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Thread: Your own Naruto character!

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    Talking Your own Naruto character!

    Hey guys! I don't know if there are already threads on this but I've always wanted to create one. Now put yours like this .

    Nature Type:
    Blood Type:
    Race(this includes if your characer is a Jinchūriki):

    Ok now that we listed those things time to show mine

    Name:Hanako Kuicha
    Jutsus:Lightning Blade, Poison Jab: jabs someone with poison and the poison, seeps into thier body, Lightning Sword: Uses focused chakra to obtain a lightning sword that can cut through almost anything, Chidori, Rikangi:Makes a chakra viel around the fist and uses it to blast chakra blades, Wind Style: Rikangi Howl: Does the same as Rikangi, but uses wind to enhance it's power and speed, Lightning Dome: protects one from all lightning attacks, Shadow Clone, Lightning Clone, Sage Mode, Frog Kumite,
    Nature Type:Wind , Lightning
    Birthday: July 12
    Race: Human
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    Re: Your own Naruto character!

    Name: Sukai Kakori (Clan name, First name)
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Rank: Jounin/Anbu
    Affiliation: Leaf
    Fire Style: Phoenix Flower (similar to Uchiha Sasuke's), Typhoon (a swirling tornado of fire. A fire/wind combo), Fireball, Artist's Dance (she "dances" and sprays fire with her movements).
    Earth Style: Earth Wall, Earth Dome, Stalagmiter (conjures stalagmights), Crumbling Call (shakes the ground violently), Earth Clones
    Wind Style: Wind Scythe (similar to Temari's), Wind Shuriken, Cyclone (spins rapidly to repel attacks), Wind Talon (more advanced, larger Wind Shuriken)
    Summon: Hawks
    Weapons: Her brother's katana
    Nature Type: Fire, Earth, Wind
    Blood Type: AB
    Brithday: Nov 17
    Family: Only her brother (whereabouts unknown)
    Race: Human
    Appearence: Wavy brown hair goes to waist, dark blue eyes, 5'6'', slender. Wears a long-sleeved netted shirt under a white sleeveless jacket sporting her clan symbol (a cresent moon with a star in the center) on her right shoulder. Waist-length black pants. Classic back-pocket pouch and kunai holder on her right thigh. A black bag is strapped around her waist. Her headband is usually around her forehead but she occasionally likes to pull it down around her neck.
    History: Her and her brother had to travel to Konohagakure when she was 7 for an unknown reason. She only has brief flashbacks of her and her brother running from somebody. Because nobody knew her, she would get picked on plenty of times. Nobody would stand up for her because they didn't know her. She never stood up for herself until her older brother convinced her too. When she stood up for herself the bullys backed away, but she still gets teased every now and again. In the Ninja Acadamy she was teamed up with Kenta Hiiroshi (one of her childhood bullys) and Masato Keiji. Her sensei was a student of the legendary Uzumaki Naruto. After a year or so after, her brother dissapeared. Kakori was left to live by herself. She knows he's still alive though. During an important mission, Keiji was captured by enemy ninja. Hiiroshi and Kakori were forced to work together perfectly in order to rescue him. During that mission, Kakori was severely injured taking a hit for Hiiroshi and couldn't fight. Keiji carried her on his back to a safe point and quickly applied first aid. Hiiroshi was extremely distraught to have been saved by her. Her teamates were worried she wouldn't make it if they continued the mission. They were faced with a choice: abandon the mission, or abandon the teamate. Keiji insisted they continue the mission and come back for her, as he thought she would probably be fine if nobody found her. Hiiroshi immeadeatly disagreed. Quickly, Kakori came to and was determined to finish the mission, even in her state. Of course, her teamates shot down her order to continue but she forced herself to. The mission was completed succesfully, and Hiitori rushed her to Konoha Hospital immedeatly after. Hiiroshi has liked her ever since.
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    Re: Your own Naruto character!

    Name: Hotaru, Uchiha (Hotaru = Firefly)
    Age: 13 (normal) 17 (shippuden)
    Gender: Female
    Affiliation: Jounin (though she could hold the title of Kage she ends up joining the akatsuki and becomes missing-nin)
    Jutsus: Sharingan, Sofuushasen no Tachi, Amaterasu,Mangekyou Sharingan, Susanoo, Utakata, Shuriken, Kage Bunshin no Jutsu, Kawarimi no jutsu, Katon, Goukakyuu no Jutsu, Katon, Housenka no Jutsu, Raikiri/Chidori, Kage Bunshin no Jutsu, Henge no jutsu, Rasengan, Kuchiyose No Jutsu, Katon Ryuuka no Jutsu, Odama Rasengan
    Summoned animal: Wolfs
    Nature Type: (Optional) Lightning and Fire
    Blood Type: AB- (AB negative)
    Brithday: April 7th
    Family: Uchiha (father: Sasuke Uchiha, Mother: Sakura Haruno, Uncle: Itachi Uchiha, Adopted father: Naruto Uzumaki, Adopted mother: Hinata Hyuuga, Adopted sister: Yuri (born same day)
    Race(this includes if your characer is a Jinchūriki): She's the Twelve tail Wolf (i make up my own!)
    Appearence: She has short black hair and it covers her right eye her eyes are green and yet she has the sharingan, she wears bandages that end at her mid section and go over her right shoulder her pants are a dark greay and have a black belt she has a kunai and shuriken pack on her right thigh that has the uzumaki symbol on it (on top part) on the bottom part there's and uchiha symbol
    History: She was born while her father was protecting Konoha from the twelve tail he died after her birth and her mother died from the strain, Hotaru was infused with the twelve tail at birth and inherited a fang. She was shunned from a young age for being the daughter/child of the traitor sasuke uchiha and being the twelve tail. The only thing that kept the people of the village from kicking her out is that fact that naruto uzumaki (her adopted father) was the hokage and they expected him to keep her in line though her mischevious personallty usually resulted in her being sent to him. At the age of seventeen she decided to go out and find herself about a day into her travels she came across two akatsuki members and she struk a deal with them. After several visits to the akatsuki in which she became infatuated with Deidara she decided to join. On her first mission as an akatsuki she ran across naruto where her and Deidara battled it out resulting in Deidara's close death, Hotaru became furious and decided to take matters into her own hands she and naruto fought constantly changing in and out of their tailed forms . . . thats all i have for now XD
    Special Abilitys: She can hear the voices of the dead, block them out, materialze them, use their abilities, and she has telepathy (Tobi or Uchiha Madara played with her genes a bit)
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    Re: Your own Naruto character!

    Name:Kabara Uchiha
    Jutsus:Lightning Blade,Full Body Lightning Blade,Mangekyo Sharingan,Lightning Shadow Clone,Lightning Wolf Technique,and Lightning Dragon Tornado
    Nature Type:Lightning,and Genjutsu
    Blood Type:AB
    Birthdayecember 31st
    Family:His older brother
    Appearence:Black hair,and eyes always Sharingan like his cousin's Itachi. Wears a black hoodie with black jeans.Has a mask over his mouth and nose like Kakashi's but its black.
    History:Is a former Akatsuki member and a powerful Chuunin. Had the most chakra in the Akatsuki other than Kisame.Left the Akatsuki at age,13 and came to the Leaf Village. Trying to train hard enough to be strong as Itachi and his brother Tobi Uchiha or should I say,Madara Uchiha. So he's trying to obtain and master the Magenkyo Sharingan. His master Kakashi is teaching him Lightning jutsus. And an easier way to master the Mangekyo Sharingan. One of Kabara's teammates has saved him from a horrible death by Madara and Itachi. They have been in a relationship ever since that day. Her name is Kiyomi Haruno. She is Sakura Haruno's younger sister.
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    Re: Your own Naruto character!

    Name:Sakura Haruno
    Jutsus:Shadow Clone, Shôsen Jutsu { Mystical Palm Technique }, Shunshin no Jutsu - Body Flicker Technique, Dokunuki no Jutsu {Poison Extraction Technique}, Sakura Fubuki no Jutsu { Cherry Blossom / Sakura Blizzard Technique,
    Nature Type:Earth
    Blood Type:0
    Brithday:April 24
    Family:None are alive.
    Inventory: Basic shinobi equipment, healing scrolls, and a mini first aid kit.
    History:Sakura, matured from her younger age. She is kind and calm, mostly. She still is one to easily anger, no matter how old she grows. Strong willed, and keeps to her word. Sakura sticks with her ideas, and doesn't let anyone put her down.When Sakura had been a small child, she had often been made fun of. Mostly due to the size of her forehead, and some would poke fun at the color of her hair. She hadn't made any friends due to the common teasing, however there was one girl. Ino Yamanaka. Pretty at that age even, had offered young Sakura friendship, a long with a ribbon. The two grew up for awhile as friends, even though the young pink haired girl still felt as if she wasn't as liked. As they grew, they both wound up having a crush on the same person as anyone else. Sasuke Uchiha. That tore Sakura's friendship with Ino, returning the ribbon, and declaring rivalry.

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    Re: Your own Naruto character!

    Name:Airashii Tatsumaki

    Age:12 At the begining of naruto

    Gender:Male Cany looks like a girl

    Rank: Gainina At The beganing past chuunin exams

    Affiliation:Mist But but was adoped by leaf ninja when he was 5

    Jutsus:Rose Thorn Whip,cat eyes jutsu'elemetal dragons jutsu,hidden mist,crestalice mirrors,sanbon downpour,ninja art rose petal tornado,can use fire water earth and wind styles and gianjutsu

    Nature Type: earth wind fire water and ice

    Blood type:AB-

    Birthday:december 8th

    Family: Haku your old brother by 2 or 3 yaers

    Race:the 5 tailed black cat

    Appearence:Black hier has soft light brown eyes wear basic ninji cloths
    head band is around his waist

    History:was the only person kind to naruto becuse your perns wher al was on missions cause thay are anbu so you were tised cause of that but u didnt pay atechion to them.
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    Re: Your own Naruto character!

    Name: Luca of the Uchiha (does not posses last name, Simplied refered to as Luca, Part of Uchiha Clan)
    Age: 20
    Gender: Male
    Rank: Genin, Rogue
    Affiliation: Rogue, Villiage of Blood (formerly)
    Jutsus: Dust release: Dust strangle, Dust storm, Fire release: Fire ball, Azure fire ball, Mongekyo/Astronomy ability: Supernova (white flame Explosion), Izinagi.
    Nature Type: Dust (kekkie Genki), Fire
    Blood Type: -0
    Brithday: Febuary, 24
    Family: Male Uchiha (died before even born), Mother died moments after Birth.
    Race: Human
    Appearence: Black hair, Light tint dark blue eye's, 6ft.
    History: Born into the Villiage Hidden in Blood In a cradel filled with Star Dust as a Gift from his mother before she died.
    This ninja went rogue upon the death of his Love at the hands of the Uchiha Clan at the chunnin exams.
    Ironicly Enough, before his lovers match he was put in a life or death situation which forced the activation of his Sharingan proving his ties to the uchiha and with little effort beaten his opponent.
    After his Lovers match which fatally wonded her, he went to her and gave her last rights and freed her, giving him the power of the Mongekyo Sharingan.
    His Goal to create a New Galaxy Fillied with life with his Supernova Jutsu and Izinagi at the cost of his life.
    requires the mythic ten-tailed beast.

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    Re: Your own Naruto character!

    Name: Neo Yamastuchi

    Age: 12 when first apears through out the story in my head/he's bout 16-18 somewhere in that area

    Gender: male

    Rank: ame kage, ame kage means rain shadow (explained in history)

    Affiliation: leaf ninja then moved to rain vilage.

    Jutsus: Rennegan (so prety much any jutsu he sees). here are the ones he uses most, most fire style,earth style, water style, lightning style, and wind style, chidori, resengan, quick dash resengan (resengan with lightning style), kirin, kirin's spere (jutsu I made up like quick dash resengan), genjutsu, all of pain's abilaties (he can use the different relmes), and some sealing jutsu.

    Nature Type: all naturs

    Blood Type: AB+

    Brithday: 12/25/year n/a

    Family: parents are dead

    Race/Appearence: Caucation (white), ash blond hair, rennegan eyes.

    History: Was born in the Yamastuchi family around the time Naruto became hokage (if that hapens) and his parents were asasinated because they were part of the leaf vilage council. this is the dramatic event that activated his rennegan. his best friend was Naruto's son because they were on the same genin squad and his squad leader was shikamaru. he learned chidori from kikashi, and resengan from watching naruto's son use it. he learned pain's abilateis from memories he received from the rennegan, it also tought him how to make the 6 relms but he made 7. the 7th one could generate a forcefield that blocked all phisical atacks.the relms were 2 men from a couple of his previoce misions, that made his hungry goast relm and his demon relm. yahiko became the god relm again and the real nagato became his hell relm. his dad became the animal relm (which he uses most) and his mom became the human relm. After naruto died he made him the 7th relm. each relm carries a sword that absorbs the users elimental type and uses it for atacks. each relm had a spasific eliment type so he could use combinations. the 7th relm carried 2 of these swords. eventualy all of the kages meated and distributed all the land that wasn't part of the major nations and made a 7th nation with the vilige of rain in the center and he became the ame kage. unlike pain he could use the relms when he wanted to and move on his own when he wants to. he then created a seacret organization called the gardians to protect the jinjoriki because his best friend (naruto's son) became the 9 tails jinjoriki after naruto.

    mion shion
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