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Thread: The Naruto RPG: OOC Thread.

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    Re: The Naruto RPG: OOC Thread.

    It's true guys, his connection blows, and I got alot of school work to worry about. I really don't have the time, sorry >.<

    O and btw, since it wasn't said before, I'll tell you an in-a-nutshell version of the story behind our names. First of all, me and Sinzio go way back. We're best friend irl. My online alias is Ziosin. He wanted an online alias. He twisted mine around and made Sinzio. End of story :P.

    Sinzio left me in chage, and I leave Renn in charge now. I'll come back occasionally to check the growth of the RP, and only that. I can't really focus as of right now.

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    Re: The Naruto RPG: OOC Thread.

    That sucks you guys are good at rp and thinking this up was an awesome idea wont you guys still rp with us sometimes??????

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    Re: The Naruto RPG: OOC Thread.

    As said by Ziosin I am currantly in charge of the RP. Sorry for being off so long and the process being slow and everything. My computer had a virus and had to be fixed. Which it is now!! ^__^;;

    Anyway the RP is currantly going to be down so to speak. I am asking you all not to post any more until I have full contral of all of the characters (Since I am going to contral all NPC and all of the left over chars made by Sinzio and Ziosin....) so please bear with this girl and no post until further notice.....

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