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Thread: Planet Vegeta

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    Planet Vegeta

    We all know it was destroyed by freeza
    and that made vegeta and goku the last
    2 know saiyans in the series , but here
    is an interesting question what IF Planet
    Vegeta was never destroyed and there were more
    saiyans than you could throw a banana too lol.

    would it have changed how goku became
    the most powerful and vegeta became the true
    saiyan power like he is always boasting?

    or would goku still have become who he is now?
    and all the things he went through become less
    important than they appear to be now?
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    Re: Planet Vegeta

    Intesting question Holder,
    well my answer to this is Vegeta would be the power of the saiyan force,
    seeing as he is the prince and all.
    Goku would have to bow to Vegeta for the rest of his days, like the dog he is.
    *not being rude or anything but my fav character is and always will be Vegeta*

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    Re: Planet Vegeta

    im not really sure about that one....hmmm....I'd like to say that Goku would ahve been the same, but if the planet never blew up, Goku wouldnt be on earth, and thats where everything started with him..yes i think that everything would be different...the entire series.

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    Re: Planet Vegeta

    I think that Goku would be a loser, Vegeta would have gotton assasinated for being a rude, heartless king. and the earth would have been destroyed a long time ago.

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    Re: Planet Vegeta

    I think that the Saiyans would be fighting Freeza and his army and Vegeta would be leading the saiyans.His dad would still die very messily though.That would be the driving reason the Saiyans would fight Freeza. Bardock would end up being Vegeta's second in command, surviving the battle over Planet Vegeta, though horribly battle-scarred. Nappa'd still die, though he'd be another big martyr for the Saiyan cause. A lotta Saiyans would die, but the majority would still remain. Moving on, Goku would still do the normal Dragon Ball shit as a kid, then everything would be very different as soon as Raditz lands on Earth...................Gohan would still end up being kidnapped, Goku and Raditz still fight,but as soon as the fighting gets it's heaviest, a search party from Freeza's army would bail in, and then it gets more different. It probably would be earth, rather than namek that would end up feeling the brunt of the events going on. There would probably be a Saiyan/Earth truce somewhere in the mix too, though, it would happen ONLY after a lotta bickering and more than a few dead...........

    Yep.......shit would change, but there would still be parallels.It's pretty fun to think about though.

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    Re: Planet Vegeta

    its all depends, do the sayans invade planet earth before goku become a adult or after he become a adult. if the sayand invade before, then goku could be evil and do vegeta bidding, if it after goku grew up and become a adult there is no way he can defete that many sayans unless the suitation was similar and its was both goku and vegeta fighting

    to make it short, yeah it possible that it could change goku

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    Re: Planet Vegeta

    I think that goku would have still been sent to earth and the sayians would have finally destroyed frieza and eventually went to earth and destroyed earth along with goku as for bardock i would like to think that he led the rebellion against frieza and then after years of training he became a super-sayian.

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    Re: Planet Vegeta

    I think that even if frieza didnt destroy vegeta that he still had the power to destroy every sayian. In other words he would just kill the race ad sell the planet. The only reason he destroyed the planet is because he feared the sayians, but i believe he only feared their potentiol for strenght not the strength they had then so he would just genocide them in another way other than blowing up the planet.

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