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Thread: Rewrite Character Thread

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    Re: Rewrite Character Thread

    Alright, lets see if this guy is good enough for here...

    As requested sir, here’s the report of the suspect listed on our Top Ten Wanted List you asked for…

    Name: Daniel Castigator

    Age: appears early-mid 20s

    Race: Unconfirmed human, though he seems to have trained himself to push his body beyond normal human capabilities.

    Home Reality: Unknown homeworld

    Level of Technology: he seems to adapt his equipment for whatever world he’s in, though he seems to have access to higher level tech.

    Magic/Energy Manipulation? [Y or N]: Y, has been seen using rune magic, as well as occasionally normal magic & psychic powers, however he doesn’t even read to be at normal levels when scanned. Whether this is from some device, spell or unknown trick is yet to be discovered.

    Known History: He’s been sighted in many universes, involving himself in several events noted as the type to change that worlds course of history. One of the more recent examples can be found in File No#45643434; Atlantis's battle for survival.

    Equipment sighted as using: he uses a variety of items, typically at a level of technology which fits in with the locals. However he always seems to have his sword with him, apparently named Excalibur. Though it shares it’s name with a more famous sword, this one has different powers, repelling Demonic entities & ‘Earthing’ away magic when dug into the ground, reportedly burning Demonic entities whenever it comes in contact with them, as well as appearing in his hand when summoned. There are unconfirmed reports of it changing shape, however these could be stemming from him using different weapons. He’s also been seen with guns of various levels of technology, including a clockwork crossbow built by him. He also reportedly knows martial arts, most likely ninjitsu.

    Appearance: He wears a variety of clothing to fit in with the locals, making clothing descriptions useless. Physically, he’s 180 cm tall, dark brown hair & eyes, of just above average build. He has a large scar just below his left elbow on his forearm, as well as another smaller one above the left end of his mouth, hiding in him mustache stubble. He rarely shaves, a few days stubble gracing his face, making sighting his face scar harder, however he’s the only version of him we’ve seen with both scars.

    Here is the only photo we’ve managed to take of him so far…

    Any Other Info.: Though he’s been seen in several significant events, these have all turned out beneficial to the local world. However he’s been manipulating events never the less. There has been 1 recorded incident of him confronting the Time Police directly.

    While still in the world in the above report, after the danger had been lifted from Atlantis’s doors & trade was being set up with the engineers guild by an unknown person at the time (later turned out to be him), he snuck up behind a team assigned to locating him. He somehow got behind them without them noticing, stripped them of their primary weapons, high powered assault rifles, & commented that such weapons didn’t exist in that reality yet. When they went for their sidearms, he grabbed them & ripped them out of their grips. The officers attacked in hand to hand, only to be defeated effortlessly. He then asked them why they were looking for him, the officers replying that they were following orders to locate him & arrest him for interfering with the events of other worlds & aiding in the ignition of the Death Of All Realities. He just laughed at this. Seeing an opportunity, one of the officers lunged for their primary weapon, only for him to beat them there, scooping it up as he passed & stripping it down to basic parts. Asking to be left alone, he charged them, knocking them out. Just before one passed out, he saw Daniel swing his sword around, apparently as if slicing into the swords.

    When they came to, he was long gone. They discovered their weapons, all sliced up into small pieces. Bringing them back to the lab for examination, the cuts were amazingly smooth, as if cut by a laser. If this was done by Daniel with his sword, he has some way of making it super sharp, sharper then anything they’ve ever seen outside a lab, & enough skill to wield it with amazing accuracy.

    He is to be considered an individual of high level importance, as well as armed & dangerous. Orders for “shoot to kill on sight” are on standby, should the need arise. If possible, restrain the subject for questioning about where he gets his equipment & transport methods, however a fatality will be understood.

    The Madman previously known as Daniel219

    Wish I could get on here more often. *Sigh* The down side to night shift...

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    Re: Rewrite Character Thread

    Name: Syrix Shukia
    Age: 25
    Race: Half-Angel
    Reality: Unknown
    Level of Technology: Unknown

    Magic/Energy Manipulation: Yes, Magic.

    Quick History of your Reality:

    Materials You have On You:kantana
    Appearance:long black hair,tatoos all over body and one under both eyes,black clothes
    Any Other Info.:For years they said there will be two one will help bring peace to the world and one would bring total chaos and destruction and only one will win.

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    Re: Rewrite Character Thread

    Name: Duke Crown

    Age: 28

    Race: Human

    Reality: Earth

    Level of Technology: He learns by creating his own technology, and learns from others on the planet.

    Magic/Energy Manipulation: Magic, creates electronic shock waves from his body to stun his enemies with a single shot.

    Quick History of reality: He doesn't know where he was born, but he can tell he was from U.S, he spent 12 years wondering around the earth, searching for new technology and equipment.

    Materials have on: A bag with 2 cantons of water, a wrapped meat, 3 cans of beans, some tech equipment, repairing equipment, and a shotgun on the left side of his pack, has a .9mm beretta on his right leg hoisture. and a pocket knife.

    Appearance: Short white hair, brown eyes, wears a white shirt with a black vest, light blue jeans, black boots, and looks way young.

    Any other Info: Duke is a strong silent type, he'll just say anything out of the oridinary, and his gun does the talking for him.

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    Re: Rewrite Character Thread

    Good Character. Go ahead and post Hell-dude. You can start anywhere you desire.

    Visit my blog: Rewriting Life

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    how to add a video from youtube

    Administrators, please tell me how to add a video from youtube to a post?


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