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Thread: Crystal of Elements: OOC chats

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    Crystal of Elements: OOC chats

    Yay!! Finally...>.<!!?

    Ok then, lets get to the run down..Players that posted their Character Sheets in the RPG ideas kindly repost them again here for us to know who really is interested and whose not. Thanks.

    PM if you want to join, read on for the story, rules and character set up below you will find the rules to this RPG. If your were not familiar with rules in RPGing, AO RPG Rules can help you (those rules apply everywhere so can't forget them)

    Crystal of Elements!

    Story Line:

    A long time ago, the Five Gods of Lais created a Kingdom called Banbutsu*. In the Kingdom of Banbutsu there was an abundance of life in its waters and its lands. The Five Gods brought forth the Human race after creating the plants, animals, and the other races of the kingdom. The Gods of Lais did not wish to be revered by the humans. They preferred to have a simple and harmonious relationship with them. The kingdom of Banbutsu was truly then a world of peace and balance.

    After some time, the Gods of Lais decided to leave for another world. In order to preserve the beauty of the Kingdom, the Gods of Lais handed over the land-revolution method and the core part of the revolution-genesis-gear to the kind race of the Dwarves. At the same time, they also created the Crystal of Gogyou* which able to bring harmony and balance to the Nature’s Elements as well as the inhabitants of the Kingdom of Banbutsu. This Crystal is kept in the sacred room of souls and space. Before five Gods leave, they warned the Dwarves about the power that the Crystal carries within it. If the power inside it is unleashed, it can give a serious destruction. With that, Kingdom of Banbutsu retained its luster even after the departure of the Five Gods.

    However, the Dwarves appointed by the Gods of Lais had difficulty in bringing harmony to all the inhabitants of Kingdom. To help them with the task, the Dwarves need to choose their own ruler in order to put back the original state. The new appointed king is from the race of Humans. The new King ruled the whole kingdom with all his power and might. This led the kingdom to gain more power and respect. The king once had a wife. But her queen died while giving birth to their own child (this part will be revealed in my characters bio).

    This victory of the kingdom continues. Until one night, the whole kingdom is celebrating for their new victory. Many of them are having fun, enjoying the whole night for celebration. In the middle of their celebration, none of them noticed that someone already broke and trying to steal the Crystal from its place where it should be kept. One of the palace’s guards patrols to make sure if everything inside the palace is safe. While in his patrol, he saw the thief escaping with the crystal. He tries to stop it by shooting by its raffle. But instead of giving damage to the thief, he shoots the Crystal which led to its massive explosion. The power within the Crystal had been unleashed. The Crystal’s powers are distributed to each one of the inhabitants of the whole kingdom. From there on, all races possessed a strong power within them. Each one of them has the power to control the Elements.

    The story is yet to begin and the choice of who you will be is up to you. Each element brings something out of you, think of their effects on nature and think that it will bring this to you, to your allies and to your foes. Rain can soothe a wound, calm the mind and yet corrode the rock and burst up as a tsunami, though each ability demands from you, more or less dearly and you must use your power wisely so that you are not devoured by it.

    Conditions you must keep in mind:

    A. In posting a message

    *In posting a message in the thread, your post must be at least one paragraph long. At least five to seven sentences and your post must be relevant to the topic. If you’re not really certain what should you do inside the RPG read the AO rule for RPGing (for you to remember).

    B. Questions, Comments and Suggestions

    *if you have some Questions, comments and suggestions, just kindly PM me. I’m an approachable person so you don’t need to worry. In case you wanna make some love teams, add some romance to make the story chill, why not??? Just PM me first so I can see what I can do.

    C. Character Profile:

    *Character profile, though mine will be different and there are some that is added. If you can see, the powers are distributed in each inhabitant, so, some might have strong (but not as gods), some are weak, some might does not discover it yet depending on the characters status. For you to have a guide I’ll give you this:

    Power Status:
    1. Childhood: The power slowly disappears as the child with it grows into an adult.
    2. Diffuse: The power is always available, but at a relatively low power level.
    3. Active: The power is always available in a normal level.
    4. Intermittent: The power can only be used for a short period at any time, but at a relatively high power level.
    5. Limitless: The power can be used as often and as much as desired, but each use impacts against the user's own life and can kill them if overused.

    Profile Setup:

    Abilities: (Other than your element, limit it to 1)
    Ability Status:
    Weapon: (Two max and NO guns or weapons of the future))
    Weaknesses: (Limit to 2)
    Bio: (background story)

    Here is mine as an example, making detailed characters are the one who stands more. So, if you want your character to be stand out make a detailed one and impress us all.

    Name: Matsumoto Satoushi
    Nickname: Satoushi/Satoushi-kun
    Age: 19
    Element: Dark
    Gender: Male
    Weapon: A Necklace which can summon monsters will be his weapon. He carries a bag which contains his materials in fighting. 75&#37; of his bags content is all food.
    ~Head: Toki had a long white hair. Sometimes it is braided.
    ~Face: He got the calmest eyes ever. And his recent face expression is certainly smiley .
    ~Body: His body built is almost slim. He’s also tall about 5’9 in height.
    ~Dress: He used to wear a long white coat. Inside should be a colored blue shirt. He wears long black pants for his bottom.
    Personality: He used to smile always. His also calm (just think of his expression as Fay D. Flourite in Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE). He used to spend his time eating. Almost all time, you can see him thinking, and wondering how things are made (but he actually thinks that all things originally came from a Giant Burger which explode million and million of years ago). He really likes food. It’s his obsession.
    Occupation: a Prince and a War mage of the palace
    Weaknesses: When he sees a food in front of him he turns wild (as if he is possessed by some hungry best). He’ll do anything just to eat that food. Which sometimes tend to be an advantage to his foes.
    Abilities: He used his Necklace to summon monsters (mostly monsters that are extremely cute). These monsters have a specific jobs and powers. He uses them as his weapon in battle. But sometimes he tends to play with them.

    Bio: He is actually the son of the king. Her mother dies when his during his delivery. His father turned him as a real prince. He is well trained; his skills are designed to be a real Prince at the same time a War mage of the palace. When his still a young, about 5 years old. He was taken outside the palace to see if he can survive, he was given to a pair (they don’t have a child) who keeps him through these years. His false parents loved him so much as if he came from them. Toki accepts them easily because they treat him as their own child. Their way of living is not that good unlike in the palace; they belong to a poor family. They lived in a small hut near the forest. It is hard for them to gain money or to sell their raw products (they have a small farm of sheeps) for making clothes. Because they are too far from the city. His father (not his true father) is a farmer. While his mother (who not his true mother also) is a Taylor. Sometimes, when they don’t really have money to buy their own food, together with his father, they go hunting inside the forest in order for them to eat. One day, when Toki went inside the forest, he saw a fox whose right foot is hurt because of a trap. He tries to remove him from there, but he can’t. Because as he move the fox’s foot, the more the trap tighten, which can led into bone fraction. He immediately went home, and then asks for help. Together with his father, they try to remove the fox in the trap. After several minutes, they successfully removed the fox in the trap. Right after they free the fox, the fox shines with a strong bright light. The fox see Toki as helpful and big hearted person and as the payment of his kindness. The fox turned into a Crystal Necklace (which the present weapon of Toki). After several years. He needs to go back where he really belongs. And he also need to leave his false parents, it is so hard for him to accept this. But he needs to accept this for the sake of there own safety.

    D. And the last and most important thing to remember is, “Always enjoy.”

    And oh!

    P.S. before posting to the Actual RP thread please post first your character sheet here...thanks...

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    Re: Crystal of Elements: OOC chats

    sweetness....anyway i will be the first and since i'm on i might as well show you my character again!!

    Name:Reverie Higrashi





    abilities:To use her light element to heal herself

    ability status: inactive(for now)

    weapon:Twin blades, and she wears hand bracers for in case
    there is hand to hand combat

    ~head:She has dark brown hair,which she keeps up in small pigtails
    ~Face:She has topaz eyes,and a gental face.
    ~body:She has a medium bulit,and she stands at 5'7
    ~Dress:She wears a snow white cloak;under is blue shorts,dark blue,
    near high socks,and a white long sleeved shirt.

    Personality:She is quiet,always thinking what to do next. With her amazing memory and brain, she
    is always one step ahead of the enemy.


    weaknesseople being loud and stupid(makes her really mad thus her losing
    her consentration)

    Bio:Reverie a.k.a Renn has been know for smarts, her ability to kill, and
    her art. She has no place to call home. She travels from
    place to place. As she travels she looks for some beauty in this world. When
    she finds one, she draws it. She is very quiet and tends not to respond to people.
    She hope to find a truely beatiful thing one day.

    When she was young, she was in an accident that causes her to get sick from time
    to time. When like this she is weak and can't defend herself. She makes sure that
    she is not in battle at this time.

    Although she is quiet and keeps to herself,she hopes to find someone to confide
    in. She has been alone since her "accident" and hopes to find true friendship.
    On her journay she found one person but when she left for a job she came back to
    find them dead. No one would tell her what happen. She hopes to someday find out
    the truth, and find some like that person whom she confided in.

    After her "accident" she was saved by a man, whom she only knows by his face. After he saved her, she was able to use to heal, but this is for minor wounds, and does not help her health.

    well thats her!!!! i can't wait!!!
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    Re: Crystal of Elements: OOC chats

    Ahahahah... You really sure excited Renn.. Well, so am I..eheheh...
    I think your set to post in the RP thread...eheheh

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    Re: Crystal of Elements: OOC chats

    If there is any changes that need to be made, please let me know. I hope this is exceptable.

    Name: unknown

    Nickname: Ghost Rose

    Age: 25

    Gender: Male

    Element: Water

    Abilities: Able to control water, cause rains (only natural rains can cure him however).

    Ability Status: Intermittent

    Weapon: Black sheathed, black bladed katana with a dragon emblem on the handle. Chrome bladed dagger with intertwining red and white roses (one rose of each) on the white handle.

    Appearance: He stands at about 5 foot 7 inches tall. His hair is medium length, with hair strands that run in front of his eyes thinly. His hair reaches the middle part of the back of his neck. His muscles are tone and sleek, and his skin a light to medium tan. His eyes are green, with a very unusual design around the pupils. The outline of the dark green part of his eyes could remind you of a flower. His eyes are kind and caring, but stern.

    His clothes are black. All his clothes, including his mask and his shoes all are made out of an unusual rain resistant material. His pants are tight fitting around the body, as is his shirt, which is a long sleeved one. (He also has a cut-off shirt version for warmer weather.) Belts run from around his waist and over his right shoulder from around his back. The back strap holds his black bladed, black handled katana, while the other strap around his waist holds his chrome bladed, white dagger. His mask is simply a piece of his material made to pull over his face. It seems to fit snuggly to his face easilly. There is a device under the mask that gives it a solid, V shape around the nose and mouth, but this device is unknown to anyone else but him. His hands are wrapped in black gloves which have white roses stiched into the backs of the gloves. His shoes are completely soft and flexible, while the soles are a soft rubber, allowing him to move silently.

    Personality: The man is a secret keeper. He talks much, but gives few answers. He is slightly cocky, but only because of his skill. He only is cocky when he KNOWS he can win the fight. Otherwise, he is always a caring man. He loves being around people, but again, his lifestyle forces him to be alone.

    Weaknesses: Women in danger, People who cause chaos. He is quick to stop them, slow to yield. He only stops fighting when he is certain the danger has passed, or he is away from the apparent danger.

    Childhood: Little is known about him, other than the fact that he was raised as an assassin for a secret clan of men. He was in the top of the field in his martial arts skill, thanks to his teacher, but never liked to kill.

    Teen hood: Upon finishing his training, he set out and became a well rounded assassin. He incorporated wierd garb, and used his garb to gain advantages in combat during ill weather times. When his water powers surfaced, his enemies no longer wished to fight him in the rain. Though not impervious in water, his powers allowed him great precision and a boost in staying power.

    Adulthood: His water power ran to thier limits, and he cannot improve them further. He has only killed 3 men in the world, but they were evil men that threatened the one he loved. The final man did kill his wife. They were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Ghost Rose was poisoned, but did not die. His wife, however, did. He became the Ghost Rose, so that he could remember that he is an assassin. Not fully alive, by his code. A mere image of fantasy to those that do not know him. He is wishing to find a new love, but can only find combat.....

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    Re: Crystal of Elements: OOC chats

    Well, I kinda edited it... A lot.

    Name: Tsubasa, Ayumi

    Nickname: Ayu

    Age: 17

    Gender: Female

    Element: Rain

    Abilities: Able to heal and revive others but not herself. If she wants to revive a person's life she must sacrifice three years of her own life. She can also use the bow and arrow, with excellent long-distance shots and body speed.

    Weapon:A jade tear-shaped pendant that allows herself to control her healing abilities and gives her life, but when it breaks into a million pieces, she dies. She can also use a bow and arrow.

    Appearance:Ayu has long-magenta locks that go down till her mid-back. Sometimes shebraids it whenever she's goint to archery training. She has soft lavender orbs and her face is painted with the rosiest cheeks and a fair skin matched with a serene smile. She wears a white silky robe daily; and a green short dress whenever she goes to archery training and a pair of brown sandals. Her accesories include a jade tear-shaped pendant placed on her forehead, a golden armlet, two bangles and a crescent-shaped neclace. She also carries a bow and arrow incase she needs to protect herself.

    Personality: She has a soft, warm heart that makes the people around their neighborhood, especially the kids, like her. But from time to time, she easily gets moodswings. She also has a maginificent voice that can touch the hearts of the desperate and make them believe that there is hope.

    Occupation: Healer; Entertainer; Archer

    Weaknesses: She hates seeing people in pain and agony. Whenever she sees people like that, she cries herself to sleep. And taking the people away that's precious to her.

    Bio: Despite of the great things she has received from the gods, she lived a sad and miserable life when she was younger. At an early age, her parents died without knowing the cause of their death. She moved to her aunt's since then. But life, as we all know, is unpredictable. After two years, her aunt died of an unknown illness. When she turned 13, she discovered her healing abilities by an accident. One dark night, Ayu was still up fixig her things, when she saw a man covered with bruises and scratches all over his body. Ayu was taken by surprise and didn't know what to do. So she, without thinking, sang the song that her mother used to sing to her. She gently placed her hands on the man's chest and poof, a glowing light appeared from her palms. After that, she heard the rain falling from the sky then she fainted. The next day, she saw a man in his mid-thirties, sitting on the floor, watching her. He explained the strange phenomenon that happened yesterday about the rain and the glowing light. He taught everything she need to learn about her abilities, because, he himself once had the ability to heal people. He also taught her how to use the bow and arrow in exchange for a place to live. But after two years, he left Ayu without a goodbye, and Ayu, in the age of 15, became sad but took an oath to find him no matter what. And there her journey starts.
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    Re: Crystal of Elements: OOC chats

    Name: Alterious Al(Allen) Lazel.
    Nickname: Alty, or Al.
    Age: 26
    Gender: Male
    Element: Quintessence/ Aether

    Abilities: He can focus power of the soul and the Aether to make a blade extend from around his hands, usually his right. This blade is called " Sypher " and is quite powerful when fully charged.

    Ability Status: Active.

    Weapon: Two in all. With the exception of Sypher, each glove has a jewel on the tops of the hands. They are called 'Thought' and 'Memory'. 'Thought' allows him to think faster and essentially react slightly quicker then the average person giving his body and nerve transmissions a subtle boost. Memory allows him to remember any spells he had learned with greater ease. This lets him cast the simpler spells almost instantly by spell chanting in his mind. These jewels were enchanted by a greater Quintessence wielder by the name of Finstre, his old master.

    Alterious is an average sized person reaching about 5'8'' with his somewhat slim body. His arms and legs are well worked and strong because of all the travels he had taken after his master died. His hair is long enough to reach the bottom of his neck and is smooth gentle blue, his eyes are a deeper blue. He wears his brown leather gloves display hold Thought and Memory (Which are attached to him by his energy) and black leather boots under a silk-like leather tunic-robe combination, which is white with gold about it's edges. Around his neck is tied a Magi's cloak, as blue as his hair and as strong as silk.

    Personality: Alterious used to be a nervous and shaky lad when he was younger, but years of travel had made him understand life a bit better. Though he has a keen sense of justice and a large stand in 'right and wrong', taking on the code of the old Ancients. His manner is mild, or light, very rarely is he taken by rage.

    Weaknesses: Ever since he was young he never liked the rain. It always as a depressing affect on him when nature cries. Though his more wizardly side knows it waters the land it never fills him with that grace filled relaxing feelings others see. This was from all the deaths in the rain in his past and the affects it had on him. This can change him a lot in a battle and just whatever he is in.

    Bio: Alterious Allen Lazel, a wizard by his appearance and practices and a warrior by his ways. Alty as those who'd know him called him was a practitioner and follower of Ancient Magicks, Magick that that Gods never spread throughout their world because they knew it was too much for it to bare. They only let the early Finstre bloodline hold these secrets, protecting them from those who would disrupt the balance. By no means could they themselves fully use the magick, but they learned about it all in order to keep the knowledge safe.

    Where Mr. Lazel comes into play, he was the son of a common man woman who knew their boy had a gift for the scholarly and the Knowing, Academia and the finer arts of fencing and Swordcraft (This was just by the way his body would move when he'd play around with the other boys in the rural areas, and when he learned things faster and more efficiently then others). By the age of twelve he was brought to the Finstre house, where he would study and take what he could from Alvin Von Finstre, the head of the house and keeper of the ancient secrets. He took the middle name of his 'master' as the proof of his loyalty and apprenticeship.

    Alterious found himself trusted with such secrets as noted above, his knowledge and ability to absorb it was great enough for him to know better then try to spread it and use it for his gain. In his time in the house, a total of six years he learned what it would take a normal person fifteen years to memorize. But all those times he was at the house he saw the Finstre family dwindling..

    Each time one of the house died, whether by radicalists, bandits or just nature it had started to rain, as if the Gods were crying for the loss of another Finstre. Six years of this brought his disliking of the rain and the dark gray clouds of the storms. It always changed the way he saw things.. until it was gone. His last year at the Finstre house was when he was eighteen, and he finally got down thew last few pages of the ancient book of magicks.

    That was the day that Alvin Von Finstre died, and the day he left to venture through the world to learn all he could and teach the ways of honor to those who'd listen. It was during this time the Crystal shattered, and he found out that his body had become filled with the power of the Quintessence, the Very Aether that was beyond world bounds. This power was overwhelming and difficult to handle for the first four years, but all through that time he realized that element correlated with the teachings of the ancient tome.. the tome he memorized and burned in a sacred flame. The tome that was never to return until he brought it back.

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    Re: Crystal of Elements: OOC chats

    slight change to weakness (not very big)

    Name: Andrei Morozov

    Nickname: Andrei

    Age: 20

    Gender: male

    Element: lightning

    Abilities: can store and release bolts of lightning in anything conductive(must be within 10 meters of his body)

    Weapon: two silver arm bands, he also has a long knife

    ~Head: Muddy blonde hair cut short, barely reaching his eyebrows
    ~Face: He has a nondescript face with no markings to stand him out
    ~Body: His body built is slim. He’s he is about 5’9"
    ~Dress: Drab browns and greys mostly, he will change his clothing depending on the city

    Personality: A thief by nature, he steals more for the thrills than the money(though it does help) Being a solitary person he rarely ever stays with one person for to long. He has a very objetive attitude, but can be very insulting when spoken to by anyone of stature(ex. guards, merchants,lords,ect...) Despite his cold front he can be warm towards close friends(though few have ever had the honor)

    Weaknesses: He can be very impersonal, most times treating people as items rather than humans

    Bio: With his mother dead at his childbirth, Andrei lived alone with his alcoholic father. Being on his own for most of hs childhood, he quickly learned to take care of himself. At the age of 12 he ran away from home and has never looked back. soon after leaving he arived in a small town and quickly became afilated with a small gang were he learned the basics of lock picking and theft. haveing success with this he left for bigger cities to continu his "trade". at 17 he stoped stealing for himself and hired himself to oters for a small fee. now at 20 he is trying to realize his lifelong dream of breaking into the palace...
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    Re: Crystal of Elements: OOC chats

    Name: Erwin

    Nickname: Firecracker

    Age: 22

    Gender: Male

    Element: Fire

    Abilities: Able to control fire.

    Ability Status: Intermittent

    Weapon: Mithrel Exotic double bladed staff and a dwarven hand axe

    Appearance: Erwin is 6’ foot tall with hazel colored eyes, and short cropped
    Brown hair. He has the build of a scholar but is quite the warrior. Erwin wears dark brown Pants, soft moccasins and a white shirt. This is under his brown leather armor.

    Personality: Erwin believes that there is good in everyone, though it takes some time to
    Show through. Erwin has the attitude that if you walk with him, he will fight with you, against your enemies.

    Weaknesses: Erwin’s weakness is one that many can relate to, being afraid of water.
    For when he was small he almost drowned.

    Childhood: Erwin grew up in a small fishing community, where every neighbor knows what is happening in your family. When he was about six-years old, his father took him to go and fish. Erwin almost drowned that day and has been afraid of water since.

    Teen hood: Erwin was the squire for one of the realms Noble Knights, and was taught the value of chivalry. Having been fateful and kind to everyone that he met. After many years of being loyal to his Knight, he was rewarded with his dwarven hand axe he now carries.

    Adulthood: After completing his squire training, Erwin sought after the finer things in life. Having married the beautiful daughter of the knight he was paired with, life was happy until a drunken beggar walked into his home and murdered his wife Melissa.
    Having no children, Erwin sought out the man and handed him to the courts to decide his fate. Not taking the law into his own hands, Erwin left the city and made his way across the country, where he apprenticed with a dwarf mithrel smith, and created his exotic staff.
    After creating his weapon, Erwin learned of his own unique ability, to call and control fire.

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