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Thread: Oops Matrix Power Ranger Force

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    Power Ranger Matrix Revolution

    The Starting Prolog (or is Prelog)

    In the beginning the rangers fought for peace and order. Now it’s 4040 A.E. (After Evil) and that peace is now here. The evil that threaten the universe is sealed away in a dimensional prison called the Matrix Grid. The grid houses the inner factions of Rangers governed by the Elite Matrix Rangers.

    This Inner House is academy for future generation of power rangers .
    There was peace until four ultra class ten zords appeared and starting to destroy outside planets. So the Inner House had no choice to make the outer house to recruited new rangers to protect the outer regions of the prison, but that was after the loss of one of the strongest Elite Ranger. Zinder Hinder the Red Matrix Ranger seek out head first facing one of the enemies. The massive dragon zord was a sight for sore eyes, Zinder gave it his all just to be disappeared into the unknown.

    It taken the rest of the Elite rangers and six outer squads to destroy, all four dragons. So finally the outer space was clear of danger. So peace was restored, and Elite Rangers had children to start a new generation of rangers.

    (More information and what not in my Social Group section hopefully you guys can see all my posts.)

    (Any questions please post I shall answer.)
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