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  • Goku

    68 68.69%
  • Gohan

    16 16.16%
  • Vegeta

    7 7.07%
  • Trunks

    2 2.02%
  • Goten

    2 2.02%
  • Future Trunks

    4 4.04%
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Thread: Who's the Strongest saiyan

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    Re: Who's the Strongest saiyan

    definitely goku!! he's the strongest, even though vegeta can get veryvery close, goku has always won. gohan at one time was the best, but ever since cell not as much..

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    Otaku Heavenhanced may be famous one day Heavenhanced may be famous one day
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    Re: Who's the Strongest saiyan

    Gokuh by a mile. Firsyt time he became a SSJ 3, I screamed.

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    Re: Who's the Strongest saiyan

    hmmm well i would say Goku is the strongest one plus every time vegeta got close goku would always get stronger

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    Re: Who's the Strongest saiyan

    out of those few goku is but i belive broly is the best he could have killed goku if he wasnt so stupid if he was smart like goku he would have messed everyone up and he would have been the last sayian alive right now but because of sheer stupidity he lost to goku and he lost to gohan and goten then the lost to goten and trunks but that was a stupid video tho he wasnt in his fullesnt form there but he should have been very stron in 2nd coming since sayians get stronger if they are beat up and he was hurt prett badly. but out of all goku is the champ only cause broly was and idiot
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    Re: Who's the Strongest saiyan

    Quote Originally Posted by NeoDeath90 View Post
    I noticed that you conveniently left Broly out. haha, ah well.

    I'm saying future trunks. he can learn from his father and knows how to use a sword. that combined with what he can teach himself and utilize with the future's technology, i believe he can greatly surpass any saiyan on earth.

    sadly though, this guy does bring up a good point.
    but isn't that what makes it interesting? not knowing how powerful the next guy is going to be, or which of them is truly strongest.

    i think in the end Goku will always be the strongest if you think about it.
    Gohan surpassed him, but mainly because of SS2, and after Cell he grew weaker. Vegeta came close to Goku, but he never actually surpassed him.

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    Re: Who's the Strongest saiyan

    Out of those choices I say Goku is the strongest. But ultimately it's Goku and Vageta fused together to become Gogeta who is the strongest Saiyan.
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    Re: Who's the Strongest saiyan

    Quote Originally Posted by Shingo Kusanagi View Post
    Dragon Ball Z is like a race to catch up.No one is permanently stronger then the others,along the entire series each character surpasses the other at a certain point so you can never say who is stronger unless you specify a certain time in the series.
    i totally agree with that. but overall, i would have to say goku. he is always rising up, getting stronger. and how many times has he saved the world.

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    Re: Who's the Strongest saiyan

    i would technically say gogeta is or vegito the reason is goku and vegeta are full blooded saiyans and fusing makes them still full blooded saiyans and technically gogeta is the strongest person because its the two most powerful saiyans together i mean 100x big bang kamehameha is the end to this conversation

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