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Thread: Naruto: Rise Of Stardust Village (Character Thread)

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    Naruto: Rise Of Stardust Village (Character Thread)

    Please post character(s) here, If you wish to join the rpg please PM your player.
    1. No goddmodding ( unless given permission)
    2. No ez killing so make sure who ever your up against hits you a few times
    3. no ignoring other rpgers that walk up to you
    4. If you want to leave rpg or kill character pm me.
    5. USE correct GRAMMAR and SPELLING.
    6. coming soon more rules will be posted at a later time until then enjoy.


    Name: Akihito Murasaki

    Age: 17


    Rank: Genin

    Village: Stardust Village

    Clan: Even I don't know (yet)

    Weapon(if desired): Fuuma shurikan. Said to be forged by the strongest steel.

    Signature Jutsu: Earth Style: Earth Dragon Jutsu also hes developing a new move one that uses Chidori and Rasengan (needs name)

    Signature Move: rising impact blast (Shou-Geki-Shou) a series of lighting fast kicks and punches that can lift the heaviest of enemies into the air.

    Bio: Akihito lives in Stardust Village and is aiming to one day be Hokage. Growing up he has witnessed two of the most powerful moves ever to be used, Rasengan and Chidori. One day dreaming of fusing both moves together he would create the ultimate move known to man kind.

    ( I'll add more later I'm real tired)
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    Re: Naruto: Rise Of Stardust Village (Character Thread)


    Name:kunaari hatake



    Rank:academy student awaiting to be genin to train to be a...
    Requirements: Medicinal training program.
    Advanced ninjas who are able to carefully focus their chakra. Thus, enabling them with various medicinal healing techniques. When a Medical-Nin is added to a group, the chance of unnecessary deaths is dramatically reduced.

    Village:formerly-konoha now-stardust


    Weapon:kunai in the mouth(like zabuza on the bridge)

    Signiture Jutsu:riyolus wrath(dual lightning blades)

    Signiture Move:speed(kunaari has a small source of chakra but makes up for it with his amazing speed and taijutsu)

    past:growing up.kunaari did not qualify to be a ninja because of his weak body and small source of chakra.he stayed at home and watched the other younger members of his clan go to the academy.but his older brother named riyolu was secretly teaching him the things he learned after his ninja training.one day there was a secret raid on the clan for reasons unknown.kunaari and his brother fled into the forest outside of the village.but they were quickly caught.his brother extremely talented fought them off.all but one who ended up brutally injured.riyolu died in kunaaris hands with kunaari devastated he couldnt do anything to help his extreme cuts and gashes.he didnt know what to do...so he ran.and ran.and kept running.his incredible speed...faster then the adult ninjas he watched run about before.he ran for three days strait and finally collapsed.when he woke up he was in the stardust village (unknown how he got there) where they saw his potential and now is trying to graduate to become a genin.
    (since kunaari was never trained by konoha in the ninja arts,he is not considered a missing ninja)

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    Re: Naruto: Rise Of Stardust Village (Character Thread)

    Name: Rezor Uchiha

    Age: 19


    Rank: Missing-Nin

    Village: Stardust Village

    Clan: Uchiha

    Weapon(if desired):long bladed kantana

    Signature Jutsu: Chidori Eisou

    Signature Move: Chidori Senbon

    Bio: As a child he was hated for carrying a curse mark that ran through some of his family members. So he has lived on his own his father was killed and he killed his mother from genjutsu confusion.
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    Re: Naruto: Rise Of Stardust Village (Character Thread)

    Fay Namikaze
    Missing-nin/Genin (Stardust rank)
    Stardust formerly from Konoha
    Kunais, Shurikens and a small dagger etc.
    Signature Jutsu:
    Kaze no Yaiba [Ninjutsu]
    Chakra Kyuushuu [Taijutsu]
    Fay spent much of her early childhood in the shadows of her older brother, Konoha's 4th Hokage. Whatever she attempted to do, her brother could do it faster and more efficiently and thus receiving greater appraisal from the Village's elders and leaders. As the years slowly slithered by, Fay's jealousy against her older brother had prevented her from realizing that she herself had become a renowned ninja. Day by day, night by night Fay spent her free time training and sharpening her skills fueled by ambition and bitterness, but the day that the news of her brother's ascend to the position of Hokage reached her ears, Fay refused to acknowledge her brother's rank. Before the ceremony took place, Fay fled from Konoha abandoning her clan and transforming into a Rounin.

    For an unknown amount of time, Fay spent her days roaming from village to village and occasionally taking up small missions to earn up a few sums of money. But one particular night as she sat in a small store sipping on a small cup of hot tea, Fay overheard a group of mysterious ninjas. Closely examining the group, Fay wondered which Hidden Village did they belong, the symbols and attires they wore did not match any that she recognized. It seemed that they or rather their organization was in the midst of a important transition and the fact that they mentioned the five Great Shinobi nations caught Fay's attention even further. She thought it was somewhat bizarre and unwise that they were discussing such important matters so openly and freely. Finishing the last drops of green tea, Fay got up and left the store, behind her where she had sat laid a Konoha protector; demonstrating that her loyalty did not reside with the Hidden Leaf Village any longer. Within a few days of that ominous night, Fay had tracked down the group's elusive village so called Stardust.
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    Re: Naruto: Rise Of Stardust Village (Character Thread)

    Age: 17
    Rank: Genin
    Village: Stardust
    Clan: Kousai
    Weapon:twin blades, only ones in exsistence
    Signature move:
    Kuro/shino flare (Black/white) Black or white flames, depending on which blade is use, fly off the blade in a slash burning(black)/healing(white) nearly everything in its path.

    Signature Jutsu:
    Summoning Jutsu: Dragon King (only usable to people from the kousai clan) http://i270.photobucket.com/albums/j...-fly_hirez.jpg

    Living wind: A wind justsu that manipulates the two retractable blades on teh hilts of her swords as if there were two extra fighters. The blades themselves are connected with milimeter thin chakra steel cables (same metal as Asumas blades.) allowing the jutsu to be used at even a great distance.

    **Elemental rasengan (has created it once by accident but for some reason can't recreate it. Even though that one time made her infamous throughout the village and is often seen trying to make it again. Uses fire, wind, water, earth and lightning and acts 'when used' as an elemental bomb of sorts.)

    Known as the most Destructive of the clan Pepper had a nack for learning powerful jutsu's, while lacking in the more subtle types such as waterwalking and tree climbing. She the youngest of three sisters, she is the heir to the Kousai clan, the reason being was that she summoned the Dragon King Saphron, giving her full claim to the throne when married.

    When pepper was only 9 she ran into Jiraiya who for some reason taught her the basics of the rasengan and over the years after he left Finished the jutsu herself. After such a long time she managed to find a way to manipulate five elements into it dispite the fact that she could only use fire, creating her first original jutsu the elemental rasengan. Though never used she has created one, and while extremely unstable is very dangerous.

    She never mingles with others well, being that she always has to think of the welfare of her clan. Stated that she would not marry a man she didn't deem worthy of being in the clan, and although stardust has no shortage of men, has yet to find one. She has a strong sense of right and wrong, and knows how to use her brain when necessary.

    (*) is a side note marker
    added a new jutsu in replacement of making the elemental rasengan unusable during combat even though she trains daily to try to master it.
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    Re: Naruto: Rise Of Stardust Village (Character Thread)

    Name: Akria Uzumaki

    Age: 17


    Rank: Genin

    Village: Stardust Village

    Clan: Uzumaki (different clan then Naruto)

    Weapon(if desired): Customized seal marked kunais, Charka Enhanced katana


    Name: Flying Shadow Swallows

    This creates the same effect of the derived jutsu know as the Flying Swallow but in these case Akira use multple shadow clones to confuse couse great damage to the opponent.

    Name: Sealed Shurkiens Square Release

    An array of shurikens are released from tags like exploding tags this tags are placed around an area that can be detonated with a hand seal and should their opponent attempt to move, the tags explode. Others, however, can enter with no trouble, and the tags can be shut off by the controller.

    Signature Jutsu: Wind Style: Grand Whirlwind Fists Smasher (Senpuu-yuuen Genkotsu-kai) like the whirland fist of Asuma Sarutobi Akira creates the same but in tri whirlwind attack is made with two clones doing whirlwind fist in a trangler formation.

    Signature Moves: Impact Sky Striker (Sutoraika Shirdou-sakai) Using the Leaf Rising Wind style but in trieraling effect to it. Sends enemy into the air once there floating Akira jumps and rolls above the enemy. Then in a instant screw kick to the enemy abdmen which make and looks like the wind punching them in turn creating a falling meteor like effect.

    Bio:At a young age Akira's family live on the border bewhine the Stardust and Leaf villages in a Inn the owe. Just after the end of the great ninja war Akira's family took in injured leaf ninjas. Which in return for a good nights sleep Akira's family and him where given teaching of ninja way which Akira learned under Asuma and Guy sensai for when they had can to missions the stop a teach Akira soming. Akira trained as hard as Guy sensai learned and studied as hard as Asuma sensai taking all the knowledge that they had to give.

    Then the Nine-tail attack on the Leaf village which Akira's family in had be the first place to be destoryed be the beast end up killing all the family members that Akira loved. Akira was not found until, by chance a group of Stardust ninjas going to look see at what had happen to the Leaf village. From there Akira was adopted by a family of the Stardust village that know him. Akira lived there only to become stronger so he can get the beast that had kill and destoryed he's life.
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    Re: Naruto: Rise Of Stardust Village (Character Thread)

    Name: Wasted "Shadow" Satushi

    Age: ???

    Side: Neutral

    Rank: The leader of The Satushi Clan, And a Legend Among Assassins

    Apperence: http://media.photobucket.com/image/s...owWarrior4.jpg 1st form

    http://ui22.gamespot.com/2101/elveonrpg200602_2.jpg 2nd form

    His first form an enity standing at 7' 10" 350lbs of lean muscle an silent kyoushu that lingers in the shadows, Who happens to be a master of the shadows through years of intense training. His soundless step deters even the strongest magic and jutsu. His presence alone emitts an deathly aura sending terror and fear down the spines of feeble minded shinobis. Having infinite charkra, And perfect chakra control hes able to perform nin.gen.tai jutsu with little to no concentration. Hes a sadtistic demon vampire hybrid with 6" fangs. Avenger: 7' long 4" wide adamant hard ultra keen shadow odiachi able to solidfy at will and upon the contact of flesh, Summonable

    His second form an enity standing at 14' 10' 700lbs of lean muscle, A transformation which occurs when a sudden, And terrible bloodlust occurs. His powers, Strength, Agility, And ability increase by ten fold. Having the skulls of the many kyoushu that failed to assassinate him hanging from chains attached on his torso traveling around his back. Avenger: 14' long 8" wide adamant hard ultra keen shadow odiachi able to solidfy at will and upon the contact of flesh, Summonable

    Biography: A sadtistic demonic vampric hybird lurking in the shadows awaiting for the perfect opportunity to strike. Knowing little about his past but the bloodlust and the uncontrolable urges to kill everything and anything that will get in his way. Using immense strength and cunning agility with little to no effort to end the lives of those that oppose him. An kyoushu with only one thing on his mind.... his contract. Of the many years spent in intense training he became a master of the shadows, a master swordsmen, and among the legends as an assassin always completing his contract unscathed, Always having an unsatifiable hungry, and thrist for blood. His past seems to be blur of his devilish acts against his family, Clan and village, When he was young he wipe out his entire family, Clan, And village... feeding upon their flesh and lifeless corpse. Trying to retain his past is an impossible act. But becoming his enemy is a far more dangerous, And much worst faith then death and fear its self. He's the last image right before ur last breath

    Clan: Nara Clan


    Name: Shadow Sewing

    Description: The Shadow Sewing Technique is a technique unique to the Nara Clan. The user first extends his shadow by using the Rat hand seal, then creates shadow tendrils by using the Bird hand seal. The tendrils can serve various purposes such as attacking or binding an opponent and/or attacking multiple targets such as when Shikamaru used the Shadow Sewing Technique against Sai's drawn animals about to attack Naruto Uzumaki. After the shadow sewing technique hits some one it can then be directly transformed back into shadow possesion jutsu by changing the bird hand seal to a rat again

    Name: Shadow Network

    Description: Shikamaru uses his shadow to crack the ground around him, possessing near by enemies and spins causing the shadow to form a small whirlwind, attacking possessed and approaching enemies

    Name: Shadow Imitation

    Description: The Shadow Imitation Technique's original purpose is to delay pursuers in order for a team to flee. With the use of a hand seal, the user can stretch a shadow up to twice the length of all of the shadows the projected "shadow" touches combined. If a target is captured within the user's shadow, the result is that the two combatants will mirror each others' movements. Therefore, the two can throw shuriken at each other at the same time if the user desires that ( of course to prevent hurting themselves the user just has to have the shurkin holster in a place where you don't normaly havge it, like the back.)
    The major downside of the Shadow Imitation is that it is tiring to use repeatedly, as seen in the Chunin Exams when Shikamaru Nara was paired off to fight Temari in the finals. If the user is low on chakra, the performance rate of the technique deteriorates. Hidan also notes that the ability is subject to some form of diminishing return and decreases in potency after repeated use. Another downside to the techinique is that the user is only able to stretch, contract, or expand their shadow to its total surface area. Though this is an advantage during the times of dusk and dawn (as shadows are at their largest then), it becomes a major problem during the time of mid-day

    Name: Shadow Bind

    Description: The Shadow Bind Technique is the older form of the Shadow Imitation Technique. This version merely restricts the target's ability to move without forcing them to copy movements. Judging from the Sound Ninja's out of date intelligence regarding the naming and capabilities of the jutsu, it is reasonable to assume that the current Shadow Imitation Technique was developed in the time since Orochimaru left the village

    Name: Shadow Neck Bind

    Description: After capturing an opponent with the Shadow Imitation Technique, the user can then further extend their shadow up to the target's throat in the shape of a hand, which chokes them to death. Also if the user is at a last resort, and the shadow possession isn't making them copy their moves, he will bind the opponents body in order to stop all their movements and cause great amount of damage. In addition, the closer the user is to their opponent, the tighter the strangle will become. However, with an incredible amount of strength, the target can force the shadow hand off, first demonstrated in Shikaku's battle and then in Shikamaru's fight with Tayuya, and against the Legendary Stupid Brothers, Fujin and Rajin

    Name: Shadow Endgame

    Description: The Shadow Endgame Technique is similar to the Shadow Sewing Technique. However, where Shadow Sewing uses shadow tentacles to tie down and restraint the opponent, Shadow Endgame allows the user to grasp and manipulate objects with the tentacles. This gives the Shadow Endgame Technique a wide variety of uses. There are no hand seals used for this technique, but the hand movements resembles Gaara's Sand Binding Coffin

    Name: Shadow Crush

    Description: Shikamaru throws some smoke bombs to blind his enemy then snakes his shadow around the enemy, crushing them before the shadow explodes, doing sever damage to the enemy

    Name: Shadow Snake

    Decription: A stronger version of Kage Kubi Shibari no Jutsu, and one of Shikaretsu's custom jutsu. After Shadow Imitation has been used, the user's shadow grows longer and forms into the shape of a snake-like dragon. It winds its way up the opponent, wrapping around their arms and body. It finishes by putting its "mouth" around the victim's neck. From there, the shadow may start to constrict the victim's body, neck, or both

    Name: Shadow gaze

    Description: Used for spying, this optical jutsu allows the user to see through the "eyes " of his shadow. During this jutsu, Shikaretsu closes his eyes. He then gains the ability to see from the location in his shadow where his eyes would be located. With this, he can watch from a different perspective. If used with the Shadow Imitation jutsu, Shikaretsu can get a view from many different angles and locations

    Name: Multiple Shadow Imitation

    Description: If a situation gives Shikaretsu more than one shadow, he can use this technique. The technique lets Shikaretsu effectively control these shadows, launching more than one Shadow Imitation jutsu at a time. Typically, the shadows surround a target then close in on it. Sometimes, this technique is referred to as the "Shadow Cage" technique

    Name: Fake shadow

    Description: A genjutsu that crudely copies the Nara clan's shadow imitation jutsu. The first part of the jutsu is the casting, which makes the user's shadow appear to be growing and heading towards the target. This stage also hides the user's real shadow from sight. The second part is when it "connects" to the target's shadow. It will disable most motor functions, resulting in a difficult effort to move. The third part can activate if the target as ever been captured by a real Shadow Imitation. They will crudely imitate some of the movement of the user, though not at the exact same time

    Name: Shadow Projection: Shadow Warrior Clone

    Description: By using the Shadow imitation technique, and his Shadow Sewing skill together Shikaretsu can create a functioning clone. The clone remains pitch black and requires a shadow source that is as large as Shikaretau. This clone must remain connected to the Nara via his stretched out shadow, and as such it cannot jump. The shadow clone can travel along any given surface at a higher speed than an average person can move, in the form of a shapeless black mass. This clone doesn't disappear after being hit once, though when dealt enough damage it fades away. Each clone requires one of Shikaretsu's shadows, so in an average situation he can only make one. The clones cannot perform ninjutsu or genjutsu. Because of this, however, the Shadow Warrior clone has better skills at taijutsu than Shikaretsu

    Name: Shadow Imitation Shuriken

    Description:Shadow Imitation Shuriken is a Ninjutsu technique developed by the Nara Shikamaru. Using Asuma's knives, Shikamaru can imbue his shadow chakra to create "pins" to stick his opponent in place. These knives absorb the chakra nature of the user and give off the nature's effect. In this case, the knives take on the Nara clan's shadow binding properties. By implanting the shadow chakra enhanced blade into the shadow of his target, they will be frozen in place; just as if they were caught in one of the clan members extended shadow bindings

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    Re: Naruto: Rise Of Stardust Village (Character Thread)

    OOC. when is this rp gonna start im ready to get in the action.. like really i am...

    'Life is but fleeting, Death is eternal...' ~Wasted~

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