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Thread: could superman even compare?

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    Re: could superman even compare?

    I another reason why I say that goku can when is he because A sayain can get storng with the more punishment that they can take...

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    Re: could superman even compare?

    I gotta give it to the Z warriors that kept training/Are at least half-saiyan (Even adult Gohan could still go super saiyan two.) He could beat a few of the DBZ characters, but still wouldn't compare to the mid or higher warriors.

    Quote Originally Posted by rematche View Post
    depending on which earths? super boy prime for example, just destroyed 2 supermans. so which one? and yet that's still superman by technicality...even the golden age superman, which he doesn't even need the sun or even air for that matter. though i must say again superman wins...for example, superman golden age goes back in time (which he can) kill goku as an infant...the end, superman wins. not mention can also change his form, like turning himself into pure energy.
    That's only if that super man kills opponents because he thinks they're a threat. If Goku and Superman fought, no one would die, because they wouldn't kill anther person that fights for good.
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    Re: could superman even compare?

    you know i think your all misisng Krilin from DBZ super man could beat him i man
    come on in the freeza saga it took one kick from barta or the mucle guy from that elite team to put him down so he has a one up on one of the dbz fighters lol.

    anyone else i would say he would probably loose to well there is tein as well superman could take him easy.
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    Re: could superman even compare?

    Quote Originally Posted by POOHEAD189 View Post
    Now, everyone says that no one can beat superman..
    This is actually false. Batman defeated Superman in The Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller

    *Inner geek gleaming* :B

    So, it is very possible that the DBZ characters could defeat Superman, seeing Batman just has super intelligence and the knowledge of every martial art style. xD Dragon Ball Z characters can destroy the world with a well aim Kameha wave. >.>

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