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Thread: New Dragon Ball Anime Announced!!!

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    Re: New Dragon Ball Anime Announced!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by scorchrocketlauncher View Post
    I may have read about the same article and from what I've gathered, all it is going to be is another stupid dragon ball movie! Im one of the biggest dbz fans there are and I do look forward to seeing this movie, but what the heck, its dragon ball, so its going to be little goku, little krillin, little chichi, probably a few little piccolos, its freaking dragonball, so its probably not going to be all that exciting. Maybe if it was dragonballz, or dragonballgt, or dragonballz returns with an all new story... it would maybe then be somewhat exciting, but no, its dragon ball the movie...there will be no super saiyans, there will be no spirit bombs, and all-in-all....there will be no excitement scorch NEVERMIND, I must of read something else, I think what ya'll are talking about is very exciting, new characters, new storyline, and hopefully all new excitement and I SO look forward to seeing it. New dbz movie.....YES!!!!!!!
    What planet are you on...? The DBZ live action movie is another thread. And this isn't a movie. Read the post above you. And thanks, RenMyata, you answered my question.

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    Re: New Dragon Ball Anime Announced!!!

    Those are GReat new but I hope its better than GT that stuff was a little crappy in my opinion...
    so lets all hope the new Anime will be Great!

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