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Thread: Human Z Fighters

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    Talking Human Z Fighters

    My greatest criticism of the DBZ series is when the human z fighters lost a lot of their importance to the series. sure they had some cool moments here and their, but don't you guys think it would be awesome if they had a bigger role?

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    Re: Human Z Fighters

    I agree, and it was bad writing. That is what makes Dragonball so good. It is about relationships and other things. It was great writing.

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    Re: Human Z Fighters

    I agree as well! Some of my favorite characters are human. (Yamcha and Tien :3 ) I like the interaction between humans and all the other races/beings/etc. It kept it interesting and less cheesy.

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    Re: Human Z Fighters

    The only one that even lasted a while to me, was Krillin. Otherwise they were very overshadowed. But we have to remember that Tien and Yamcha (Yamcha especially) died more times then they could be allowed to come back, so I guess that factored into their being less important as the series progressed. Although, they died when Kid Buu destroyed the planet, so maybe bad writing is the cause.

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