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Thread: Getting the Box of Key Summary

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    Getting the Box of Key Summary

    Chapter one.
    Page 1.

    Zyta appeared at the Maze of Anime Online, after finding out a very important artifact named the 'Box of Key' resides there. Being a member, Zyta could enter the Maze, and so could the other members. Word got out soon, and one by one allies, foes, and curious individuals (Fang, Danger Girl, Vincent, Tokini, Renn, and Francis) came to the maze, wanting to either help or stop Zyta, or get what he was after.

    Many dangers are in the maze, protecting the Box of Key, including a vast majority of monsters and illusions.

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    Re: Getting the Box of Key Summary

    Sweet! Little summaries to save us the effort of having to backtrack. Thanks!
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