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Thread: Whats your Naruto character?(made up)

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    Re: Whats your Naruto character?(made up)

    Name: Mai Adinaqua
    Gender: Female
    Age: 15
    Village: Nickorian
    Personality: She is sweet and kind, but she can get a slight temper
    Skill: she is very good at Ninjutsu
    Past: secret
    Rank: S
    Team: sasuke, hinata, and Lee
    Genjutsu: 10/10
    Taijutsu: 9/10
    Bloodline: Adinaqua
    Hair: Blonde
    Eyes: Blue
    Height: 5'5
    Rank: Chuunin
    Sensei: Hurosi Adinaqua ( Father )
    Element: Wind ( Normal ) All ( Ginushi Formation )
    Clan: Adinaqua Clan
    Weapons: Sword
    Family: Hurosi Adinaqua ( Father ) Aisha Adinaqua ( Mother )

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    Re: Whats your Naruto character?(made up)

    Name: KS

    Gender: Female

    Actual Age: 666 years old

    Age Preferred: 26 years

    Village: The Hidden Mist then the Akatsuki Hideout

    Personality: Very dark, but masked with positiveness, very adventurous & daring, smart ass (sometimes a bully towards others), highly lazy but still get the job done when nobody suspects it, sometimes talkitive but mostly mute, stubborn & mega bipolar..
    *planning to over run Pain so I annoy him by being 5 steps ahead of him, but also teasing him, by letting him know who's boss*

    Skill: Handling knives with unique blades, possessing peoples souls for energy, dark magic, sword handling, trickery

    Past: Abandoned at birth (Someone combined part of the Houkou demon & the Nekomata demon & sealed them within me) but adopted when Orochimaru fount me. Ran away from Orochimaru at age 7 but met Kisame & Deidara in the Village Hidden in the Clouds. All three of us because awfully close, like an outcast family until Nagato (Pain) took them away from me.. At age 17 I was Zabuza's playmate, but nothing serious until he fount out that I am Orochimaru's daughter. He abandoned me & I felt hurt.. I lived humbly but mostly mute in the Hidden Mist until a little girl told me about Zabuza's and Haku's death.. I was forever hurt but still kept moving forward.. Age 19 I decided to reunite with my old man & possibility of killing him but Kabuto got in the way.. So was his unnecessary lust for me (Sick weenie).. One night I stumbled into Orochimaru's room, decided to play dress up while no one was around & I saw his Akatsuki cloak.. I decided to steal it & show it off to the world but right before I reached the border of the Sound Village, Orochimaru saw me & I ran away, taking the cloak but leaving the ring behind.. Few days afterwards I made my way in the Hidden Leaf & spotted Kisame!! I tried calling for him but he ignored me until finally I shouted "FISH ARE FRIENDS, NOT FOOD" from a distance.. When he finally approached me I felt a connection with him again, somewhat loving, but the original connection was dominating my heart & care for him.. He saw I was wearing Orochimaru's cloak & didn't hesitate taking me in hostage.. When I awoke from that painful slumber Kisame explained what I was to him, nothing to everyone but a loving sister between him & Itachi, and he also explain how I am now the Akatsuki spy, and slave until I am no longer needed.. (Present) Still serving the Akatsuki.. At first I hated it but then I grew to like it & bonded with Deidara & gotten closer to Kisame *blushes*.. I know the fate of the Akatsuki, so I'm enjoying it while it lasts..

    Rank: Rouge, then Spy for the Akatsuki

    Team: Varies.. Mostly Zetsu & sometimes Kisame & Deidara..

    Ninjutsu: 50/100
    Genjutsu: 60/100
    Taijutsu: 85/100

    Bloodline: N/A

    Hair: Blue Sapphire with Jet Black highlights (Represents that my element is Water & Darkness, and also secret love for Kisame)

    Eyes: Blind in my left eye so it's a pale blue (like Kisame's skin), my right eye is a stong Sapphire Blue..
    *Can only retrieve vision in both eyes when going full demonic mode*

    Height: 4'10

    Rank: N/A

    Sensei: Orochimaru, Kabuto, Deidara, Kisame, Zabuza & Pain..

    Element: Water & Darkness

    Clan: N/A

    Weapons: Sword & Knives

    Family: Akatsuki

    Weakness: Fire, too much light, compressed childhood memories, brownies with extra fudge, Kisame, Pain's commands, Konan's friendly attitude (..Not my fault she was the only girl in this Clan until my happy butt came along..)

    Main Characteristics: My Snow white cat ears with dirty black tips at the top, my Dark magic dog tail, my semi-long claws on my toes & hands, a scorpion shape seal on my back (It moves around a certain way when I'm preparing myself to go demonic mode/whenever I get quite angry).. My upper lip is blue & my lower lip is jet black (Makes it easier to eat my prey, victims, and channel my chakura when I'm chanting various spells)

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    Re: Whats your Naruto character?(made up)

    hhhhhhhhhhhhhddddddddddddddddfkdjfhsdjsjfsjdfhsjkf hsjk

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    Re: Whats your Naruto character?(made up)

    Infuris Uzumaki
    Age: 21
    Chakra: Earth/Fire (lava) Lighting Support
    Rank: Jounin
    Personality: Quick Tempered Withdrawn, loves to fight seems to be outwardly violent but to those that are closest to him know he also has a more gentaler side. Never shows his emotions outwardly unless its the crazy kinda joy he gets from battle. Head strong does not know the word surrender, will fight till his last breath.
    Appearance/Style: He has naruto's blond hair, witch he grows to a little past his ears before cutting down to a crew cut before it gets to long. (prefers crew cut) wears a black underarmor sleaveless shirt tight with a black bathinsuite with red flames on the front reaching to the back. Also wears leather belt like device that loops his shoulders buckles in the front leather strap that goes down the back to another leather strap that also buckles in the front hold all his shurikens and kunai scrolls and fighting staff and other ninja equipment his eyes are byakugan but once he got his sharingan he get this kool white sharingan (read in form) and he goes around bare foot. has a lanky mucsular build and is 6'
    Family: His father's parents are Naruto and Hinata and his mother's parents are Sasuke and Sakura, and he has an older sister

    1st- Ino's Youngest granddaughter very beautiful, wind/water (hurrican style) Lightening Support love interest

    2nd- best friend dies somewhere around the first year after Academy

    3rd- new member added choosen by Sasuke, infuris doesn't like his new teammate at first but they grow close after there first mission where they have get trapped by the enemy and has to relay on each other to survive and open up to each other Lightening/wind (tornado Style)

    Squad leader- Konohamaru Sarutobi


    His byakugan and sharingan make learning justu a brease as long as its earth/fire/lighting or any combo

    he also gets eternal mangekyou sharingan when he recieves his Sister's eyes after she died having to kill her lover, Cause byakugan to be able to see a true 360 degrees around him

    he has the ability to use genjustu but doesn't like to unless the mission calls for it or has to

    summons are monkeys

    Lava Dragon- conjure dragon made of lava

    mealt any stone to lave and control it like gaara controls sand

    Knows 8-trigram fighting style- Nije though (becomes A more monkey version later in life)

    Has a cures mark simlar to Sasuke's that Sasuke and naruto developped with the chakra of the four-tails second form His hair grows past his shoulders stays blonde Face becomes more monkey like muscle become bigger grows red hair all over his body feet become monkey like skin turns a dark gray and grows four monkey like tails witch he uses to throw kunai

    Knows Sasuke's chidori techniques

    Lava rasengan- Burns through anything

    Full body lava rasengan- Self explanatory used for defense

    multi-shodow clone justu

    Coats all justu with lightening chakra

    Good child hood Causeed alot of mischief as a kid. Sister died after having to kill her lover and his supporteds that were brain washed by an organization that was trying to over through the leaf. She developed her mangekyou sharingan in the fight alowing her to defeather lover supporters after she killed him, died on the opperating table. Graduated academy to go on first mission where he gets into a despeat battle that activates his sharingan. his team goes about bussiness as usaul for months, while in the back ground the same organization that got his sister killed is brain washing is best friend. Then on one mission he is forced to kill his best friend, unlocking his mangekyou sharingan. Upon returning he is appoached by sasuke with an offer for training under him (and naruto occasionaly) [(side note naruto is Hokoga and sasuke is head of Anbu)]. This is when he gets his sister's eyes and curse mark and develops his lava style. He goes "underground" for five years when he resurfaces he is a Jounin and reforms his old team with the new member. There mission is to track down the organization that got his sister and best friend killed. they become know as the ninjas of the natual disaster
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    Re: Whats your Naruto character?(made up)

    Name: Vulraides (VUL-RAY-DEES)
    Age: 42
    Village: Anti Rain Village
    Clan: Akatsuki
    Hair color: Black
    Hair type: Madara hair
    Headband shows?: No
    Eyes: Eternal mangekyo sharingan (both)

    I was born 3 years before Madara Uchiha, my parents named me Vulraides which is named after my father.
    My brother is Xanthius Uchiha, im from the uchiha too. I played with madara when I was little since then
    he got older and started kicking me off things. We were enemies, now that I noticed that he should
    be dead by now I noticed that my brother Xanthius has died. I stole his eyes to fill in for him,
    I was on a mission one day and I found.. Danzo. Im like, "Hey danzo". And hes like "Im not danzo!".
    He wasn't, it was danzo's step son (made up). His right eye was a rinnegan and his left was a...
    sharingan, well Iv'e got better than that. He was a anti mist village and from the akatsuki,
    his name was Shinomori. We teamed up just like he was my brother but he looked like danzo but
    just the eyes and akatsuki. A problem is the hair, its post to be like danzo's but its more-like tobi.
    We got ready for the 4th great ninja war, it was the hugest battle. I had died from a hokage,
    but I am living in a world of reamination now. And he is still living in a joyful place, called

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    Re: Whats your Naruto character?(made up)

    (Sai's step brother)

    Name: Sayter

    Jutsu Example:

    "Speed draw! Clone guard,(draws a person, ex nagato) Nagato, summoning!"

    Attacks opponent with main guard jutsu Ex: "Almighty Push!" Or "Planetary Devastation, Shatter!"

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