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Thread: inFamous Character thread

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    Re: inFamous Character thread

    Name: Kitsune waratushi /(Luise )
    Nickname: Doll
    Age: 16
    Likes /dislikes: Sweets, martial arts /fighting and rain /(Be controled /be alone)
    Hobbies: Writing, play and look at the stars (has no hobbies)
    Powers: Have a weak abillity to control air (can just cast "airballs") /(create illusions.)
    Personality: are try to be kind to other people, mental weak (can sometimes change to another personality. When it's to much for her to handle.) /(Really kind and searching to someone to controll her)
    Side (hero or inFamous) : She does whats feels right for the moment /(Non, just does what she get told)
    past: She was living together with her mother and father. They was always fighting so the day when it exploded she had ran away and was hiding in a basement. She got knocked unconscious, when she wake up she ran to the house there she once lived, the house was gone and her parents was dead. She have never forgive herself that she never told them she was sorry for the fights. It ws also then Luise woke up.
    Luise want to get Kitsunes soul cleaned, so when she takes over Kitsunes body, she will do whatever anybody ask her to do (Kitsune is "alseep under that time and can't remember a thing when she gets her body back.).

    Surender or fall, it's no other way to turn.

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    Re: inFamous Character thread

    Character sheet.
    Name: K
    Gender: male
    Likes + dislikes:
    likes-draw, tricks, candy, fighting, and music all types
    dislikes-cowards, thugs, and all things evil or bad
    Hobbies:drawing, music,
    Powers: darkness, light
    Personality:at first,shy, quiet, fearless,
    Side (hero or inFamous) :inFamous later hero
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