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    Arrow Official Dragon Ball Anime

    Dragon Ball is defined by Wikipedia as a Japanese manga. But, never believe what you read. Have you ever heard of a European manga? Manga in essense, is Japanese.

    Anyway, back to Dragon Ball. As many know, there are 3 series of Dragon Ball on offer. In time order, they are:
    1. Dragon Ball - the adventures of Son Goku from age 12 to 19.
    2. Dragon Ball Z - the introduction of Goku's son.
    3. Dragon Ball GT - the final chapters of Son Goku's life.
    The Dragon Ball story follows the adventures of Son Goku from the time he is a little boy to late in his life as a grandfather. Throughout his life, he fights many battles and comes out stronger in the end. In Dragon Ball GT he becomes the strongest martial artist in the universe.

    So what is the meaning behind the name Dragon Ball? Well, they are actually 7 magical spheres (aka Dragon Balls) scattered throughout the universe. When one gathers all 7 Dragon Balls in the 1 place, the dragon Shenlong appears and can grant 1 wish. After that wish is granted, the Dragon Balls are again scattered throughout the universe.

    • Director: Akira Toriyama
    • What to Expect: Depends on the Series. The tone and style of story changes over it's 11 year history.
      volumes 1-11: Humorous fantasy stories
      volumes 12-17: A darker tone
      volumes 17-20: Serious along with a sci-fi action approach
    • Main Character:: Son Goku - the monkey boy!

    There is a difference between Dragon Ball anime and Dragon Ball manga. Don't be too alarmed though, as the differences are primarily due to the translations between English and Japanese. Eg: the character "Lunch" in the manga, is the same character "Launch" in the anime.

    If you are not a Dragon Ball fan, then you should realise that Dragon Ball has influenced other anime Series.
    • In the Sonic the Hedgehog Series, Dragon Ball is mentioned a few times.
    • In the anime Excel Saga, the afro levels mentioned are similar to the afro levels in Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT.
    • In OVA Puni Puni Poemy Series, Poemy is shown with a collection of Dragon Balls.
    Anyway, there's many other series where Dragon Ball has had an influence on. So maybe you should just watch 1 episode of Dragon Ball to get a feel for things.

    The official Dragon Ball websites are by FUNimation. Check them out at:
    1. The Official Dragon Ball Website
    2. The Official Dragon Ball Z Website
    3. The Official Dragon Ball GT Website
    If you're not up to reading the manga, then there is always the Dragon Ball TV Series.

    But wait, did you wanna watch the Dragon Ball movie? Well, there's quite a few movies on offer for you to choose from:

    Dragon Ball Films:

    - Curse of the Blood Rubies
    - Sleeping Princess in Devil's Castle
    - Mystical Adventure
    - The Path to Power

    Dragon Ball Z Films:

    - Dead Zone
    - The World's Strongest
    - The Tree of Might
    - Lord Slug
    - Cooler's Revenge
    - Return of Cooler
    - Super Android 13
    - Broly: The Legendary Super Saiyan
    - Bojack Unbound
    - Broly: Second Coming
    - Bio-Broly
    - Fusion Reborn
    - Wrath of the Dragon

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    Re: Official Dragon Ball Anime

    Grumble Grumble Grumble

    The Dragon Ball Franchise is licensed for US/Canada/Region 1 distribution by FUNIMATION, with their Official website located here...

    {The Official Dragon Ball Website}: FUNIMATION
    FAVOURITE THREADS EXPLAIN why, or risk an infraction.
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