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Thread: Missing tails?

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    Missing tails?

    Ok so basically me and my friend are talking about DBZ, when out of nowhere it hits us. What the deuce happened to Trunks and Goten. Neither of them ever have tails. Yeah they're half saiyan but Gohan had a tail. So basically I'm trying to get some input. Where the deuce are the tails?
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    Re: Missing tails?

    they dont have any because the tails were removed when goten and trunks were babys!

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    Re: Missing tails?

    like toki ni said. consider it a circumcism of sorts..lol. i'm joking.
    that or maybe they weren't born with the dominent gene

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    Re: Missing tails?

    that one question I really dony know but I guess is either they were not born with tails or it been removed.
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