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Thread: Afterfall:Rise of the Vampires

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    Cool Afterfall:Rise of the Vampires

    (While the name is Afterfall, this is actually a modern rp, not medival, like youd think.)

    You live in the town of Rossbrook, Oregon. The sun rarely shine. The school you go to isnt big, but it isnt small. You go to Rossbrook Jr/Sr High School, Home of the Scythes.

    Just a few weeks ago, a few people have been reported missing. Some people think nothing of it, some people think its a .

    Morganna Lestate, lost her best friend*,Nathaniel Stoker, to the these monsters, killers or what ever they may be. She has been a bit out of it since he died. She's a bit dead to the world.

    But then she met Tor Down, someone who had also been what she had recently been through.

    Now Tor finally reveals his deep secret.

    Rac.eHuman, Vampire, MUR)
    Pet Pevs:

    N.ame:Morganna Lestate
    Ag.e: 21
    Rac.e: Human
    Past:Morganna was once a very hyper and happy person. She used to be friendly and nice and kind. But that was before she lost Nathaniel. Nathaniel was everything to her since her parents had died. Morganna was an only child, and now she was alone. She is now very quite. She is rarely seen out in the sun.
    Likes:Tor, Placebo, BVB, cutting
    Dislikes: Anything Bright and happy
    Pet Pevs: People not closing the door when they leave.

    N.ame: Tor Down
    Ag.e: H.A: 23 V.A:144
    Past:Tor became a vampire at age 23. He was out with his "girlfriend" and they had just left the bar. Tor was a bit tipsy and before he knew it, he was bleeding out on the streets. Nathaniel, Morganna's beloved, found him. He stayed with Nathaniel for a week or so, and then left. When he found out Nathaniel had died, he swore to find his killer.
    Weaknesses: Fire,
    Likes: Morganna, BVB,Placebo, Drawing
    Pet Pevs: When his fellow vampires throw glitter on him after he watched Twilight; when Morganna cuts herself.

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    Re: Afterfall:Rise of the Vampires

    Name: Kyuuketsuki Kawii
    Age:Human: 19 Vampire: 166
    Race: vampire
    Appearance: shoulder-length slate black hair, short but slender--about 5'3, emerald green eyes, translucent skin
    Past Bio: Kyuuketsuki was once a child of innocence. Smitten with the world around her, she was unaware to the dangers that lurked in those dark alleyways of her London home. October 18, 1845 is when it happened. When her life was changed forever. She met a man who swore to take care of her. Instead, he left her for dead, draining her with a simple "kiss". Later, she was found by Micah, a man who merely helped her regain her strength, taught her of her new ways and slipped from her life. She is determined to find the man who took her humanity away and get her revenge..
    Weaknesses: Crosses (must have faith in said item)
    Likes: Darkness, others curiosity toward her
    Dislikes: Brightness
    Pet Pevs: N/A
    Life has a thousand doors to let out life; I shall find one.

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