Character Templates

But, where do you seriously go from there? I've Heard it OVER and OVer agin "Whatzatemplate?" It's the information on your character! It holds what they look like, information on their weapon, their biography, and other things as well. And, I'm going to go and explain all of these spots.


This is what my normal template looks like. Your's don't have to look exactly the same, nor does it have to stick to that stuff. But, this is what I preferably use so, I'm going to use this one as an example in this.

Name: Easy. You know your name, right? You put their name in this slot, of course! So, if their name is, let's say, Fable Galardios. You'd put that name in this slot. You can, only if you want to or know it, put an explanation of what their name means. For Xelhes, I sometimes might put that it means part of the Merines word for Blessing next to her name in brackets. But, an explanation on their name is NOT necessary.

Age: Their age, of course! Normal characters, or the ones I know at least, have their age around 12 - 20, or maybe even higher. Sometimes it can even be 83,000 or more... which is nuts. Just put a number here. If they're REALLY old, like past a normal person's age, then... explain why. If they're 2,000 years old, explain WHY.

Weapon: In this slot, you put what their weapon is. It can be an ability they have, or it can be an actual sword. You can even put a description on what the blade, or whatever it is going to be, if you want!

Gender: Guy or girl. E-A-S-Y.

Side: Good, bad, or neutral. If they're more of hero, put good; if they want to take over the universe, put evil; if they don't know what side they're on or they're in the middle, put neutral.

Now, before I go on, I have to say one thing: DO NOT NEGLECT THE APPEARANCE, PERSONALITY, AND BIO SLOTS. These are the descriptive portions of the template and, you have to pay attention to them, a lot of attention.

Appearance: This explains what your character looks like. If you don't have a picture, you'll need a description. ...No. Don't go off looking for pictures; use your mind to imagine what they'll look like! You need to describe, which is why I enforced that to the bios. Use adjectives, adverbs, and any type of word under the sun. That's what makes up detail, ya know.

Personality: I hate nothing more than a personality with three words. NO. IT DOESN'T WORK THAT WAY. When I say personality, that means description. And, it's the part where you'll need a thesaurus handy. Words like quirky, angry, mischievous, happy-go-lucky, and others should be found here. Describe when they act like that, what they act like when they meet new people, etc.

Bio: Now, for the biggest part of them all, the biography. This explains their past, present, and possibly future. It describes why that have that weapon, why they have that ability, and what's happened to their past life, if there are any changes. Do NOT say that are mysterious. You can make them mysterious in the roleplay, just not in the biography. Don't be Clishe and don't make them mysterious. That's just an excuse for "I can't think of anything". OF COURSE YOU CAN THINK OF SOMETHING! Just brainstorm! Start with something small and link it outwards. Attach on things that the certain idea have in common.

Other Things for Your Template:
Theme Song
Home World
Current Location
[If you have anymore, PLEASE let me know.]

And, with that put together, you can make a template like this: of course it doesnt follow the exact follow up of what i showed you but you can take a look at this one. (DO NOT RIP ME OR I KILL YOU ^.^)
(Taken from my Naruto RP i am participating on in a different forum.)

Name: Kaito Yoshido

Age: 17

Personality: Kaito has changed since his previous years. he used to be cold hearted and full of hatred and vengence. But since traveling with his newly found allies, he has become more open with others and has finally found at least somethin close to happiness. He still holds a slight grudge and mis trust for Sano for the death of his brother however not enough where he would hold a murderous intent over sano. He has fell madly in love with Aiko and lives to protect her. at times he becomes jealous which is somethin he needs to work on,

Kaito has become a mature young man and his hair is now in a long ponytail. Even though Aiko continuously tells him to cut it. last time she tried to get him to cut his hair she ended up with the "changed" hair-do

-Previous: Hidden Village of the Clouds

-Current: Traveling Ninja/konha

Chakra Element: Wind/water

Ninja Rank: Chunin

Team: Daaku Raito (sensei) Aiko, Hotaru.



Weapon(s): Kunai, Ninja star, Daggers

ION: The katana that he has been practicing with. it was given to him during his 2/1.2 year training. on a mission to save a swordsman he was gifted with the blade. Though his skills arent master rank he is still a force to be reckoned with. ION has a special uniquness to it that sets it apart from other katana's. The blade itself can split into tiny particales and be manipulated at the user's will however kaito has yet to master it. He keeps it in its "ionic" form most of the time to avoid carrying it on his back but sometimes he does carry it also.

Jutsu: (Wind Jutsu)

-Taijutsu: Peregrine Falcon Drop- After hitting the oponent with a combo that varies, Kaito launches his opponent into the air. He then grabs a falling opponent by their ankles, wraps his legs around their waist, and drives them head first into the ground. *C-rank*

Gufuu no Jutsu- Kaito pummels his enemy with a flurry of punches and kicks then blasts the away with a powerfu l gust of wind. He then continuously knocks them around with bursts of wind with increasing intensity. *B-rank*

Aori Buresu Rendan- Kaito rushes the opponent and slams his knee into their stomach. He then somersault kicks them high into the air. A split second later Daaku appears behind them kicks the opponent back down......where he is waiting and hits them with he Aori Buresu no Jutsu. *B-rank*

Bio: Kaito Yoshido was born into the Yoshido clan and had a harsh early childhood. He was forced to train each and everyday under horrible circumstances. His older Brother Tokishe was an excellent mentor and helped him in his training. With his help Kaito had no problem becoming a ninja to be proud of. He attained Genin status and continued to train.

Sadly on a mission Tokishe was murdered by his own Sensei Daaku Raito. Kaito was told that it had been an accident and that sometimes things like this couldn't be helped. He was devistated and was left all alone because his Father Ishiro didn't pay attention to him and had fallen into a state of extreme depression after losing his eldest son. Over the next couple of months Ishiro became more and more distant.

Ishiro was found murderd and kaito belived it to be Daaku raitio. time passes and Kaito finds the true killer who was right in his eyes the entire time Sanosuke. A hatred still boils within Kaito but he knows his brother wouldnt wish him to live a life of revenge

Kaito traveld with his new allies to konoha and attented the Chunin exams upon special Permission from the Kumokage. A massive attack was taken onto the village and kaito felt he had to help. Kaito was also re-united with a old child hood friend. a girl nammed Aiko. Kaitos feelings fer her were quite rare as to others he would seem distant but to aiko he would be open and out.

Over the years he has achived a strong bond with aiko rayex and the othres. finding them as his only family. His is the last remaining Yoshido left and he feels he has to continue the legacy. Under the strict training of Daaku he has learned many powerful jutsu and his abilities have become top notch. some times he looks for fights just to be cocky, however Aiko often stops him and keeps him in check. He finds himself jealous of other guys when they speak with her he once beat up 7 guys just because they were flirting with her. He hasnt announced his feelings for her but its apparent to othres. Recently his favorite pastime is the stars. ever since the day he met aiko for some reason he takes out time at the night just to lay under a tree and look at the stars. no one knows what particular things he thinks about. sometimes his brother sometimes his family and sometimes he just uses the time to relax but whenever he does lounge under the trees there is always something on his mind. With him now being 17 he no longer feels under many other ninja and feels apart from othres. his favorite thing that comes to mind is that. "Just because im a Young ninja...doesnt mean i fight at my level.."