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  • Trunks

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  • Goten

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  • Future Trunks

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Thread: Who's the Strongest saiyan

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    Re: Whos the Strongest Sayian

    Quote Originally Posted by The GunGrave of Trigun View Post
    Well Gohan really isnt that strong Goku is more strong like i said the biggest thing gohan got is the Cell Games and like i said 1 Goku gave up he would have probaly won agaisnt cell 2 Gohan needed anger to defeat Cell and you never voted so who would you pick.
    Quote Originally Posted by cantsenditback View Post
    When cell was defeted, Gohan was techenally the "strongest" sayan at level 2 and that all Super sayan 2 as he is half human as well, but i got to say its goku who is the stronget. If you dont include the movie characters llike brolly, its goku who is on top.
    If you go by the manga Gohan is the strongest saiyan in Dragon Ball. He was a lot more powerful in his 'Mystic' form than the strongest form Goku attains, which is 'SSJ3'.
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    Re: Whos the Strongest Sayian

    Well I would have to say that if your not counting GT(shouldn't of been made) then I could see it being either Gohan or Goku. When Goku was SS3 he even stated he could've beat Buu but that a new age of heroes was at hand. Also when Gohan was Ultimate/Mystic Gohan he was easily owning Super Buu, but he became more like Vegeta and got to cocky. So with that being said I would say Gohan because he could've taken Super Buu where as Goku could take Majin Buu.
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    Re: Whos the Strongest saiyan

    I'm gonna have to go by the anime. (DBGT)
    That's Goku for Two reasons:
    1)Super Sayian 4. Pretty much enough said. He was the first to attain it.
    2) He's the main character, right? They're usually the strongest no matter what. Wouldn't be much of an anime if at some point the main character somehow becomes stronger than all the rest.  689
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    Re: Whos the Strongest saiyan

    I thought Gohan was the strongest of all. But I'm not sure though. It's true that Goku has reached Super Sayian 4 before anyone else. But I think his son is the most talented. At a young age he got to be a Sayian and he got trained by the strongest people including Goku. And he is the one with the potential to surpass his father.

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    Re: Whos the Strongest saiyan

    Goku has gone to super 4. I don't know how you can beat that. You'd have to use fusion or something. I dont know.
    Bow to super saiyan 4!!

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    Re: Whos the Strongest saiyan

    Well any one of the sayians can supress he other because they have the power to grow from strong fights but Goku fought all the strong enemys and DragonBall Z ended saying that there were no more enemys to fight for Goku and his crew so there was really nobody else to fight and get highly trained up for the only person who well continue to train well be vegeta in hoping to suprass Goku but Gohan well go to school and so well porbaly Goten Trunks well probaly train but not well not suprass Goku in just traing Future Trunks might get stronger than Goku probaly has the best chance and but Goku well probaly train still and be the Strongest of them all because as i said you cant beat Goku by just training and the only time Goku well lose is when he gets old like his sensei.

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    Re: Whos the Strongest saiyan

    I stopped watching the series after they turned to do the new one where he was sent in time or something, i think it completely ruined the storyline but i would say that Goku for two reasons, He is really cool and two he is the main character and always wins. My liking for DragonBall faded when Boo was defeated it just stopped being good. Supersaiyen 3 was enough not 4. It's strange because Trunks sent from the future was so powerful but as the episodes went on he was just annother Goku wannabie like they all end up to be. I loved the storyline and never missed an episode, my favourite season would ahve to be the cell season or freezer with the little short storylines mixed with the long ones made this a really good programme, but Gohan changed a little from freezers episode to cell's, he kicked ass

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    Re: Who's the Strongest saiyan

    Goku is, He almost never gives up, even if he is killed...he just comes back for more, or goes ssj4 and pwns.

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