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Thread: Moonlighters Character Sheets

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    Re: Moonlighters Character Sheets

    Name: Tougasuga Uginaga (Tou for short)

    Gender: Male

    Age: 19 about to turn 20

    Day Appearance:
     click to show spoiler

    Night Appearance:
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    Personality:like's to protect the innocent doesn't take crap from NO ONE and will kill the enemy if necessary.

    Specialty:Swordsmen Samurai Combat and skills

    Day Job: Teaches all types of karate (whatever the word for it is)

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    Re: Moonlighters Character Sheets


    Day: Claire Faust

    Night: Charlotte Dupre

    Gender: Female

    Age: 16

    Day Appearance:


    Personality: Sweet, Kind, cheerful, gentle, high-spirited

    Day Job: Gardener

    Specialty: Run fast, alert, fast moves, dodging, disappearing like a bubbles


    Night Appearance:


    Personality: Stubborn, Selfish, Easy to get jealous, Harsh, rare to smile, Gentle inside, helpful even though she?s that cold hearted

    Night Job: Assassin for moonlighters[/

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