Hey there all RPG fans i wanna share with u info and expierence on new game- IRIS ONLINE.
Iris Online Open Beta started November 24 at 12pm PST
So lets get started first of all u must choose from 3 races:
Humans, Hybrids,Elfs. Each race has 2 classes witch later can divide into 2- 3 sub-classes (number depends on race and class  ).
Grafics is really good if you like watch anime u will love game even more. Controls are easy and simple.
Every info in game is rly easy to find and well done, u dont have to spend minutes to find one thing or another.
Now some more detailed information for you all.
Tarrot card system ( personally i never saw anythink like that in other RPG). When u collect certain amount of cards, u can get buff from reading what future awaits you. Game also has very cool mounts , Force wars ( Death Match and Flag Match) good thing that force matches occurs rly offten ( cant remember time but smth like every 15-20 mins). By winning or loosing them u gain certain points witch later can be used to buy various goods .
Awsome dungeons with funny bosses xD, PK map o_O to try ur strengh against others.
Personal oppinion:
I rly recommend to start playing or atleast try to play it. Its fun interesting u can find new things witch is never seen before :P ofc u might say we already saw smth like that but from expierence i can say NOOOOO
Its not smth u saw before u need to TRY it first and only then ANDDDD only then write ur opinion
So join us now ,ur journey Begins here- gPotato Presents IRIS ONLINE - A Completely Free To Play Online Game!
P.S sry for bad english