after falling from heaven her self, Echo looks in the world of humans for fallen angels like her to create a war against the humans, after looking for 3 years and only 5 angels found, she decides to go in another direction, by going under cover as a female host at a love bar called the marked heart.

i need 5 fallen angels or vampires or even *shiver* a human... what ever you want to be but i do need some angels

cover job:

here is my profile

name: echo nightmare
gender: female
side: evil ? after being kicked out of heaven she has felt nothing but hate for the human race
race: fallen angel
age: unknown
weapon: a dagger to release my blood (the blood becomes as strong as steel at my command,)
bio: fell from heaven after falling in love from above with a human who soon betrayed her to become rich in health and in money! but soon after falling from heaven she loses her memories other then to seek revenge!
Personality: Echo is a rather romantic character that respects every one and every thing! Except humans! After being betrayed she would and could do any thing to make the humans life miserable!
description: A thin pale girl with large black raven wings, short pitch black hair, 4?2
Wears a long black dress with a rip from the hip to the bottom of the dress, a dagger on the right leg where the rip is, a black rose charm around her neck and a black vine tattoo on the right arm from her finger tips to her shoulder blaid!
Theme song: Damien dawn ? your heart
Abilities: able to cut her finger to release her blood so she can control it to kill or harm any thing or any person in her way
Location: an old abandoned house on the edge of a small down

hope to meet you fallen brotherin and sisters soon and any others