I want to make something special for Dragon Ball fans if there is interest: A comprehensive digital archive of the original Japanese Dragon Ball media that I would maintain for my lifetime. Once finished, the site would be a reliable place to download and experience or archive for yourself a collection of authentic Dragon Ball Z GT content.

I would begin by uploading DVD ISOs from all five of the original Toei Dragon Boxes. I would follow by scanning every Daizenshuu volume in high quality and arranging them in pdf or perhaps an open source format. After this, I would like to move into the manga, soundtracks and even video game ROMs and ISOs of the older console generations.

The first disc of Dragon Box Z Vol 1 is available for download on my testing blog. The interest in this download will determine whether this project goes ahead.

I've posted this on several different forums as this is the first public announcement. Therefore, any subsequent posts or replies to comments will only be made my blog. If you think this project is worthwhile, I encourage you to get the word out to people who may be interested.