the village and made it to another village. After that night Radow vowed to find the ones who did this and kill them. With his two older sisters and little brother he would train to be the ultimate ninja.

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    Re: Whats your Naruto character?(made up)

    I'm like years late but here goes.

    Name: Sai

    Gender: Male

    Age: Around the same as Naruto

    Appearance: Wears headband over his eyes. (this is because of his special powers i'll explain later) Bandages over both hands (completely covers his hands even fingers) Sandles (like other characters) Grey trousers. Dark green jacket open with no t shirt underneth only the bandages from his arms that continue to his upper body.

    Abilities: He is posesed by an acient deamon (not like Naruto or Garaa different kind of deamon) This is why he wears his headband over his eyes as it blinded him from a young age. After years of training he has command of the deamon and uses it to see. His jutsu is based around concentrating chacra into his limbs to launch almost a force push. He also has a jutsu like shadow clone jutsu but it manipulates the opponants senses and the air to make it look like there is lots of him but there is only one. (when one of these fake copies hits an opponant it's actually him manipulating the chacra in the air to hit them.) By reading the chacra in the air his fighting skills are extremly good and could face off with most enemies. His jutsu is mostly base around reading chacra in the air and maipulating things like the air or water.

    Village: Village Hidden in the Breeze

    Info: If he takes off the headband there are green patterns around his eyes which are pure white. Doing this also increases his power to that ten times of what it originally was. This is because the power of the Demon in him makes him incredibly powerful but he likes to handcap himself (like kempachi from bleach but he covers his eyes as he is already blind) The demon in him was transfered into him when he was on a training mission with his father. The demon is not actually evil and stays with Sai so he has a way to "see" as he feels bad for blinding him. He moved up very quickly in the ranks as he has complete mastery of his jutsu and unmatchable fighting skills. His chacra is green unlike other chacra which is blue. This is because of the chacra of the demon is green.

    Tell me what u think
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    Re: Whats your Naruto character?(made up)

    Name: Arashi Kazu
    Rank: SSS Rouge Ninja (Higher than the Akatsuki)
    Chakra: Elemental
    Age: N/A
    Village: Zelugakure (Mercenary Village)
    Kekkei Genkai: Fysaku, Tatatsuki, Yamushika
    Jutsu: Immortal Rejuvenation, 55-Tailed Beast Fusion Summoning; Chimera,
    & Blood Puppeteer
    Immortal Rejuvenation - Allows the Arashi to live forever, only way to die is
    by instant death.
    55-Tailed Beast Fusion Summoning; Chimera - Summons a beast with 55
    tails that Arashi can become a junchuriki with.
    Blood Puppeteer - Similar to how Kankuro controls his puppets, except this
    Jutsu can let Arashi control anything that has blood in its system.

    Those 3 Jutsu are just a few out of many that I have made.

    Arashi also killed of his entire village in 30 min.
    Population was 450,538,792,562,900,680,531
    Population now 1

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