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Thread: When They Come (A Zombie Apocalypse RPG)

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    Post When They Come (A Zombie Apocalypse RPG)





    On the day the planet earth had another ordinary solar eclipse, the power shut down in the U.S. secret weapons research lab. It was sabotage, after the power went out, something got loose. Experiment 16 had been kept under watch because of chemicals in her blood could be catastrophic. Of course it was the scientist's fault for her becoming this way. They tested her blood on animals at first, it gave them the symptoms of rabies, they attacked everything in sight. A scientist got bitten after careless handling of an infected animal. He turned. The infection quickly spread, the un-anticipated epidemic quickly took over the world. Locked inside the original infection source, Subject 16 sits there in chains, protected by her own cell, from the zombie apocalypse.

    Character Template:

    Name: Subject 16
    Age: !6
    Weapons: None (usually uses whatever is nearby)
    (In case photo doesnt load)
    Appearance Description: Long black hair, dark eyes, sort of petite, cute face, wears black lolita looking dress with boots.
    Personality: quiet, shy, hesitant, caring for friends, dangerous when angry, clumsy, open minded.
    Biography: Taken from the hospital at birth due to an extremely rare blood gene, given the number 16, she was locked away and experimented on until it became hazardous. Eventually leading to the zombie apocalypse. Left to be in her cage sealed underground due to the scientist's illegal actions. Only safe from the flesh eating monsters because of her own prison.

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    Re: When They Come (A Zombie Apocalypse RPG)

    *sits quietly in the cell and listens to the groaning of the zombies outside her door clawing to get in and eat her flesh*

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