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Thread: Inuyasha Character Creation

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    Re: Inuyasha Character Creation

    oh really?
    thanks ^-^
    yea posted it on the wrong thing i
    didnt even know this even existed until now
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    Re: Inuyasha Character Creation

    Quote Originally Posted by GrimmjowJaggerjack View Post
    your approved hanyougirl2010 fill free to join the rp and if you have any questions go to the ooc chat.
    thanks!! i do have a question: when are all the characters gonna band up to kill tatara? or are we gonna do it individually? cause i wanna do something that develops the story of my past. i already have an idea of what i'm gonna do but i don't know how.

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    Re: Inuyasha Character Creation

    Age: 15
    Race: half demon/ priestess
    Appearance:silver hair, gold eyes, black dog ears
    Weapons: bow and arrows, sword made for her by totosai
    Bio: she is the youngest daughter of Inuyasha and Kagome. She had led a normal life until she found out she had an older sister by the name of Nikoru, who had disappeared when she was born. Now, she escapes her tranquil life to find her long lost sister. What she doesn't know is that her sister doesn't look like in the picture she took from her mother's album.

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    Re: Inuyasha Character Creation

    kitsunegirl2011 you are approved

    and we are gonna ban together but first everyone needs to meet up together somehow like you meet at a ramen restaurant or something.

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    Re: Inuyasha Character Creation

    hello guys (and ladies).....
    im fairly new here and i was hoping to join a game....
    here is my idea for a character....

    Name: Matsuo Tokaru (surname first of course)
    Species: ressurected human formed of a false body covering his animated skeleton.
    Age: 19
    Weapon: A knife formed of clear crystal, right hand is skeletal and is sharp.
    Gender: Male
    Side: Neutral
    Appearance: tall and willowy, Tokaru has black hair and purple eyes. he is dressed in black catholic priest's garb with multiple holes from being stabbed all over the torso.

    Personality: murcurial and impatient. he is always quick to agree to combat when it is offered and will never back down, but usually wont instigate fights. Otherwise he is kind (in random spurts) as long as he isn't having a bad day. then he is fairly uncaring.

    Bio: when tokaru was a child he was bubbly and caring. he would always stop to help whoever crossed his path and gave away his share of his food or his toys freely. When he came of age he was called to the life of a priest and when he encountered a catholic priest-monk he asked to become his pupil. the priest agreed and tokaru began wandering the country while learning the ways of a priest from the man he calls "Father." when he turned 19 the priest and tokaru parted ways as tokaru made out on his own. as he wandered he was ambushed by demon bandits and he was stabbed to death. One of the demons posessed a cursed sword which whomsoever was slain by it would rise as a mindless skeletal servant, doomed to serve the wielder of the sword until destruction. this horrible curse only partially affected the young priest and he was merely raised as a sentient skeleton. when he was raised however, his mind cracked. gone was the happy-go-luck trusting figure he used to be and here was now a sarcastic uncaring creature. still wearing the priests robes out of a bitter irony, tokaru walks the land searching for his "Father" hoping to become who he once was. he is prone to random acts of kindness as his old self peeks through, but they are not the norm.

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    Re: Inuyasha Character Creation

    Hello, , Guessing this is my character

    Name: Eva Kobayashi
    Species: Kokiria
    Gender: Female
    Weapon of Choice: Hero's Bow, Kokirian Sword, Pure Iron Hylian Shield
    Description: Tall, Slim ( 5'9, 120lbs), Long Auhburn Hair (to waist) tied in a braid, Deep Purple Eyes, Black Turtle Neck Sweater, Silver Armour.
    Ride: Grey Caspian Horse
    Personality: Kind, Willing to Protect Someone in Need, Enthusiastic, Unexpecting
    Bio: Eva has lived with the Kokiria Tribe since she was born. No one had known her well. She one day had to leave the forest knowing that something was not right, she travelled throught out Hyrule then coming across Hyrule Metrotropolis she soon started her life, as a Hyrule knight but not actually doing all the training, after battling the top knight she had passed the First Class Initiation and named One of Hyrule's Top knights herself. Then coming across Lake Hylia one day she noticed that one of Korogra's Inventions had crashed into the lake with several people on it. After Setting up a camp she kindly helped out Diggs, Link and Korogra by taking them back to Hyrule Metropolis, not realizing that Link was taking the First Class Initiation and was going to be battling her. (This Kind of Stops here because the next episode hasn't been made yet.)
    Note: For more Info on these Characters (Such as Korogra, Diggs and Link) Try watching the Epidsodes. I've created a side story of my own but will not be publishing it.
    (Zelda: UO Epis:1)
    -Correction- If you're also wanting to see the rest of the episodes Go to Search bar at the site above and type in "Zelda: UO" and the rest of the episodes will pop up underneath it.


    Character: Eva Kobayashi= Mine. All others mentioned are NOT mine *Sorry if it's kind of sucky and not really following the Thread Piece but it's the least I could do.. I just joined.. -_-;*

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    Re: Inuyasha Character Creation

    Age: 17
    Race: half deamon
    Appearance:has red hair and green eyes.
    Weapons:nagiasto(sword),fire magic,and claws.
    Bio: ryuzaki was a full human. one day he went out to hunt fish for dinner. when he came back, a deamon was burning the'yre house down. he got his family out, but his arm was burned up. later naraku made him half-deamon. his arm was replaced with a deamon arm. he founed out the name of the deamon( ), but can't find him.
    he is miroku's brother.

    heres my pic.

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    Re: Inuyasha Character Creation

    Age: 23
    Race: human
    Weapons:2 sharp daggers
    Bio:doensnt remember anything from her past

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