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Thread: Really just a little cutie (yuri)

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    Really just a little cutie (yuri)

    This RP is about two girls who meet wehn one of them move to there school. It is the story of how they fall for each other and how there family feel about it. The girl that moves to the school is a 14 year old goth called Kirstie who had a over protective family that worry about her as she was once the baby of the family but now seems to be pushing them away.

    Kirstie Pond-bio

    Name- Kirstie Pond

    Age- 14

    Sexuality- Bisexual

    Looks- She isn't very tall but she isn't that small aether at a hight of 5'5ft. She is a normal weight and is rather strong. She has curly brown hair that she cant control but still try's to stretn and has a fringe that cover her right eye, she is very pale and has amazing blue eyes. She is also rather gothic but doesn't ware dressed or make up.

    Personality- She is very kind and careing. She is odd and seemes very strong and is very protective but dose need someone to care for her. She seems confident but actually hids a lot of her feelings. She is funny and very artistic and is acually romantic and little childish and cute if you get her to open up.

    History-She used to be a very kind sweet and bubbely little girl, who was the baby of the family and her mummy and daddy's little angle but when she hit about 9 years old she started to get rather goth and shut of from her family a bit even though she still needs them hell she still can't sleep without her teddy bare she jsut wont admit it. She now loves rock music and has a note book which she draws and writes in taht no one is alowed to see. She dose kaarte to. She is now moving to a new school where she will meet the love of her life.

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    Re: Really just a little cutie (yuri)

    sorry, but this borders on the side of erotic role-play, and seeing as this is a family friendly site, I'm going to decline this.

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