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Thread: Adventure: Heroes (Character Thread)

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    Re: Adventure: Heroes (Character Thread)

    Quote Originally Posted by PhoenixSara View Post
    did i forget to say that any new characters still have to run by me? i still am around.
    I dearly apologice, i just have not been myself into simply ordering around.
    I know that you run the RPG story, but i simply had no clue on how more characters will be added when you are not frequently online most of the days.
    Is there a possible solution to be online and be at work at the same time?

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    Re: Adventure: Heroes (Character Thread)

    any more characters please post them on the character thread.... i don't want the mods to be mad for any rule breaking. any deviation from the story is okay by me as long as it's not too far distant from the one we are running any new ideas please post it here i am online for a few times a week.
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    Re: Adventure: Heroes (Character Thread)

    Name: Sifadious
    Age: 113
    Race: Wizard
    Weapon: Lighting Staff
    Magic: Lighting
    Appearance: Black long hair, blue and black robes, black boots, he looks young
    Bio: He was once a arch-mage of the Wizard and Witch school, he was a witness to the battle in the Cold Mountains, he lived for 113 and has 987 years left of him. he has a friend name Rak, a talking monkey who won't shut up and leave him to his work, these two always have competition against each other. he now lives in the Cold Mountains for research on the Demorans and tries to find a weakness on them.

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    Re: Adventure: Heroes (Character Thread)

    Name: Yoshi Kagato
    Alignment: evil
    Weapons:claws,giant sword,magic
    Character Bio:none
    occupation: elf demon
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