Alastair is a pretty nice woods, scary when its dark but lovely in the day. When they say it's scary at night, they mean it! That place gives people the creeps, its not recommended to go there at night. ESPECIALLY on your own. Anyway, in this woods a new school has opened for the anime people of the world; but will mischevious girls and boys ignore the storys their folk's tell them or will they be safe and survive their years here?

Its the 28th of August and school starts in 3 days (or when a lot of students sign up) so get signing up for this brand new school Alastair Academy in the middle of Alastair woods wont regret it!

write a mini bio between 100 and 350 words about your characters appearence and personality. below is my characters.
(the normal no racism, bullying, sexism) unless part of story line.

Mini Bio: Thea grew up in a world where abuse was normal and got it on a regular basis from her father from the ages of 6-10 before she got taken away and moved to the town of Anubis about 20 minutes away from Alastair woods. Her life revolves around metal and pop music, netball, volleyball and her iPod (her release). Her dream is to become a journalist and proffesional photographer. She has been nicknamed a walking angel because of her beauty but she doesn't have very high self-esteem. Hates being left alone and has a terrible fear of spiders but she is confident and calm around things like lightning, heights and wasps. She has a very extreme allergy to mustard and nuts and suffers from a mild case of hayfever. A 16 year old brunette beauty with a lot of hopes, fears & dreams she wishes to fulfill, but can she put her head down & not get into to much trouble..?