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Thread: RPGing AO’s policies and procedures

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    RPGing AO’s policies and procedures

    How to create a RPG, AO’s policies and procedures.

    AO has a wonderful area for all you RPGers out there, but we do things a little different then you may be accustomed to. This should help you in all your RPGing needs.

    The RPG team:

    We have a 10,000 character limit and a NO DOUBLE POSTING rule. This is to keep the posts readable (in terms of length) and to allow others to play in a true TURN BASED system.

    We have 3 RPG sections:
    RPG Forum – This is where the game actually takes place, look here for active games you may wish to join!
    OOC Chat – This is used for discussion of active RPGs, place your character profiles and talk about RPGing concepts.
    RPG Ideas – This is the place where RPGs are born, post your creation threads here for approval.

    Rules to RPG creation:
    All new RPG’s will have to approved by the RPG team (see above listing) AND you will have to meet/do the following requirements
    a. Be a community member (100 posts and 30 days on the board)
    b. Give full details to the new RPG which includes Summary/Plot, Rules and Playable Characters (or types i.e. wizards)
    c. A minimum of 5 people up front who want to play and will be committed to posting at least once a week.

    This will help reduce the “flood” of ideas that come into the RPG section but never materialize. Furthermore by forcing you to do the up front work you are in essence proving that you will be a good RPG host and the RPG will be active from day 1.

    So when you post your Thread in the RPG Ideas section be sure you meet the above requirements.

    How to start an RPG
    1) Create a thread in the RPG Ideas section (RPG Ideas)

    This will allow you to gain others interest (you will need a minimum of 5 people to join your RPG before you can start RPGing in it)! In this thread you will need to write a brief summary/plot of the RPG, define rules and playable character types. Keep it short and simple, enough to make people interested!

    2) Once 5 people have commited to joining your RPG then you will need to do the following:
    a. Create a thread in the OOC section for your RPG team members to post their characters, moves and other items of concern.
    b. Create a thread in the OOC section for developmental discussion of the RPG (a place to chat about what is happening next, handle conflicts of perceived theme, etc...)
    c. Create your thread in the RPG section with a more complete intro and storyline, then start playing. Be sure to recruit new members and post often!

    3) All players will be required to post at least once a week.

    This isn’t hard anyone can spend 5 minutes a day each day of the week and write a decent RPG post. If you can’t post once a week then don’t join a RPG…why take up space in something you aren’t going to do actively?

    4) You must PM the RPG host to join, it is up to them to let you join or not. If you feel you are being dealt unfairly then PM me or one of the other members of the RPG team.

    5) Write a well formed post with proper syntax (O.O.C, B.I.C., I.C.)

    Spend some time thinking not only about what your player is going to do in your current post but also in the up and coming posts. If you plan out their actions then it will be much easier to write a decent post. Also a decent post should not look like a 5 year old wrote it. Use spell check! Don’t speak in text messaging or AIM terms…use proper English! Make breaks in your post…no one wants to read 5000 words in one paragraph!

    Also please see these threads for more detailed information of how to RPG and the guidelines for character design!

    How to RPG:
    How to RPG?
    Xelhes's Guide to Role Playing

    Character design:
    How To Build A RP Character
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