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Thread: Dimensional Ninja Prince

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    Dimensional Ninja Prince

    Name: Denu Gurubu
    Age: 55
    Weapon: He can created any weapons on the spot with his Kekkei Genkai.


    Side: neutral cause he's an uncover ninja but He acts like a bad dude.

    He's the skinniest ninja you ever see.
    His face looks like Minato's face but he only have two
    whiskers on each cheek like Naruto's kyuubi's whiskers.
    He's hairstyle just like Tsunade's beloved boyfriend's hairstyle but brown hair color instead of blue.

    His eyes hazel brown when he's not using his Dangarinkugans.
    Level 1:

    Level 2:

    Level 3

    Level 4

    Level 5

    Level 6

    jinchuuriki Dangarinkugan:

    Here's the logo on his back red sleeveless jacket:
    Above the logo is the world Dimension and below the the logo is the word Guardians.

    Here's the logo he'd made after he got married to Tsunade.

    Here's the logo that Guren, Konan, Kabuto, Kurenai, Shizune, Anko are now part of Denu's and Naruto's family.

    Chakra Element: All five elements.

    Ninja Rank: S Rank

    Previous Previous Village: Gurubu's Kingdom became Demon Country.
    Previous Village: Leaf Ninja
    -Current: wander rogue ninja.

    Team: Mitokado Homura (sensei), Denu, Kakashi's mother and Dan.

    Personalized Weapons:
    He calles it the Jinchuuriki Staff. Who are not a jinchuuriki can't hold it cause if they do. They will become a jinchuuriki for a week.
    On the top of the staff is like Yondaime's "Flying Thunder God" Kunai and at the bottom of the staff looks like a Shuriken.
    When any one get strike by Shuriken and kunai points it'll feel like pickup truck hit you. The hole in the middle of the shuriken at the bottom of the staff can shoot chakra as big as a Priate ship and small as a micro.

    Tools and Equipment:
    Chakra Control Device
    Clay Pouch
    Hunter-Nin Mask
    Gambit's Gloves
    Nin-Info Cards
    Range Finder

    He can use all the clones in the book.
    He can use almost all of the jutsus.

    Shy to strangers but when you get to know him. He's quick to make friends. If you hurt him. It'll take time to for him to trust you again.
    His weakness is lowself of stream and stamina. Specially after activated all of his powers. He's human as well. When he dies he'll transform everyone into Jinnuuriki. He'll saying, "No Long be a Ninja World it'll be a Jinnuuriki World."

    His catchphrase: Eternity waits for no one.

    When Denu was born he's became the the Prince in the Gurubu's Kingdom.
    When Denu was 4 years old. Orochimaru used Gurubu Clan's rival clan called Seri Clan to attack the kingdom and for Orochimaru to kidnapped Denu. When Gurubu and Seri Clans work together they are the ones that created the Legendary Tailed Beasts. They made one ten-tailed winged wolf. Orochimaru ordered Danddo Seri to sealed the be ten-tailed winged wolf inside of Denu. Orochimaru gave Denu a curse mark. This curse mark was Orochimaru's first curse mark.
    Rikudou Sennin is Denu's half brother.

    So Orochimaru took Denu to the lab. Orochimaru implanted one Byakugan in both arms of Denu. Orochimaru also implanted one Rinnegan in both arms of Denu.Orochimaru also implanted one Sharingan in both arms of Denu. Orochimaru also implanted one Sharingan in both arms of Denu.Orochimaru also implanted one Ranmaru's Unnamed Bloodline eye in both arms of Denu. Orochimaru implaneted Dan's DNA. The reason for Orochimaru kidnapping Denu cause his Kekkei Genkai called, "Dangarinkugans."

    Orochimaru was still a leaf ninja. When Third Hogake find out about what Orochimaru was doing and he also found Orochimaru's lair. Orochimaru forgot about Denu. Third Hogake was with Fourth Hogake's parents at that time. Fourth Hogake wasn't even born yet. So those parents of the future Fourth Hogake. They adopted Denu as their own.
    Dan became the Denu's sensei with two under-known ninjas.
    Denu Academy Gradated at the age of 6.
    Denu passed the Chuunin Exam at the age of 9.

    Later on after the Minato was born and Fugaku Uchiha was born as well. Denu's future was to became Itachi's sensei. Third Hogake heard about the rumors Madara was still alive so the Third Hogake send Denu to confirmed this as a Missing ninja. This happened when Sasuke couldn't walk and Naruto was just came into the world. Denu knock on the Fugaku's door. Mikoto opened the door. Denu grabbed her and kissed her on her lips. Itachi got so mad he ran tried to attacked his own sensei. Denu toss Itachi as a doll. Denu said, "You are a foolish kid but one day you will be greater than Madara Uchiha himself." That's when Itachi started acting distant from his clan.

    So Denu went on his journey. Pain, Konan, Orochimaru and Madara bumped into the Denu. So Denu said, "How about make an Organization to destroyed the Ninja system?" Madara started planing out his Moon's eye plan then. They all decide to make Denu the first leader cause it was his idea. Denu chose Madara and Pain to be the co-leader. Then After Itachi, Kisame, Zetsu, Kakuzu and Hidan joins the group. Denu gave the Kakuzu the list of Twelve Guardians. After Deidara and Sasori join. Madara was getting a big head.
    Akatsuki implaneted their DNA into Denu. Denu also taught them how to fight a jinchuuriki. It back fired on Denu.
    Akatsuki started trying to exact the 10 tailed beast from Denu. Denu blind them with the light that light made them forget about Denu and the 10 tailed-beast. Expect for Orochimaru cause he betrayed Akatsuki before the light.
    Denu faked his death after heard that his Fourth Hogake died by his clan and Seri Clan's mistakes.

    Now Naruto is his stepson and Tsunade is Naruto's stepmother. Anko, Guren, Kurenai and Konan is Naruto's stepsister. Sai, Kabuto, Sasuke and Pain is Naruto's stepbrothers.
    Shizune is Naruto's cousin.

    Theme Song Adrenaline Rush from TNA 3rd Degreed Burns
    Abilities: Go to different dimensions. He's prowrestling fan and he's a dancer as well.
    Home World 4-Dimension
    Current Location 8-Dimension.

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