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Thread: whos keener shikamaru or neji ?

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    Re: whos keener shikamaru or neji ?

    At Shougi, Shikimaru wins. Neji and Shikimaru are both "genius" in their own right, but in different fields.

    Shikimaru is all about tactics and directing others, so Shougi plays to his strengths.

    Neji's skills shine in personal combat, and utilizing one's inherent skills to their best potential.

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    Re: whos keener shikamaru or neji ?

    ^ ^

    Keen, for the purposes of this thread, i would have hoped meant intellectually aware. Throw in an -er suffix and you get most intellectually aware.
    Neji and his gentle fist technique while is very impressive, does not grant him the ability to read minds or make him much more capable than anyone else to predict an enemy's movements or strategy.
    Shikamaru on the other hand may not seem to be alert, but the results of his strategies prove otherwise. He is very capable of predicting an enemy's movements and if not can devise a variety of plans depending on whatever options the enemy has.

    Assuming "keen" is being used to mean something else (which is possible since it does have more than one definition) it is possible that in some respects Neji is more Keen than Shikamaru. Here's to hoping the much more commonly used / well known definition is being applied.

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