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Thread: Adventure: Heroes (Character Thread)

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    Adventure: Heroes (Character Thread)

    here' you post your guys characters

    Race: (elf, human, orc, wizard, or witch)

    here's mine.

    Name: Verheiden
    Age: 29
    Race: human
    Appearance: White hair coming down behind his back, he wears a black vest (opened) with a white shirt, his jeans are a little baggy but not too loose and are blue-greyish, his boots are black, his ears are pierced with gold earrings, his eye color is blue, he carries a bag behind his back.
    Bio: Verheiden never tells his full name, in fact, Verheiden in not his name, he uses it to hide from people he doesn't want to interfere with. His past is mysterious, he's becoming more like a common bandit than a knight he once used to be.
    Magic: Fire
    Occupation: since everyone one thinks he's a thief, he became one.

    Remember the rules.
    No God-modding
    No killing other RP's
    Must be at least 4 sentences
    No taking control of another RP player.

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    Re: Adventure: Heroes (Character Thread)

    Name Sakura Hime

    Age 18-24

    Race Elf/Elvish

    Gender F

    Alignment good

    Distinctive features the only elven to have been born with wings: does not have the distinctive ears or elves was mistaken as a human.

    Clothing lilac dress(greek type):white greek type sandals: a clothe-like headband ornamented by a phoenix emblem always wearing a long white cloak

    Weapons sage's diamond staff: and a smal dagger with a small phoenix emblem at the hilt:

    Usable Weapons elemental magic

    Character Bio: born in to the world where her father had consumated with a half human half elf. does not remember much of her past due to the harm and torture done to her by the ones who killed her father and mother: was rescued by a druid who has raised her and made her his apprentice.

    Character Portrait slim (almost frail to look at) 5' 2 white hair with purple streaks: amber colored eyes:

    occupation: a white druid's assistant
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    Re: Adventure: Heroes (Character Thread)

    approved, you can start any time when you want, and good luck.

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    Re: Adventure: Heroes (Character Thread)

    Name: Jenereth
    Age: 51
    Race: Acolyte Master (Permitted Here: Adventure: Hero's)
    Appearance: Jenereth is pale, at first glance he would look like a vampire, but he is not for he still is one of the living. He is built strongly for his age, muscle accumulating from his travels. His hair is black and stringy and falls just an inch or two lower than his shoulder, some fall across his face purposely to hide his features. Jenereth wears a long, black cloak with runes etched into the fabric, silver in color. Underneath the cloak is a simple white T-Shirt and atop of the shirt a pendant marking his nature, abilities, and rank. His pants are long and baggy but never are stepped on as he walks, oddly enough. Jenereth wears boots in black and only boots in black; they are tied with a special, metal, silver string. His eyes are dark and tainted with a tint of green; they both appear to be empty less voids swirling endlessly to the center of his soul.

    Bio: Jenereth, like every other Acolyte ever to exist, was born human, but at the tender age of three was admitted, by his parents, into the Acolyte religion, whom both had been a part of their whole lives. There he was bent to learn another way to look at life, knowledge he gained through the years served him wonderfully. When he was thirteen (the age when Acolytes truly become an Acolyte Apprentice) he took the Test, a rigorous ordeal that spans four full days with the testee locked in a stone cold tower with nothing but his knowledge and the clothes on his back. The tower, otherwise known as Babel, is located in a region separate to that of the other continents on the planet, one does not find the tower, but the tower finds them at its will. While in the tower for the four days the young Acolyte saw many, learned great things, even had his life nearly stolen on several different occasions. One thing was for certain, when he emerged from the tower Jenereth was never the same person again.

    The middle years of his life from the teens through late twenties are dull, uninteresting and thus will not be mentioned, unless you ask Jenereth himself and even then Jenereth may shrug it off and say that he was working on his studies—for that is the truth. Each Acolyte Apprentice is given homework based on their nature, abilities, and the time of year they were born in; some, like Jenereth focused on physical alterations while others proceeded to study elemental works such as fire, water, and the earth. Each Acolyte was powerful, as were their teacher, relentless beings with little room for compassion. Some never get passed these initial studies, but die either from suicide or death by never once having known what it truly is like to live. Those, like Jenereth, who survived the studies rose to be great, but they never forgot their comrades, their dearest friends who passed away during the long, harsh journey.

    From here out tale will concentrate what happened after the studies, when each Acolyte must go through in order to become an Acolyte Master and stand tall, proud that they could say they conquered the greatest hurdle in their lives. The Trnasformation, much as the word implies the Acolytes transform into a fearful beast of lore: The demon. Though in truth the demon is very frightening, they are not seen on any other continent but the one that the Acolytes call home—except under very special circumstances. While in the transformed state each Acolyte is ensnared with a vicious taste of bloodlust, slowly their minds erode away to be taken by the demon side of them. Their strength magnifies, hide that is unbearably strong and teeth sharper than steel. Each Acolyte must find a reason to move on in order to become an Acolyte Master, much easier said than done for the moment that they transform each one loses all pretexts of their former self. Needless to say, only a small handful ever make it passed this stage of their life and are doomed to wander about the continent while losing everything they knew about themselves, or die at the hands of their masters. Either way, the demon-like state is the reason the demon folklore hasn’t died out, but there are some among the higher up that claim the transformed state isn’t the demon of lore, but something more terrifying.

    When Jenereth returned to his original form, his skin pigment turned to a nasty shade of paleness, the mark of an Acolyte Master. There were no parties, medals; no words of congratulations for the race had their heads bowed in prayer, a sacrilegious act of pacifying the dead lost in the passing state. There his abilities, knowledge, everything he had mastered since his coming of age in the tower were put to the test. After the test he was given a rank according to his power and abilities along with a choice for once in his life: to travel the world, see many sights and experience countless adventures, or forfeit all that to stay and further the race. He chose the first option which was an exiling hidden among the tempting pleasure, the exiling began… and this is where our story begins.

    Magic: Control over Matter I.E. anything and everything you can physically touch he can manipulate it to take a different shape and use it. Example, he could touch water one second and turn it to gold, or a steel sword, or anything the next second and vice-versa with all matter. The same could be applied to air, a unique trait to his ability that can bring and instant weapon to a battle.

    Weapon: Two silver lined daggers that shine in the moonlight.

    Occupation: Wanderer/Librarian on occasion

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    Re: Adventure: Heroes (Character Thread)

    Name: Zenn-aguro (heir and survivor of the city of light)
    {He goes by Z to avoid any unwanted attention. as his full name has caused trouble for him in the past...}

    Age: 19


    Except for the long silver bangs which frame his face Z's hair is short and messy. His eyes Have a unique glow and seem to change colors depending on his mood. A rune marking him as royalty (although only the demora would recognize it) extends from his right cheekbone to his jawline. Glowing with a mystical blue hue it usually remains hidden behind his bangs. His unique features are not evident at first glance due to his black cloak which he uses to avoid the focus of demora as well as well as hide his shy nature. Over his cloak he wears a light set of armour. Flying from around his neck is a soft silver scarf which used to belong to his mother.
    Z's somewhat timid nature has fooled some to believe him weak; a mistake that his enemies never live to regret. Noticeable only to those with magic ability a young woman (17or so) follows him around, every part of her from her pink blue eyes to her outrageous attitude offset Z's quiet nature. Their sometimes ridiculous relationship often causes wizards and witches to burst out into random laughter convincing everyone that they're nuts. Only Z who usually smiles back feeling abashed and his shadow understand.

    Bio: Z's past is unknown to any but himself. According to rumor Z is a survivor of the city of light (the first city destroyed by the demora) on the day of it's destruction Z the baby was handed by his mother to an honor guard to hide him in another dimension. In a ditch effort to save the boys life they wandered into an empty cave where they discovered treausure and forgot about their duty to the boy. The owner of the trasure returned to the cave ambushed the guards on their way out and ate his fill. Torn between eating the child and a painful stomach ache the dragon decided to entertain the boy only to become fascinated with the boy and his ability to learn magic.

    The dragon raised Z to understand the principles of magic and summoning. While expirimenting with the latter he tried to conjure a friend for his mentor (and addoptive father) as he had plans to leave and discover his past and the world. Instead, he accidentally animated his shadow. Knowing enough of Z's past to interest him she convinces him to go on a journey with her to, "fill in some blanks." Her motives for doing so have gone unquestioned by Z. She often argues with Z on the most trivial of things and tugs at his scarf pulling his face down to hers (much to his discomfort) when she wants to prove a point. When it comes to a battle, she does her part.

    Weapon: King's cross (dragon whisker)
    although he keeps it with him in hopes of being taught how to use it and as a key to his past, he knows it has magical properties which seem to help him control his magic but he doesn't yet know what they are. When he came of age and began to struggle with magic incidentally casting spells in random directions, he accidentallty cut off one of the dragon's whiskers. Upset with this the dragon made a sword out of the whisker to help Z, "control himself and his magic." The blade is formed by absorbing the magic of it user and condensing it into a blade; the length and quality of the blade are determined by the power of the user. Currrently for Z it is a massive greatsword which he is incapable of sucessfully wielding in battle. The restrictions placed on his magic will instantly cut off on Z's 20th birthday.

    Aborbs 3/4 of Z's magic ability.

    Magic: All magic that would be known to a dragon.

    Occupation: Wandering-Magi
    Z is not accepted as a wizard to the wizarding community because of his refusal to study under "old toads who want nothing more then to disect me" this is an arguement that he constantly has with his shadow who is partial to him working for the community to make some money for "the finer things in life."

    I've already been approved I'm just posting this here for tidiness.
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    Re: Adventure: Heroes (Character Thread)

    Name: Jep’ray Agoto
    Age: 27
    Race: Half Elf/Human
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Platinum blond hair, pearcing blue eyes, and fair skin. A tribal tattoo on right arm tath stretches across right upper chest it is a religious or magical representation that helps boost his magical abilities…it will glow when under use or when he is stressed. Light hunters/ranger outfit. A mauve/green color blends well to the forest back ground. Also has a cloak, reversible. A mauve/green splotch forest pattern, and a deep crimson red on the other.
    Weapons: An old relic long sword, origin is lost to time. Ancient inscriptions are written across the length of the blade. The language that is written across it is also lost to time… it has yet to dull after an untold times in battles and lost under castles. Who knows what other strength’s it hides…
    Usable Weapons: hunting bow, short sword, dagger, quiver of arrows, hatchet, flint stone (I can always throw it.)
    Magic: Earth
    Character Bio: A bastard mixing of Elf and human, he was a born ranger. Gifted with the sight of the elves and their quick reflexes he became one of the youngest rangers they have ever known. A quick study, and graceful with a blade he could have easily have become first prime of his village. But a love for the forest and the freedom that a ranger gets in the field was his calling. He prefers his own personal quiet time alone deep in a forest, and can be awkward around people.
    He walks quietly and blends into the back ground with ease. Allowing him to walk up to his prey, or strike his enemies with impunity.
    He is versed in the earth magic, able to affect the very ground he walks on. A tattoo was gifted to him by the local witch, It lets him boost his arcane/light magic powers. He is still learning his spells, but is learning fast.
    He was sent by his village as an emissary and to help with the good fight. The village Elders had known that something dreadful had once again come across the gate. They gave him a relic. That the village had kept hidden from the light of day for untold generations. The time would come, as said in ancient books of the elders, when evil darkness covers the lands again, this relic would rise against it. This sword will find its rightful place on the side of good. Now he wanders the land looking for the right people and a way to get to the front lines of the war
    Occupation: Wandering Ranger
    Don't Panic

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    Re: Adventure: Heroes (Character Thread)

    Name: Kiani Haki


    Gender: Female

    Race: Elf

    Appearance: Long dark pink the hangs over her shoulder in a braid. She has tanish skin and emerald green eyes. She always wears a short black dress the looks shredded at the end. She wears boots that come up to her knee they are black with a silver chain wrapped around them. She alway wears a cloak so no can recognize her.

    Bio: She doesn't remember her past and she set out to find out who she was..all she knows is her name and what she believes to be her age.

    Magic: Earth (controls all plant like life, she doesn't know her full extinct of her power).

    Weapon: A long sword, Its blade is red and has an inscription on it saying what she thinks is her name. It handles is pitch black and has carvings on it but she doesn't know what the carvings are.

    Occupation: She works at a bar as a bartender
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    Re: Adventure: Heroes (Character Thread)




    Appearance:Has Short black hair. reddish-brown eyes. numerous scars all over his upper body. Black baggy pants. He always wear a 5 star pentagram around his neck at all times.

    Bio:Vash was once a knight. He was known for killing an army of muderous orcs alone. He was also known as Vash-the juggernaut. He was a high ranked knight. Then one day, he was informed that his wife and only child was brutally murdered by the hands of bandit orcs, for revenge of his legendary deed. He then immediately left the knights and left his hometown. He has been to countless towns, in a mission to eradicate all remaining evil orcs from the lands.


    Weapon(s):a pair of steel gauntlets that he always wears on his hands.

    Occupation:A is mainly a mercianary for slaying orcs. But He also takes other jobs, if the client is in desperate need.

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