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Thread: Most Memorable Moment of DBZ

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    Re: Most Memorable Moment of DBZ

    Quote Originally Posted by beast View Post
    So much of it rocks. But I would have to say that Vegeta has some of the best moments in DBZ, and the part where he decides to join the foray against cell to avenge the loss of his son is to me one of the best parts. Another close one is when Vegeta tells trunks to tell his mother that Vegeta loves her. Then punches him in the gut and decides to sacrifice himself to save Earth.
    you know what? youre totally right, Vegeta owns many memorable moments in DBZ, it wouldn't have been the same without him the the series. Ironic how he was Toriyama's least favorite character..:/

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    Re: Most Memorable Moment of DBZ

    I think everyone will agree that the most memorable moment in DBZ was when Goku took out Buu with that massive spirit Bomb. "Adios"

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    Re: Most Memorable Moment of DBZ

    When Goku when Super sayian for the first time when fightting freezea back on nameka
    i was like wow

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