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Thread: inuyasha rpg: the four kingdoms

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    Re: inuyasha rpg: the four kingdoms

    sorry forgot appearance
    Appearance:Gintama has dark orange hair with black eyes he wears a cloth shirt with orange pants his attire may be few but it protects him from fire and physical danger

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    Re: inuyasha rpg: the four kingdoms

    Name: Chikako (Chika)
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Race: like Inuyasha (i dont remeber what its call)
    Weapon: A bow, the moon on her forehead glows and a moon shaped bow comes out. She also has a katana with a white blade and a red holder
    Family: Father, three older sisters and one older brother, friend (they act like sisters) and her companion
    Bio: She was born from a human mother and a demon father. Her mother died giving birth to her. She was born with small lungs, they not bad but most of the time she coughs up blood. She was born with a curse that was ending her life slowly. When she got older she went outside but everyone just ran away from her, eveytime she crys and her father beats her telling her she is weak and useless. At the age of 6 she met Inuyasha and became his first friend. At the age of 8 she ran away because her father was going to kill her, so she lived on the streets. She used the named Maiko, she was also named that but only her mother know. She travel to many town, while traveling she met a fox demon named Kazumi. She learn many language while traveling. She wants to take Inuyasha land so she prove to everyone that she strong and to kill her father, but she stills help Inuyasha.
    Personality: Calm, barely talk, can get angry, kind, helpful
    Appearance: Attachment 13080 she about 5'6, she wears a sword cross necklace and necklace crown, she has a moon on her forehead that is blood red and black tear under her lip in the middle and one under her left eye, when she is in human form her hair is mid-night blue but darker and her eyes are golden, her curse mark is under her right eye-Burst_angel_tatto_template_by_Dontbelong.jpg
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    Re: inuyasha rpg: the four kingdoms

    Just wanted to say to Soul Keeper Kokoro that Inuyasha is half dog demon and half human, and if i'm stepping out of line with this part i'm sorry but i am getting impateint to start the RPing for this thing.
    [FONT=Garamond]No matter what you call it, it is still Chaos, And it is apart of everyone regardless if want it there or not.

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