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Thread: Death Note: The Final Notebook (approved)

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    Re: Death Note: The Final Notebook (approved)

    I would like to know if I could join =]

    Name: Samara Ei
    Age: 15
    Appearance: Tall, black long hair with bangs,red eyes that you could see in the dark, wears a black hoddie with the hood on always
    Personality: Shy, thinks what she thinks might be best, depressed sometimes, fun, clumsy, laughs at herself, kind, sweet
    Race: Shinnigami
    Bio: Samara doesnt really have much friends or barely any. The other shinnigami's thinks she's a freak and mostly tries to keep their distance from her. They mostly make fun of her and she hates them of the shinnigami's except the ones who are nice and that's not many. She's likes having her music with all the time. She can sometimes be outgoing and do things she wouldn't mostly do, she could be a little selfish and play on her own team instead. She also loves skittles candy she had them once and became addicted.
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    Re: Death Note: The Final Notebook (approved)

    while Carasume walks to her school she passes by a tv store and on the tv they are showing the news.
    "And for todays news we bring you, a group of killers are roaming the streets. Here are their names..."
    "man, can this world get any more messed up? Wait that didn't make sense. Oh well." Carasume remembered about the book and then she brought it out. "So if this thing can kill people then why not try it out?" She wrote down the names that were just announced then she looked at the tv.
    "We have information that they are now robbing a bank an- oh wait! we just got news that all of the killers are now dead due to a heart attack."
    "Say what?!" Carasume said a little too loud and everybody around her looked at her. "Sorry."
    everybody went back to what they were doing and Carasume quickly stuffed the book back into her bag, then continued to walk to her school really quickly.
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