Name: Rozukai 'Rozu'

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Bio: Rozu is a dark blue-haired girl with a white hat. She was first seen when she was wrapped in a towel, chasing away peeping toms. She is very short-tempered and occasionally sarcastic. It is shown that she has some demon blood in her, though her hat covers her ears. She is always seen with Sesshomaru, and calls him Lord Sesshomaru, or sometimes to annoy him nicknames like Sesshy and 'Maru. She is ignorant to demon ways and is usually losing her temper. She wears a red kimono with black and orange detail. She wears her hair with pigtails hanging over her shoulders. She has orange eyes. She became acquainted to Sesshomaru when her family was attacked by bandits and killed. Sesshomaru brought her back to life with the Tetseiga, due to Rin, and she has been his shadow ever since. She is usually hopping trees and always hungry.