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Thread: The Demon Lands Character Thread

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    Re: The Demon Lands Character Thread

    Name: Hikari Tsubasa

    Ganeder: Female

    Race: Human

    Specialty: Priestess

    Age: 15

    Weapon: Staff

    Armor: See picture.

    Ability: She can heal other people using her staff. She cannot revive dead people.

    Personality: Hikari is quite a charmer. She likes playing games with little kids and she always wear a smile. She's friendly and kind to others. She trust other people quickly.

    Extra infos: She hates animals. Its her weakness.

    Bio: Hikari was born on the last rise of the Blue Moon. Her parents died when she turned 15, killed by three Demons. She inherited her mother's powers when she was a kid. She has an older brother but left them to join the Great War. Now, she is in search of her lost brother and be reunited with him. She also tries to gather information about her brother by traveling from one village to another. She heals some wounded people who have been attacked by the demons.

     click to show spoiler

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    Re: The Demon Lands Character Thread

    Name: [Kenchiru Curia]
    Gender: [Male]
    Race: [Half Demon]
    Specialty: [Assassin]
    Age: [19]
    Weapon(s): [the Holy Sword Excalibur,Lich Zanpaktou,The Darkness Sword Ragnarok]
    Kind of armor: {Light Armor}
    Ability(s): [The Power of Darkness clouds his heart,mind,and body]
    Personality: [Cold,Dark at times.]
    Extra Details or info: [Addicted to chocolate <3] {What ever you want to include}
    Bio: [Kenchi was born into a family who had everything.Money,Women,Clothes,Anything you can imagine.Until the tragic day when his village was ravaged by vampires who apparently had a taste for rich blood.As Kenchi and his mother ran across the plains, a vampire by the name of Necro had caught her,Kenchi was determined so much to save her that in that slight second,he could feel a power boiling inside him.He raised his hand to the beast,and without notice, a blast of shadows rushed from his hands,injuring the vampire badly,he retreated and kenchi's mother lay dead.

    After his Clan had been destroyed,Kenchi led a small band of bandits,although they were his childhood enemies,they knew they would have to work together if they wanted the blade of Ragnarok.As they all found the gateway into Valhalla,They were attacked once more for baring the symbol of evil, the karishima symbol.After about an hour of fighting,kenchi rushed through the main palace and finally found the sword,however,once he pulled it,he was to battle a ferocious beast,the leviathan.Though he posed a tough opponent,kenchi defeats it damaged badly himself.

    Upon waking up from a long sleep kenchi had wondered how he got there,he was dressed in armor and his hair was at an extraordinary size.He jumps up and looks around to see angels all around him. Although he felt as though he was in a heavenly place,the more he looked around,his vision focused and he was inside a large chapel.He went to the alter and saw a sword like none he'd ever seen before, He jumped over the alter and grabs the sword.a voice illuminated in his head " this sword is for the greatest champion..the angel killer..take it only with the risk of your soul being eaten" Kenchi pulls the sword and held it high above his head,the angels in the sword all were absorbed by the blade and as he walked over and picked up his Ragnarok,he hurried to the door of the chapel,upon opening it,he fell asleep.

    As kenchi awoke from his second sleep,he was drifting slowly to an island.Once there kenchi heard an Familiar Voice, the voice of Necro. Kenchi grips both of his blades and thrusts them through Necro's body rapidly,Necro's screams could be heard all over the island, his blood splattered everywhere. Momentarily kenchi stops and releases the man from his grip.He looks at Necro and laughs."I...will never forgive you.."as he points his hand at Necro, a dark energy surged through-out kenchi's hand, and before long, a blade of majestic beauty had formed.It was black with a strip of red on the end,it shook as kenchi brought it over the vampire's head Slicing the entire body.Kenchi remained on the island frozen for quiet some time now..until he was awoken by the god's to do there bidding once more..
    Appearance: [ His Favorite type of amour is his cloak,but wears light,silver armor on most of the time]

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    Re: The Demon Lands Character Thread

    You're approved Kenchi. Hope to see ya in the RPG soon

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    Re: The Demon Lands Character Thread

    ~List so far~
    Tell me if you want to be changed in your position on the rank.

    Only 6 main heroes
    Only 1 main enemy
    Only 2 Xion's Lieutenants.
    As many extra heroes as possible
    As many extra villians for Xion's army as possible.
    As many side villians as possible

    ~List Rules~
    1. Only can become a main hero if one quits and you step up, the main hero doesn't post for 3-7 days without me knowning why he wont post AHEAD of time, or he states I don't want to be a main hero(AND you must tell me where to put you on the list even if you plan to betray{Ryu cannot betray Xion for a point that will be later explained}.)

    2. No one else can become a main enemy or take him over or use him.

    3. No one can become one of Xion's lieutenants.

    4. Villians MUST do as Xion says or they will be slain. Become one at your own will.

    5. You cannot become a MAIN enemy because MAIN enemy are for the prime storyline. The goal of this storyline is to stop Xion and his lieutenants and restore balance to Japan. You can branch out and become a separate evil, but that means Xion's army and the heroes will be fighting against you, and you can't be a god so go off on your own at your own risk.

    ~The List~
    The six main heroes are:
    1. Me as Reika
    2. Tokini as Kotsubi
    3. Hanyougirl2010 as Shiori
    4. Zyta as Alkron
    5. Ayu as Hikari Tsubasa
    6. Renn as Aina

    The extra people are: {Extras are just as important as anyone else.}
    1. Hellknight as Yugo Sia
    2. Blackrose92 as Anastasiya
    3. Kenchi as Kenchiru Curia
    4. Kitsunegirl2011 as Sayuri

    The Main enemy is:
    1. Me as Xion

    The two lieutenants are:
    1. GrimmjowJaggerjack as Xyln
    2. FangBloodthrist as Ryu

    Extra villians IN Xion's army are:
    1. TaurusDemon23 as Crimson Viper
    2. Renn as Xeva

    The side villians are:
    (No one)

    This list was updated on 1-7-09
    Last edited by Stormwolf; Jan 07, 2009 at 08:18 PM.

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    Re: The Demon Lands Character Thread

    Name: Crimson Viper
    Race: ?
    Age: ?
    Weapon(s): red hookswords, various projectile weapons, various poisons
    Kind of armor: Hard red leather with chain underneath.
    Ability(s): Master Ninja, Expert Marksman, No Energy Signature,Full Regeneration
    Personality: Unknown
    Extra Details or info: Eyes, ears, and hands of Xion.
    Bio: Not much is known about him. It is preferred that way. Rumored to be Undead.
    Appearance: Wears a red snake mask. His clothes have a serpent theme to them.

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    Re: The Demon Lands Character Thread

    Your approved, of course. Welcome to my RPG

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    Re: The Demon Lands Character Thread

    i ediited my profile since i didn't have anything to do.

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    Re: The Demon Lands Character Thread

    race-wolf demon
    story/Bio- I wasn't always like this... a monster...
    i used to be human without a care in the world .
    But that all changed..
    one night..a dark hooded figure had stormed in our castle, killing off my servants, and even my parents
    one of His dogs had burst into myroom
    and had attacked me as i slept,
    it had its silver teeth clenched in my uper right arm
    i reached over for the hot candle wax
    and smashed it over its eyes
    and i ran out screaming
    the castle was crumbling to bits and finally
    crashed down
    at night..i can still hear the moans and groans
    of ever one in that wretched place.....
    and when i woke up...
    i became this.......
    i have no home to go to..
    no where i go ...i can hide
    so i run...
    forever i always run
    blood is what i thirst.. i howl to the moon
    but she never answers me...
    im running always..
    until i can find a place where i belong

    ok here's my pic cuz its too big to post on here lol http://Wolf demon image by Samantha_...on Photobucket
    I'm the best you'll ever have because i am that f*ing AMA-zing chic who can stand on her own d*n feet and becasue of you I am the Greatest Thank you so much SasuraiHell and Gwen

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