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Thread: im looking for a answer (DBZ/GT)

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    im looking for a answer (DBZ/GT)

    A few days a go i whas whaching DBGT and i got to tinking were did goku learn "dragon fist" wene whas the first time he used it and agenst hew?

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    Re: im looking for a answer (DBZ/GT)

    Google is your friend

    Dragon Fist (Ryū-Ken 龍拳) also known as Dragon Fist Explosion (Ryū-Ken Bakuhatsu 龍拳爆発) or Super Dragon Fist (超龍拳, Chou Ryū-Ken) is the only attack Goku comes up with completely by himself. He begins the attack by making a straight fist faced at his enemy, then once his fist, along with his own body, exits the stomach or chest of the target, the energy will explode out into the form of an enormous golden dragon which bears a great resemblance to Shenron and then finally collide into the target, possibly destroying it in its path or leaving a gaping hole, hence the name, Dragon Fist.
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