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Thread: Bleach - Tale of the 14th Division Squad (Character Thread)

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    Post Bleach - Tale of the 14th Division Squad (Character Thread)

    It had been five years since the rebellion and the attack on Karakura lead by Sōsuke Aizen and his Espada in their attempted coup of the Great Spirit King. Since then, there has been little to even talk about. Hollows had all but disappeared from the earth. In so much that very few Soul Reapers even came there anymore.

    But recently, things in the universe have been stirring. Weird and mysterious things are happening in both the human and spirit world. Things like large groups of people and even soul reapers having their very souls sucked from their bodies. Huge landmarks, temples, and ancient relics all keep disappearing completely as if overnight. Something big is happening, something mysterious is coming… no one is prepared…and there is no more time left.
    The court of the 13 squads has been assembled:

    1st Division Captain Shigekuni Yamamoto-Genryūsai: “As you all well know, things have been very restless as of late and something is happening within the depths of Hueco Mundo. 12th Division Captain Kurotsuchi has been monitoring these occurrences and is here to bring us his report.”

    12th Division Captain Mayuri Kurotsuchi: “Yes, well that is just it. Every time we send reconnaissance drones into Hueco Mundo, they disappear failing to ever come back or transmit any data. With the exception of just a few hours ago, very problematic these drones are, but neither here nor there. We received a degraded transmission with the most intriguing of images. It took several hours to restore and… well…see for yourselves”

    10th Division Captain Tōshirō Hitsugaya: “No way, Menos and Adjuchas in those numbers and Vasto Lorde!?”

    12th Division Captain Mayuri Kurotsuchi: “It would appear so, however no other information has been gathered on these figures, their levels and if they are indeed Menos and Adjuchas an why they are traveling in a group like that. Or even if they are the only group of them. We simply must have more data.”

    1st Division Captain Shigekuni Yamamoto-Genryūsai: “Yes, this is most disturbing. We have no time to spare, each of the court squads will be stationed at the out skirts of the Seireitei.”

    12th Division Captain Mayuri Kurotsuchi: “But what about the data, you cannot expect the Research Division to properly assess the situation without more information.”

    1st Division Captain Shigekuni Yamamoto-Genryūsai: “Yes, that is most certainly true however the protection of the Seireitei, must take precedence for the current squads, which is why the Great Spirit King has ordered the formation on a new court guard division, the 14th Division Special Infiltration Court Squad. Newly appointed captain Kyoshu "Kyo" Mitsuhide will be forming a special group of soul reapers to infiltrate Hueco Mundo and report back the details of what they find. That is all, please prepare your people and take your stations.”

    1. No godmodding or invicible characters. That mease if it doesn't got a disadvanture or it sound like it is Captain lv then its NOT going in to these RPG.
    1.READ THE RULES AND FOLLOW THEM THESE NUMBER ONE RULE2. Rules brocken will lead to ether deleted character or be
    3. One liners will not be accepted; if you wish to join you must
    at least write one decent five sentence paragraph in every post.
    4. Killing off another character that is not yours is off limits;
    but prior to terminating your own character's life PM me.
    5. All romance relationships must be kept PG 13.
    6. I have the final word while making decisions!
    7. All forum rules apply.
    8. All Ranks for 2nd, 3th, 4th, and 5th will be given to the people do will in combat training
    9. All must train to get there bankai for only the Captain, 2nd Lt., and 3th will be able to use them at the start of the rpg.

    character sheet [COLOR="red"](Characters made must be PM to my first before post here that is a rule)[/COLOR]Name:



    Appearence: (Will need pic of character)

    Rank: (Most PM for rank there will be no Captain rank given out for there is only one Captain "Kyo" and no god modding!)
    Race: (All most be shinigami no other race until farther in to story!)


    Shikai: (Name when called out to go in to bankai form)

    Bankai: PENDING (Per Chiefblackhammer)

    Abilites: (Abilite most have a equal disadvantages or more. If disadvantages/s is not equal to abilite, then please find a new abilite or double disadvantages)NO GODD MODDING

    Disadvantages: (Disadvantages are as followed hurt with use, time counter (max time of 5 mins)use or wait of use), slow attack/s, one use only, and elemant weakness or use and soon.

    Bio: (Must be a five sentence paragraph or more please)P.S. These is the second time making a bleach RPG. It was hard to get approved by Cheif the last time because my plot didn't go to will, and will the god modding characters being post. Which clearly sound like god mod to boot it got deleted so these may seem rule bond. Im sorry but the first people that help me know that i trided to be cool about. Now I have no time to a waste with people not following the rule sorry. So please read and follow the rule so we all can have a fun rpg.

    THANK YOU, walterguy
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    Re: Bleach - Tale of the 14th Division Squad (Character Thread)

    Oops, I messed up. Characters go here.
    Name: Ashiko Muroski

    Age: 25

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Anime samurai image by mitchellarce on Photobucket

    Rank: Must PM for rank there will be no Captain rank given out for there is only one Captain "Kyo" and no god moding: Pending.

    Race: All most be shinigami no: Shinigami

    Zanpakutō: A 15 inch black hilt and a 3 inch in diameter hand guard in silver color, the blade is 4'6" and blue swathed with black. It looks like blue marble with black veins running through it. There is an engraving on the side that spells out “Lightning.”

    Shikai: He calls out “Kyuukyoku Handanryoku Raikou!” or Final Judgment of Lightning, and a great light erupts from his blade totally enveloping the battle field. It lets everyone know he has released. It also lets people know to stay away.

    Bankai: PENDING (Per Chiefblackhammer)

    Abilities: He is able to control and influence electricity. He can also control the electrical impulses in the body, thus controlling the nervous system of his enemies. He can shutdown their system and cause them to lose all feeling. They are then not able to move because their muscle control is almost completely gone. He can even read the impulses in their brain and read their moves before they do them. He can also use his powers to amplify his own abilities. He can bump up his muscles and power. But this takes a lot of Raitsu. Most of his abilities take major amounts of Raitsu. As a final attack, he can gather thunderclouds to call a huge lightning storm. He calls forth “Let this be your Final Judgment!” Then ten thousand lightning strikes come forth from the clouds to obliterate his enemies. This is his most powerful attack but it is very focused and can be dodged if you are fast enough. He is also very wide open for attack during this time.

    His isn't very good at hand-to-hand. His spirtual pressure is extremely high but he doesn't yet know how to control all of it. His Shunpo is a lot faster than normal because of the what he can control with lightning and such. He is usually very quiet and that can work to his advantage but people often mistake him for being mute(Not sure what that has to do with abilities but whatever). His attacking power is very high but his defense is weak. He is a long range fighter but can hold his own when it comes to sword against sword duels.

    Disabilities: His left arm is a bit slower in reaction time due to an injury from long ago. He is also more emotional than he should be. But that can be seen as an advantage because his true power is only released when his best friends or comrades are in great danger or close to death. Against his people with water powers, he can be overpowered. He can be overloaded by the water, thus electrocuting himself. His powers also take a lot of Raitsu and must be recharged, most times for at least 5 minutes. During this time his power is at least 1/3 of his normal level.

    Bio: He joined the squad after his powers were found out by some menos that attacked his town. He tried to best to defend his home town but was too weak and was hurt. The shinigami then stepped in and saved him and then they looked after him. He was grateful to then and wanted to become stronger to protect those he loved. When he was training, he was very weak. It looked like he wouldn’t even make it to 3rd lieutenant. But then another menos attacked his town. His team was sent to deal with them. His family was hurt during the attack. As he was fighting to save them, his final power released and for the first time he performed his bankai. He dealt with all the menos by himself after that. As he progressed in training, his power grew to something that was unpredicted for him. It was thought he would be weak but he ended up becoming equal to the rank of 2nd lieutenant. He trains frequently in order to raise his power even more.
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    Re: Bleach - Tale of the 14th Division Squad (Character Thread)

    Name: Sadie Teralin

    Age: 24

    Gender: Female



    Race: Shinigami

    Zanpakuto:tenma himeii (demon shriek)

    Shikai: Chill the bones in the underworld Tenma himeii, to which the sword breaks apart to become two swords http://i940.photobucket.com/albums/a...l05/shikai.jpg except there isn't an arm holster back past the grip. The grips can fold down and the two blades can be joined at the but end with both bladed edges facing away from each other, and there are guards where the bladed edges stop. The blades themselves vibrate at speeds allowing them to cut through anything except the most hardened substances with sadie's riatsu only enhancing this, while doing this they let off a high pitched shriek, the effect is unknown, but some have given theories that it is also able to manipulate sound to a slight degree if bankai were ever to be achieved, while even others say that it may be crystal oriented because the vibrations are similar. Her blades are one of a kind, each polar opposites. the blade in her right hand can manipulate light, while the blade in her left hand can manipulate shadows/darkness.


    Abilites: Has nearly mastered shunpo because her defense isn't all that good. Her main drawback is that she is unable to block blows well from behind her she has to rely on her speed an agility to keep her from getting hurt or having a friend nearby. One drawback she has is that even though she has a lot of riatsu at full power she can only use it for 20 minutes, much like captain hitsugaya, which is why she paces herself alot during fights. Its unknown why this is true, she says its because her swords say she is not yet ready to wield the full powers they possess. The only thing known, is that her full power has yet to reach it's full potential. Even though she has done all that is necessary to reach bankai, it is her sword alone that holds her back, leading some to think that when she obtains Bankai, she will not have this time limit in shikai or the newly obtained bankai, that it is once again her sword that is creating these limits to train and temper her.

    Bio: Entered the Gotei 13 in the hopes that it would make her better able to survive the world, she found that it did more than just that. It allowed her to keep her mind on the here an now instead of her past. Often thought of as an airhead because of the way she acts, and because of being golden blond she died her hair orange, unfortunately this didn't cover up her carefree happygolucky attitude, but when she sees something she wants or wants to kill she goes for it.

    At the start of her career as a shinigami she was placed in Division 2 under Soi fong's personal supervision. Soi fong often took an interest in Sadie's zanpaktou because of its special abilities making it one of the most efficient weapons for secret missions. Over the years she served teh Gotei 13 with distinction, helping with repairs in the Rukongai, to doing odd jobs around Seireitei in addition to her training. She went from being unable to do any kind of fighting and being extremely timid to being quite a cabable fighter against any adversary, and able to rival even soi fong, her mentor and captain whom she had served loyally for 6 years, in tenacity. Now at the age of 24 and without a numbered seat, she is considered one of the best close quarters combat experts not of 2nd or captain rank.
    Even though she was content to fight at the side of Soi Fong Sadie wanted to move up and prove that soi fong had taught her well, so when she found out about the new division 14th squad being captained by the new Kyoshu "Kyo" Mitsuhide she decided to go see if her talents would be needed...or wanted.

    fixed part of the background that didn't make sense to me.
    added a physical piece to the blade design of the shikai.
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    Re: Bleach - Tale of the 14th Division Squad (Character Thread)

    Name: Retlin Aenor

    Age: 38

    Height: 6ft 8in

    Weight: 300

    Gender: male


    Race: Shinigami


    Zanpakuto:tadaibareru (heavy barrel)

    Shikai: holds sword in both hands and says "reach out and touch someone tadaibareru" to which the sword breaks into two http://i270.photobucket.com/albums/j...arthshaker.jpg, also armor plating covers the arms up to the shoulders allowing him to block swords if necessary. using riatsu, of which he has no short supply, he can shoot energy bullets through the gun. Differents amounts of riatsu mean different uses and destructive abilities. He is also able to manipulate the trajectory to a degree.

    Bankai: PENDING (Per Chiefblackhammer)

    Abilities with disabilities:
    Has tried to master hand to hand and is extremely proficient in it, but he still tries to stay at range, needs to rely on his shoulder armor and guns to guard more effectivly against melee

    can do shunpo to a degree that is said to be equal to Shihouin Yoruichi(Because of her personal training) but this takes large amounts of riatsu and is extrely unstable (could go 500ft or 50miles)and uses it for escape purposes only, because of this he sticks to what he has dubbed halfshun (half shunpo) a much weaker version which he can use to cover short distances 1-100yards instantly.

    is able to manipulate the elements into his gun with his riatsu creating different rounds for different effects. such as fire rounds(exploding) ice rounds(freezing) to name a few, but this takes a certain amount of concentration in shikai and he only uses it when he is at a range where he can focus on it for 2-4seconds.

    can use kido but lacks experience, not to mention doesn't really want to use it, so will rarely if ever perform kido techniques, but when he does they are fairly powerful but does about half the amount of damage to him as it does to his enemy.

    while using shikai or bankai, after using the 6 rounds from the chambers in quick succession he has to wait for his riatsu to recharge the cartriges, which depending on how much he used can be 15 seconds to one minute in shikai or 5 seconds to 30seconds in bankai. If he forces his riatsu into the gun to reload faster than normal he not only causes injury to himself but the shot he will use that riatsu for will use 150% more energy.

    Bio: Retlin was an outcast from birth but was given a chance to show his worth to when he was given the chance to join the 13 court squads at the young age of 16. Quickly rising through the ranks of squad 11 with missions he nor his allies were supposed to survive. he was sent on a mission to hueco mundo as 2nd seat with 20 other shinigami on a secret mission at the age of 21, after returning as the sol survivor one year later with information that couldn't be dechyphered from the visual recorder. he was considered a casualty because he wouldn't respond to anything. so he was relieved of his duties and seat only to be sent to Unohana's squad for treatment to no avail, with Unohana classifying him as having 2 personalities. Cause unknown, she believes this is why he was the only survivor. After several attempts, against Retlin's explicit warnings, Capt. Unohana was unsuccessful at bringing out the 2nd persona leaving many questions unanswered, and the only thing Retlin would say was that Reltin his other personality was the complete opposite of him and that he would come out when needed.

    One year after the attack on Karakura the information and visuals on the recorder were finally dechyphered and it was discovered that Retlin had fought heroicly and to the best of his ability against impossible odds, and even though he incured great damage to himself managed to escape. And over the years that had passed since his secret mission continually trained himself harder and harder as if obsessed with getting power for something only he could understand, often hiding his powers to escape the notice of higher ups.

    A short time there after a representative of Kyoshu "Kyo" Mitsuhide found Retlin and explained the situtation to him. Retlin decided to go and join Kyoshu Mitsuhide, if needed, under one condition. "Give me my orders, get out of my way." Was all he would say to Mitsuhide with a huge smile. "Cause im a wild card."

    fixed a problem with photobucket picture url
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    Re: Bleach - Tale of the 14th Division Squad (Character Thread)

    Name: Nichole Kavor

    Age: 18

    Gender: Female

    Rank: Pending

    Race: Shinigami

    Zanpakutō: raikou heki (Lightning burst) it is a little longer than a regular zanpakuto, its crossguard looks like two lightning blots crossing each other.

    Shikai: "strike" raikou heki Nichole slices her zanpakuto through the air and a arc of lightning shots from the blade she can do this a total of ten times before she needs to recharge.

    Bankai: Not yet acheived she is close and has meet all the requirments, but her zanpakuto is holding back until what raikou heki says is the right time

    Abilites: Nichole is a excellent swordswoman and a considered a expert in it, but her kido abilites are low. She knows flash step and her spirutale persure his slightly higher than most. she is fast though her power hits is somthing to be desired. Her problem is that she dosent think just charges into battle without much controle so that leaves her in some tight postions some times

    Bio: Nichole was a Rukon District kid until her elavated spirtual persure was noticed by a passing soul reaper. She was taken to the Academy were she trained. She was assigned to squad Six. When Nichole found out about the new squad she was one of the first to try and get in.
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    Re: Bleach - Tale of the 14th Division Squad (Character Thread)

    Name: Ryu Kuzunoha




    Hollow Mask: looks like but if anyone kind find a better one or hollow mask please pm me. I don't want one currently being used by bleach character.

    Rank:5th Seat


    Zanpakutō:"Crescent moon dragons". a sealed switch blade named Yamato sealed by chains only to be used in emergencies and his other weapon that takes the place of his sealed zanpakto is a switch blade when drawn unleashes a powerful shockwave and is then enveloped in spiritual energy.Since his sealed zanpakuto means crescent moon dragons it splits into two dual swords.

    Release command: Hear my cry and break the bonds "Crescent moon dragons" (Sougetsu-ranburyuus).

    Dual Sword 1: Along the sharp end of the sword are fangs of a dragon that will rip enemy to shreads.

    Dual Sword 2: Light to him but heavy to others is a very blunt blade used to crush the heavyest of armors.

    Sword 3: when fused together takes on a arrow head shape blade showing Yamato's true form. When Ryu's zanpakto is in his true form he can use his special called Eternal Requiem. After a series of slashes Yamato is then enveloped in a large amount of energy unleashing a devastating power swipe. ( similar to tensu-zangetsu)

    Bankai: (Buso Shinki) "Light Armor" then he changes into this..When in bankai mode he can use an attack from his dual-pistol like swords called Sekiha-Tenkyoken YouTube - sekiha tenkyoken

    Abilites:Mastered sword weilding and hand-to-hand combat. somewhat good at using incantations, can use ray-chi as a shield or manipulate it into armor, and he can amp up his weapons by transferring it spiritual energy.

    Hallow Traits: Purplish black cero , can channel or fire cero from his weapons, Enhanced Speed, Enhanced Stamina, Enhanced Strength
    Enhanced Spiritual Power, Reiryoku Absorption ,Mask Shielding, and Power Augmentation.

    Time Period: 4 Minutes

    Disadvantages:Zanpakto is sealed by chains and is never to be used unless its an extreme emergency. When zanpakto is used his spiritual energy drops little by little but decreases even faster when using flash step and other techniuqes. reaction time is slower and can't flash step as fast.

    Bio: long before Ryu joined the soul society it was rumored his father was one of the most two powerful guards of the sprite king and was one day sent to the world of the living where he was was to do investigate sitings of hollows until further notice. where he one day saved his mother from a hollow attack they later got married after he been there for quit some time after seeing each other and later had Ryu.Ryu is exceptionally skilled in hand-to-hand combat and very skilled with swords. He knew A variety of techniques that he thought the battles he fought wasn't fair so he mostly uses his hands and feet.But if push comes to shove he will eliminate the enemie(s) without hesitation. Ryu love to help people on their missions because it gives him future experience for battles to come. As time past Ryu learned a technique that allows him to use spiritual energy as an armor or as a shield reducing battle damage. but before Ryu can progress in his training to learn bankai he must 1st confront his inner demon. funny thing about Ryu is even though he's mostly serious about his work which he sometimes slacks of in he is also good at practical jokes. Ryu has a seal that reserves spiritual energy that has stored up a mass amount of energy allowing him to use his most powerful moves. Ryu carries a huge Chain Saw Blade he uses in battle. Another thing about Ryu is he carries a white sheathed sword that's hidden and is almost as strong as an original zanpakto. But when he transfers spiritual energy into it's sometimes mistaken as the real deal. Despite given rank Ryu can manage to best the best.
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    Re: Bleach - Tale of the 14th Division Squad (Character Thread)

    Name: Kyoshu “Kyo” Mitsuhide

    Age: Unknown looks 18 to 19

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: white ponytail instead Anime long hair guy image by Lovebirdy_bucket on Photobucket wears he’s captain’s kimono like Captain Yamamoto’s and also wears gloves plated on knocks and top of hands that also have the words yin and yang on each.

    Rank: Captain

    Race: Shinigami

    Zanpakutō: (in’yin futago ryuus) Yin and yang twin dragons’ two swords that looks alike in length with one different to the being on opposed sides one hilt is black the other is white.

    Shikai: when two of the seals are broken he can call out two forms that alter the Kyo’s body completely with the sword.

    Form 1: “Unleash your darkness (Akuma ryuujin)”; swords changes and forms along with hands to create a five fingered long black claws. Kyo’s whole body turns in to a black shadow like form but he’s eyes and mouth they turn neon crimson red the mouth looks like it is being torn apart.

    Form2: “Carve out your soul (Shinsei ryuujin)”; Kyo’s body fully turns back to normal but he’s swords form one long one in stead and he’s hair and clothing changes Anime samurai image by onigiri_dice on Photobucket
    Instead of the two swords just one these one with a yin and yang guard and no sheath ok

    Bankai: “Darken and shed your soul to the worlds (Shinsei souseiki musha)”;
    unknown will wait after 100 post on this RPG ok^^

    Abilities: In first form he has ungodly strength and defense; in the second form he has god like speed ten times the speed of flash stepping and overwhelming energy. He’s Bankai abilities is to cut time and space or make it what ever he want it to be.

    Disadvantages: Power is sealed 3 ways but can be removed but he doesn’t want to remove because of fear of no control over powers. Also doesn’t fight unless needed to do so at the most critical point of the time needed. Seals cause pain to body and soul when pushed to limits of broking. When the first form is released he move slow or normal running speed but can not flash step. For the second form if taken damage my anything in this form the damage is greater by normal standards.

    Bio:Kyoshu Mitsuhide is the most special soul reaper in the Seireitei for he's power was greater then anyone has ever seen so much so that the Soul Society feared that he was to powerful for himself to control. This is the reason why he was never seen until now for the counts people of Central 46 seal him and he’s powers away. Kyo lived in a tomb and crystal like coffin that was sealed and beard deep and far down underground beneath the Seireitei away from all eyes to see. Only a select number of people where choose to guard the tomb doors that lead to he's coffin.
    When the trouble start in the Seireitei and high amounts of reiatsu used it was being feel throw the crystal coffin that Kyo was in. The people that were assigned to guard the tomb found out that all the people of the count in Central 46 were killed. Then when the battle will the bounts and Kariya finding the Jōkaishō releasing mass amounts of reiatsu throw Seireitei and down to the crystal coffin had started to crack.
    The guards know that now the only people that know the about Kyo and tomb where only them with out Central 46 give out the orders keep guard they all left. But, there was one person that stranded the guarding the tomb it was soul reaper Yuuki Eriko Chiyo. Yuuki stranded there not because of the orders of the Central 46. But because she though that she was living a comrade no a friend behind so she stranded at the doors of the tomb. By herself with now one two help her out she guarded him until one day Captain Yamamoto had appeared out of now where and had surprising Yuuki.
    Yamamoto had found out about the tomb and Kyo from the soul reapers that was suppose to be guarding this tomb. Yamamoto asks if there has been anything going on down here. Yuuki had said that there was no problem in a semi sarcastic voice. From that Yamamoto start to walk towards the doors of the tomb Yuuki instantly moved in front of him and said
    "I am sorry commander but my orders were not to let anyone or thing come near these doors." she put her hand on her collar "I now that you have your orders young one but to be freq. those orders are not no longer valid!" he gives a hard glares at Yuuki at the end. Yuuki stand there trying hard to not be a fear of what look like a giant shadow getting ready to swallow her soul. Yuuki tried with all her heart to not let go of the collar. So she clenched down on it more and more as the Yamamoto’s shadow loomed over head. Yamamoto walked towards Yuuki more closely until a voice echoed throw there minds saying.
    “NO! Don’t open this door!” in a loud echoing ghoulish voice. Both Yamamoto and Yuuki were stun by the voice and was surprise more so by it repeating it self over and over. Yuuki surprise by the voice moved away from the door and had fallen to her knees. Yamamoto took this opportunity to move forward to the door and open it and as he did that the voice grow louder. As the doors opened to reveal a dark cave like tunnel with stairs leading down what made you felt like you were go to a icy hell. As Yamamoto stand there he went on saying as he turn he’s head slightly.
    “Little girl, from here on out you duties to these door are over so leave and you will be assigned to a new duties soon. “ And from that Yamamoto walk down the tunnel and had started to fade in to the dark shadows on tell he could not be seen. Yuuki sat there with here head down slightly covering her eye in silence. After a few minutes of walking down freight tunnel ways Yamamoto came to the biggest door out of all the other three doors from before. And in a passing throw of the doors to the other side a glowing sea blue color appeared on the walls. As the doors slowly open up dust other things fell to the ground for the door has never been open from what look like to be centuries ago. After the doors stop and had open up completely the voice which was scream out warning a asking for Yamamoto to not open the doors had stop. And in flash of bright light a giant crystal like coffin chained above the ground ten to twelve feet in the air. In the coffin was a person with long wild hair the person look to be young and sad. After walking up to looking at the person inside it Yamamoto pointed he’s can at the coffin and had said a few words lot loud. “In the name he’s highness I release you from the binds and seals of the ice crystal coffin!” as he said that a rush of spiritual power rose from Yamamoto and the coffin he continued. “Rise Kyoshu Mitsuhide from you long prison and awaken!” weird and strange bright colored symbols appeared on the coffin.

    then coffin shatters in to pieces the person inside the coffin floots down to the ground softly. next Yamamoto walks up to the person and is for the first time shock by how the person is. "I know that you did not die on that day." said Yamamoto as he wispers to him self. the person stops flooting and drops to there hands and knees then "I told you to not release me now you have sealed your doom." the person said as the try to catch there breath. "I know that you did not want to be release but now is not the time your sentence has be nonevod for now!" said Yamamoto in he's normal captain tone. "I can't fight I won't fight!" the person screams out loud to Yamamoto. Yamamoto stears at the person the says "You are a soul reaper now and has always been you fight for your king no for you people!" loud out Yamamoto as he pounds he's cane. The person turns there head to the side for a will then looks up at Yamamoto person face is some what showen an it is a teenage boy. "NO! stand soul reaper and do your duty!" said Yamamoto as puts out his hand to the boy. the boy takes it and stands up on to he's feet "Will Yama I never thought you to be so bossy!" the boy smiles and Yamamoto shocked but turns it to a smile "I Kyo, I never thought you to be a total cry baby after so long!" Kyo shocked as an bolt of lighting passes though he's head and is put in a lomp" HA! thats just mean!" kyo cruchs in to a corner in despair. "HAHAHAHA!" Yamamoto langhs walks next to the stairs "So shell we leave now!"said Yamamoto. Kyo stands up walks towards the stairs and saw Yuuki she was standing there listening and watching everything. "Thanks, I now your the girl that stand but i guess your jobs do now so go live you life ok" said Kyo looks at her and walks up the stairs. A week has passed and now he walk down a ally wistling a tune along the way to the he's new group that will show him what they are made of.
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    Re: Bleach - Tale of the 14th Division Squad (Character Thread)

    now these is a work of art people art my master piece!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!

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